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Dipal Shah

I am an Author, International Speaker, and Energy Healing Practitioner.  I am passionate about bringing together science and spirituality to help people all over the world transform their lives.  From a pharmaceutical, biochemistry, and business background, I have transformed my own life from an often stressful career on a path that brought me to an awakened spiritual journey of healing my own dis-eases.

“My passion is to help others find their FREEDOM from their dis-eases of the Mind and Body”.

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Susanne Billander

Susanne Billander has been a solopreneur since the age of 23, which has given her the freedom to create an international abundant playground to express her multidimensional coaching and teachings. Susanne is a womb for people who like to birth to their unique expression of abundant living. With a finger on the collective pulse, she offers individual and group programs with different themes: living aligned with one’s unique expression of love, motherhood, business/work, sexuality and health. Susanne is the author of the book “META-Health – Consciously healing your body and soul”, in which she helps people find the underlying conflict behind physical symptoms of the body and discover the individual multidimensional healing process.

Living in an eco-paradise in Costa Rica and travelling to be with her loved ones is her expression of abundant living.

Sign up to the free training: “Learn how to shift your feminine energy from life sucking to abundance”:

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Amanda Hopkins

Amanda Hopkins is an International Expert in identifying deficient energy flow in the body that impairs function and creates dis-ease. She’s known for her Clairvoyant ability as a Medical Intuitive to penetrate deeply into the root cause and immediately identify the main elements causing illness. Amanda has a unique and powerful process of Intuitively Mapping points in your body systems that are collectively undermining vitality and depleting your body’s energetic resources. With her keen intuitive mastery and wizard like abilities, Amanda has supported hundreds of people with restoring energy flow so their body can repair itself and recover its High level vitality. Ultimately as a Certified Intuitive Strategist, NLP and Academy Master teacher, she assists and provides you with the tools to create inner stability for lasting whole body wellness. Her Purpose is to greatly empower you in your relationship with your body.

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Password: globalgathering

The Bhakti House Band

Led by musical visionaries Randall and Kristin Brooks, Bhakti House Band (BHB) presents a global fusion of percussion-driven instrumentation, world beats, and rich, haunting harmonies that are sure to awaken and enliven the soul. Their music seamlessly weaves various cultural traditions and musical influences into an experience that transcends the mundane and allows one to connect to a deeper sense of freedom and purpose. Integrating Sanskrit mantra and kirtan, inspirational English lyrics, spoken word, and even conscious rap, Bhakti House Band holds a playful, yet sacred space for listeners to surrender their minds to the rhythmic groove of the heart.

For over 25 years, Randall & Kristin have processed and articulated their spiritual journey through heartfelt musical compositions and relevant lyrics. They currently travel the globe, gathering communities together to experience the healing power of music, mythology, and the practice of what they have termed Nada Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of sacred sound and conscious devotion). Their intention is to inspire humanity to awaken their hearts, live with purpose, and experience a higher sense of freedom and connection with all life.

FREE TRACK: Refuge In Rama

Chanting Refuge in Rama allows one to joyously and consciously use your voice to align your individual nature with that of your cosmic, eternal nature.

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Donna-Marie Hallesey

Donna-Marie is an intuitive light worker, energy coach ,spiritual guide and Medium . Her ability to connect with spirit allows access to Devine Light energy that is brought forward to serve and support each client for their best and highest good . The intention of her work is to bring clarity and understanding on any limited belief or blockage, personal or professional, that is preventing you from moving forward. Her modalities are tapping into your spirit guides through breath work and using EFT ( tapping ) to clear, release and even heal. It is important to understand your own energetic vibration, as it is THE KEY to aligning you to be the vibrational match to your goals. Her personal mission is to educate each client on how to understand energy and apply the tools that she teaches to help you help yourself.

Free gift: Circle Breath exercise (click on the image)

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Sharon Josef

Sharon is a channel, a healer, an author, a medium, an animal communicator, and a clairvoyant. She helps people (and animals) suffering from pain and discomfort feel better physically and empowered emotionally. She is a mirror for you to explore and embrace who you are, supporting you as you step into the fullness of your being. She has a sort of x-ray vision and energy processes that heal & transform. It lets you understand yourself, your soul and your body.

The results her clients have been able to experience: dissolving blood clots on the spot, not getting a period for three years and after working on her she got her period overnight. Other results have been breaking up with current relationships and getting a new love. Stage 4 melanoma disappeared… and many more “miracles” Her ultimate goal is to empower as many people as she can to live a pain free life and take life by the reins to create the life that will make you happier.

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Kiara Windrider

Kiara Windrider is a transpersonal therapist and science researcher, exploring connections between galactic cycles, ancient history, human behavior, and spiritual awakening. He has evolved a profound healing system known as Ilahinoor. He is versed in the Advaita and Yogic traditions of India, Sufi mysticism, Egyptian mysteries, and Andean shamanism. As an outcome of his extensive research he has come to the firm conviction that we stand collectively at the brink of a quantum evolutionary leap beyond our wildest dreams. His greatest desire is to live in the miracle of each moment and to help awaken this beautiful planet to its luminous destiny. Kiara is the author of several books, including Gaia Luminous: Emergence of the New Earth, and Homo Luminous: Manual for the Awakening Human.

I offer free meditations on Mondays Wednesdays and Saturdays every week at 9 am European time, which are archived on my youtube channel, Kiara Windrider.

I also invite people to join my Age of Pandora weekly podcast at 7 pm Mountain time every Tuesday, featuring interviews with well known people on the Above Duality youtube channel.

Viewers can also download free meditations and articles from my website,

I also offer workshops and webinars throughout the year, as well as travel events around the world, including 3 one-week events in Sataya Bay, Egypt in November this year to swim with wild dolphins.

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