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Reclaim Your Perfect Health By BioHacking Your Nervous System With Energetic CBD

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No more Steroids… More Energy.  Cleared Burdens and Found Joy

“I had a session with Dipal and as soon as we got on the phone she said I carried a lot of grief. So I told her about the heartache I endured as a child. I was dropped as an infant, I was abused by a family member, my father was an alcoholic, my mom was a narcissist and never cared about anyone except herself. I have 9 other siblings and she did have a favorite but it wasn’t me. I take care of my mom now because she is very sick but still manages to hate me. I am dealing with Chronic Fatigue and an autoimmune deficiency…lupus. I had bought one of Dipal’s packages and during the session she removed so much dark energy. She worked on my adrenals and my immune system and other areas where she saw these energetic cords and vampires. She gave me some advice and suggestions and within 6 months after working with Dipal on a weekly basis I was able to live my life again. I was able to recover and get my energy back. My joints have never felt better. I am finally able to get off the steroids after so many years. Dipal you are such a blessing and I always knew as soon as I heard you that you were the one who was going to help me.”

~ Gloria

Get Ready to get your Body and Mind Back!

You can be Healthy, Vibrant, and Full of Life Again.

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You have over 100 billion neurons in the brain that are constantly using electricity to talk to each other, so when your body experiences some form of stressor/ shock/trauma  there is a misconnection, death, or even misfiring in your brain. When this continues to happen over and over it deactivates the entire parasympathetic nervous system. 

Parasympathetic Nervous System is the calm part of your Nervous system. It releases happy hormones and neurotransmitters.

Sympathetic is the fight or flight part of your Nervous System speeding up the adrenaline and cortisol in your body.

Over 90% of the population are on overdrive, overwhelm, and overload.  Are you one of them?

I want to empower you to learn the language of your nervous system, and discover what it takes to become your own medicine.

Pain subsided by 90%. No more burning and Inflammation

Dipal is an amazing energy worker!  I’ve experienced other types of clearing energy, but none this potent.  I could clearly feel where she was manipulating energy in my body and felt waves of delight travel through me.  Dipal explained clearly what would happen during the call and started by helping me ground and I really felt that I sunk into a relaxing space. 

I felt guided and supported the whole time.  My questions were answered in a knowledgeable way and the concepts were well explained.  I started the call with pain in my right wrist, the left of my neck, and a numb big toe. I had a burning pain and inflamed sensation in my wrist for a week with no relief.  Not even halfway into the call, my pain had subsided by 90%! My neck also felt pain-free and expansive and no longer made a crunchy painful sound when I rotated my head.  I felt this also opened up flow to my big toe so that it no longer felt numb.  

Dipal picked up on themes and past family patterns which have stifled my life and kept me living small. As our call progressed, I felt more and more expansiveness as my energy vibration lifted and Dipal cleared out what no longer serves me.  In this space I feel empowered to be visible and bring my creations into the world.  

I really like how, besides indicating certain areas of pain in my body, Dipal offered an overall clearing of all body and cellular functions and fueled me energetically to be set up for continuing healing.  

She’s just a bright presence anyway, and it’s such an amazing gift she offers.  For anyone reading this now and sensing there’s some pain keeping them from their whole self – I recommend you Treat Yourself and book a call with Dipal!


BiohacktheNervousSystem 4Namaste, my name is Dipal Shah and I am a Medical Intuitive. I have helped 1000’s of people around the world with chronic medical problems. Allow me and my Guide team to tune into your body and activate your Parasympathetic Nervous System.. 

There are 3 types of pain that you can be experiencing. Most people experience all three at the same time. For you it may be emotional, physical,and/ or spiritual pain that may be affecting your health.

The exhuastion that comes with pain is more excruciating than the pain itself sometimes because you are spending all your energy and money on trying to find answers and the root cause of your pain. I know because I have been there. 

I am here to support your Journey to a Pain FREE Life!!!

IF Your Pain has taken over the following:

✔️ Affecting  your relationships

✔️ Affecting your work performance 

✔️ You are struggling to get out of bed

✔️ You are constantly looking for solutions for your pain 

✔️ You are tired of taking medication

✔️ You have lost control and Dr. cannot help you

✔️ You have lost your purpose 

✔️ Taking over your life

✔️ Understand what is keeping you stuck in pain

Then you are in the right place!!! READ FURTHER…

Here is what Dipal’s Clients are saying:

Arthritis so much better and able to clear stuck emotions 

Arthritis Inflammation is so much less when going up and down the stairs. No pain going up and down the stairs anymore the more I use the mp3s. I am also able to process all the emotions that are leading to my depression with ease. Able to move around more consciously and more aware of what I am feeling and dealing with immediately than before.

Listen To Laurie's Testimonial Here

No longer need afternoon medication and Sleeping through the night

I was not disappointed by using this mp3. I love Dipal’s work. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and spinal stenosis. I have a lot of pain and sleep issues. I was amazed because I finally started sleeping throughout the night without waking up. I also listened to it at lunch and my pain level went down. After a few days I realized I did not need pain medication in the afternoons.

Listen To Tonya's Testimonial Here

Sleeping more than ever before and deeper

I have been suffering with ulcerative colitis and crohn’s disease for 30 years and have a list of symptoms to deal with. Biggest change has been with my sleep patterns.  I have been sleeping 6-7 hours of deep sleep. This has not happened to me in a long time. I noticed some back pain but it feels like toxins clearing. Thank you.

Listen To Nishna's Testimonial Here

Pain level went from 10 to 0 Immediately and Continues to work

I have been struggling with constant neck pain and headaches. I have always been tired and needed pain relievers. Things worked for awhile but didn’t work consistently. I came across fibromyalgia recording and I listened to the mp3 and immediately I felt better and could do my work. I decided to keep trying it and like a miracle I was pain free the next day. Now it has been 7-8 days there is a clear improvement from a level 10 to now a 2 to 0 in pain level most days.

Listen To Martine's Testimonial Here

PTSD breakthrough and manifestations

I have been using the PTSD mp3 once a day and feel the physical energy of it. I would say it helped me in my life with breakthroughs and things I did not know that were still bothering me. I was able to manifest a therapist on my insurance plan while using this mp3. I would recommend to use it more than once a day.

Listen To Amy's Testimonial Here

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Heart is doing so much better than before. 

Yesterday I listened to our session for the first time and today I feel very well! The variation of my heart frequency went down to 20 ms the day after our session and stayed like that for a day. This morning however it was at 50 again which in general is really a good value.

The pressure behind my ear seems to have gone, I hope gone forever! Well done!

My back somehow feels more relaxed than before.

I do my Yoga and it goes quite well. Most of the movements I know from my usual exercises which include the 5 Tibetiens.


Back Pain and Shoulder Pain Released and Blood Pressure lowered

“Since you worked on me I have not had any cokes. Today my BP is a lot lower, down to 145/98. Last few days it has been very high 169/178 and I am usually never under 145//158. Your healing is slowing down the BP and heart rate!!! I am living with AFIB and my heart feels calmer and quieter after you worked on it. My heart is not pounding out of my chest. I have also had excruciating pain in my shoulders and back, I could not sleep at night. I can get out of bed and walk and drive now…Thank you for clearing all the trauma in my left shoulder and left knee. Thank you for giving me my life back. I could not even stand, sleep, walk or sit very long if it wasn’t for you. God has sent you and your are a true healer mystic and your gifts are from heaven. True miracles happen instantly when you do the clearings and healings. I am so grateful to you.Thank you and I love you.”

~ Sara

Totally Pain Free, Mobile, Lots of Energy, and Mental Clarity!!

“Oh My Goodness! My appointment with Dipal was incredible. First, I felt so relaxed and not intimidated by some big unapproachable guru. Her presence was angelic, wise and gentle, we even shared a laugh at my funny visual. The next day I felt a detoxing of yeast in my body and a headache,so I knew to rest and drink water. For the first time in my life I felt a sense of wanting to nurture myself and put myself in my own hug and sent loving feelings into my body, instead of feeling so much fear of never being able to heal my body. The next day I had more energy and felt good, less pain. Everyday since I find myself able to observe my feelings and behaviors as I reach for sugar or don’t feel like doing my gentle stretches and can go to a stronger, more supportive place for myself. I listened to our session again 1 week later and the next day. I woke up totally pain free, total flexible mobility, lots of energy, and clear headed! I said this is what’s possible for you everyday…..Let go and believe!!! Thank you Dipal!”

~ Mary C.

CT Scan Stable..less inflammation in heart..far less coughing

“I have some bad health problems at age 62. I was excited to purchase a package from Dipal and have been using the MP3s every day since June 16th. One of my heart problems besides congestive heart failure is a thoracic aortic aneurysm. This is what came from the cardiologist after an echo scan a week ago:

I reviewed her transthoracic echo. The echo was mainly done to reassess her aortic dimensions. These are stable when compared to a prior CT and echoes with the maximum aortic dimension of 42-43 mm.

I can also tell there is less inflammation in the heart, something I can feel.

Regarding the congestive heart failure there are 2 problems, water retention and lots of trouble breathing with mucus in the lungs. With the combination of the cardiovascular MP3 and the respiratory MP3, there is far less coughing. I am eliminating more water with the use of the cardiovascular and the urinary MP3.

I definitely recommend Dipal’s MP3s and am so glad to have found them. Great results in a short time!!!”

~ Susan E.

Answer the following questions to help you see if you have a De-activated Parasympathetic Nervous System: 

BiohacktheNervousSystem 6

If you answered yes to more than 3 of the above you need my help. 

Your nervous system governs everything.

✔️ Your Cells

✔️ Your blood vessels

✔️ Your Immune System

✔️ Your endocrine system

✔️ Your muscular system

✔️ Your digestive system

✔️ Your brain and brain signalling pathways, even your spiritual growth!!!

Old trauma, beliefs, emotions, thoughts and feelings are still programmed within your cells whether you realize it or not. This energy is creating mental roadblocks, fears, and resistance that are paralyzing you from doing what you know (deep down) you’re meant to do. It is embedded in the Nervous System and we need to get to the root of this.


No more Jabbing and Straining in the Neck

I thank you with deepest gratitude for allowing me to have the fibromyalgia mp3. For months, I have been feeling that pain at the left side of my neck. Everytime it attacks is like a jab and can really feel the strain that makes it difficult to move, it is very painful. I have listened to the fibromyalgia mp3 and I haven’t had that kind of strain anymore. I have even listened to the mp3 3 times only since I received it from you. The first time I listened, I really felt the calming and soothing energy that seemed like giving me a massage. I also felt more relaxed and calm. I thank you so much and to your whole team. 

~Joe Pres Gaudiano

Powerful Transmission to Pancreas

“Got lightheaded and normally don’t feel anything. you expect the energy in certain places and it shows up somewhere else. I have juvenile diabetes showing up after the death of my father. and psychical pain in rotator cuff. No one in the family has diabetes. She helped clear the pressure cooker effect….she cleared the pancreas and I could feel some Powerful transmissions. She cleared my heart wall and aligned my hara line and immediately I could sense a release in the pancreas. I had an immense sadness come up and when you cleared something it disappeared. I am so grateful. I thank Dipal and Eram”

~ Cindy

Swelling Gone and Never Came Back

“I have so much discomfort in my body and my legs would get 3 times bigger when I wake up in the morning. I am overweight and really frustrated.I was so sick when Dipal worked on me one time and she connected me to the hara line. After we were done with the session, I noticed my legs were perfectly healed and no more morning swelling. They looked as if they were normal for the first time in 12 years. The next day I was able to walk around and go about my routine like a normal person.”

~ Vickie

Completely Pain Free!

“I received her powerful healing and went from feeling pain in my belly and lower back to feeling completely pain free and filled with warm energy flowing through all of my body but especially through the parts that had been hurting before. I also felt connected to myself for the first time in the last 6 weeks.

​I have to say that Dipal is not only a very powerful healer but she is also very sweet and caring.

​ During the session I felt a lot of pain in lots of places and I thought: Oh, my God, I am so full of pain, I think the session will end and I’ll still be hurting! but I went on processing deep grief from my IVF losses and not being a mother and from the trauma I suffered at age 7 (Dipal had asked me before I even told her about my trauma at 7: what did happen 7 years ago or at age 7?) I went very deep, was sobbing, and Dipal helped me to release and let go of the pain and anger. When my mind was trying to stop me from releasing what no longer served me, I was also very open to my husband and could be intimate with him in a very loving way. The pain in my lower back and my belly were gone and my heart was full again (this is also what I could not feel for the last 6 weeks), so I was very happy. Dipal asked me to visualize golden, silver and copper energies around my body and in a couple of minutes I was feeling very relaxed and felt warm energies filling my lower back, then my right ovary and finally my womb. The physical pain as well as the emotional pain was completely gone!! Afterwards the warm energy kept flowing and flowing and I could open myself to my husband and be intimate with him in a very loving way. I also could sleep much better than lately.

I really recommend you to work with her, she is amazing!”

Thank you so much Dipal, much love

~ Carolina

Just imagine…

  • Quickly reactivate the parasympathetic nervous system 

  • Quickly regain your body’s consciousness

  • Quickly become FREE from Pain

  • Know exactly how to maintain an Activated Parasympathetic Nervous System

  • Have vitality and high energy levels while living a life you love

  • Save thousands of dollars and countless hours of suffering from illnesses

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Your Brain and Body Need My Support!


7 Energetically Infused CBD Quantum Healing MP3s

Each CBD Infused Mp3 is infused with the power of CBD and THC. It is Powerful Quantum Healing Energies from Dipal and her Guide Team. The Mp3s will help heal particular ailments or diseases you are dealing with at this time. You can use the mp3s on silent or out loud. Use each mp3 one at a time and notice how you are doing. If you are able to handle the energies you can move further with the other mp3s and so on. Most people will put them on loop but I want you to see how your body does first as you go through the mp3s one at a time. You can use themp3 while you are awake or asleep.

Each of the MP3s will help with Improved Quality of Life without worrying about the following: 

✔️ High

✔️ Additives

✔️ Addictive Behavior

✔️ Side Effects

✔️ Hallucinogenic Effects

✔️ Drug interaction

✔️ Toxicity

✔️ Trips to the CBD store

✔️ Liver damage

✔️ Embarrassment

Item 1: Fibromylagia Mp3

BiohacktheNervousSystem 8Note: This is not a CBD infused mp3.

Fibromylagia is a chronic condition. Even though there is no cure for it there is a way to manage it with more natural methods.  This mp3 may interrupt the nerve pathways that send signals of pain between the brain and the body. It will further help to eleviate  excruciating pain througout the body, improve sleep, and diminish refractory pain. (This is the most popular MP3)


Even from movies I watched as a child and the grief and depression from the heavy cloud of the world. I am learning that I am not responsible for this and I can say no. I don’t have to feel the world’s grief, it is not mine.  

Since realizing deep rooted burdens I carry, after using the anxiety cbd, fibromyalgia and PTSD mp3s, I am able to cope, to change my thinking, I actually feel a huge shift.  A shift that allows me to release the depressed anger and go for the will to liveTo be alive, and what a feeling!   I am able to finally tell myself I am beautiful, I know it is just a matter of time.  


I have been using your fibromyalgia mp3 and it has been good so far with regards to the amount of pain I usually get. I have even been able to reduce my pain meds to a point at which my pain is manageable without them. I will continue to use the mp3 and give you feedback. 


Item 2: Energetic Infused CBD High blood pressure Mp3

BiohacktheNervousSystem 9Heart health is crucial to your wellbeing. Without a healthy heart your body cannot circulate the blood throughout the arteries and veins. This can leave you with High blood pressure, artherosclerosis, weak heart, stroke and much more. With this mp3 your hearth will feel stronger than ever before as it works on many layers of your heart energetically and physically reducing the inflammation and blockages.


“ I had a session with Dipal and we worked on many things. We worked on my heart and my thyroid along with the fatigue that I have been feeling. The doctor’s appointment went well. Nothing!! Everything is normal!! I went for a stress test and my heart is great. I have been doing a lot of research on my thyroid issue feeling empowered! I felt good and felt this huge shift after my session. Felt so much more present. And cognitive! Something that I have not been feeling so strongly. I am also using the MP3 and I feel like it has helped me tremendously in my healing. Thank you Dipal”

~ Tammie

I have had high blood pressure for a long time. My heart races when I am stressed or nervous about something. I wake up in the middle of night with palpitations and pace around not knowing what to do. The doctors put me on antidepressants on top of that thinking that would help me but it actually made the palpitations worse. This is when I found Dipal. Dipal helped me out by teaching me a few breathing techniques and opened up the heart space for more light to come through. She worked on the circulation in my entire body and infused oxygen into my body. I could all of a sudden feel my lungs expanding. After 3 days I realized I did not have any heart palpitations at all. I never knew this day would come. 


Listen To Carol's Testimonial Here

Item 3: Energetic Infused CBD Depression Mp3

BiohacktheNervousSystem 10Depression is a very common mental health disorders that can have devastating impacts on health and well-being. Depression are usually treated with pharmaceutical drugs, which can cause a number of side effects. This mp3 has the ability to act on the brain’s receptors for serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood.


“Depression Cured! I Found Reason to Live!”

“I was dealing with depression and anxiety for years. I have had multiple episodes where I just laid in bed and didn’t get out of the house for as long as I could. I didn’t enjoy social gatherings, and my relationship with my wife was also heading to disaster. I just didn’t enjoy life anymore.

Dipal, you have helped me not only to overcome my feelings of anxiety and depression, but you helped me understand the underlying cause of them. This information was an Ah-ha moment for me because I never related my current feeling to my past trauma. I have taken steps that you recommended and continue to get out of the house more and find myself more present with myself and my spouse. I am enjoying life more than I ever have and have found a reason to live!!! Thank you for such a great gift.”

~ Tim

Item 4: Energetic Infused CBD Anxiety Mp3

BiohacktheNervousSystem 11Not having enough serotonin causes anxiety. This mp3 reduces the stress on your body, amygdala, and your hippocampus bringing you back to being lively, vibrant, and happy. This mp3 will help you with all forms of anxiety, including social anxiety disorder (SAD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It may help treat anxiety-induced insomnia as well.


I have been very depressed in my life. I am using the Anxiety mp3 every other day and I want to say that the mp3 is fantastic. I would go into a theta consciousness state. The most significant change I have noticed that I am less reactive and less angry than before.

Listen To Amy's Testimonial Here

Anxiety & Panic Attacks GONE! No More Pills and Even the Skeptic is Now a Believer!

“I have been living with anxiety and panic attacks all my life where I cry all the time and cannot function. I drive myself into depression it gets so bad. I recently found Dipal through a friend. I have never had energy work or have heard of it. I was very nervous during our session, but Dipal knew how to put my mind at ease. I was in a major state of Panic and thank God for Dipal. She released 5 Entities and worked around my head for a while until she could sense that I was in much more calmer state. Even my friend that was also a skeptic who was in the bed next to me noticed a difference after my session with Dipal. My anxiety has been 80% better after working with Dipal and I am off my anxiety pills. She has taught me ways of dealing if I do have an attack which has helped so much. She is just an amazing healer, I have been telling everyone about you and my boyfriend just loves you for helping our relationship with your wonderful healing. You are such an angel.”

~ Kelly

Item 5: Energetic Infused CBD Arthritis Mp3

BiohacktheNervousSystem 12Rheumatoid arthritis, or RA, is about so much more than debilitating pain. For people living with this condition, the sense of isolation can be just as difficult to manage as the physical symptoms. 


I would not be without this mp3. It helps with so many things.

Listen To Carol's Testimonial Here

I love this mp3 because I am able to move freely and have more flexibility. I know I don’t have to live with pain and I am starting to accept that in my head. I feel like without this mp3 I would not have been able to feel as great as I do today. You have helped me tremendously with this mp3 and I hope people realize how wonderful this mp3 is also. It is potent and gentle. It gets right to the problem and also helps bring up layers of rooted emotions to be cleared. I love this mp3 and don’t go a day without it. I listened to it initially 3 times a day and then now down to once a day in the last month. 

Thank you, thank you Dipal. You are such a generous soul. It’s such a pleasure to just follow you and hear the way you speak and how it comes straight from Source through you with your beautiful heart. Thank you for all that you do for us. I just love you. You are an amazing being and you need to know that. Thanks so much for all that you have done for me. You have helped me get through so much pain in my joints and God bless you.” I was at a place where I could not function. I had very little energy and felt like something was eating up my body. I feel like I can live again. 


Item6: Energetic Infused CBD Mp3 (silent)

Your body already makes endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids and their receptors are found in different areas of the body such as the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells. With its complex actions within the  immune system, nervous system, and virtually all of the body’s organs, the endocannabinoids are a bridge between body and mind. You can use this mp3 anytime you sense inflammation in your body for skin, acute pain, chronic pain, teeth pain, migraines and much more.


I have been dealing with Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Pain in my body. I am not diagnosed with fibromyalgia but it feels like it. I am exhausted and depressed.  I get seizures but they feel like stress seizures. I have been dealing with the death of my closest sibling a month ago. I have been grieving and devastated. The continuous fear of death creates anxiety within me. I have been on many 10 different medications, including antidepressants and painkillers. Doctors are tired of seeing me in the ER.

My experience with Dipal’s session and this particular mp3 has been nothing short of a miracle.  Each day for the first 5 days when I received the mp3 I was actually able to get out of bed and find myself doing things around the house that I normally was not able to do for sometime now.  My body started to feel 65% less pain and inflammation and that is a huge difference for me. I have been able to cut down my painkillers drastically. I am also finding the need for antidepressants isn’t there as much and I can breathe.

The best thing that I was able to do was go outside my home. I had been confined for so long that I forgot what the world looked like. Dipal helped me through these hard times. I am so grateful for her work and will continue to work with Dipal. So much Gratitude to you and your Guides.

~V. N.

I used this mp3 for my tooth pain and oh my goodness it worked. I was in pain one day out of nowhere. I tried calling the dental office but they were closed. On a scale of 1 to 10 my pain was a 10. I thought I would give this mp3 a try. All of a sudden I could feel tingling in my mouth and in my gums. It was a different feeling. Something I had never felt before. All of sudden I started coughing and felt a sense of someone just taking the pain right out of my gums. It was the most interesting experience I had ever felt. Normally I do not feel anything but this was so powerful. I used the mp3 a couple of times after and my pain went from 10 to 2 in a matter of 3 hours. This was great. Finally when I went to the doctor they couldn’t find anything. This was odd. I love this mp3 and would recommend anyone who is dealing with inflammation to try it.


Energetic infused CBD Fibromyalgia Mp3 (silent)

Fibromylgia (no CBD infusion)

Your body already makes endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids and their receptors are found in different areas of the body such as the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells. With its complex actions within the  immune system, nervous system, and virtually all of the body’s organs, the endocannabinoids are a bridge between body and mind. You can use this mp3 anytime you sense inflammation in your body for skin, acute pain, chronic pain, teeth pain, migraines and much more.

Item7: Energetic infused CBD Fibromyalgia Mp3 (silent)

When your lungs are damaged you cannot breathe. Maybe life’s situations, events and circumstances have also left you breathless. If you are dealing with Emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and refractory (non-reversible) asthma this mp3 will help you decrease inflammation and open up the bronchioles and alveoli sacs.  Rather than increasing your breathlessness let’s increase your breath.


I have been excited about receiving this mp3 to try. Dipal was so kind to have me try this mp3 over several weeks. I can’t tell you how much I love this mp3. I was dealing with COPD for 10 years and couldn’t even walk from one end of the house to the other without running out of breath. I dealt with a cough that was nagging me and wouldn’t go away. The most annoying thing for me was having to make sure I had an oxygen tank everywhere I went. Using this mp3 has helped me breathe better than ever before. For the first time I am breathing without an oxygen tank near me at all times. I am able to walk more steps without huffing and puffing and actually leave the house without the oxygen tank. This has given me a new perspective on my life and uplifted me from the sadness and exhaustive health condition I was dealing with. Thanks to this amazing mp3 I can feel my lungs full of life.


Item 8: Energetic Infused CBD COPD Mp3

Energetic Infused CBD COPD MP3
When your lungs are damaged you cannot breathe.

Maybe life’s situations, events and circumstances have also left you breathless.

If you are dealing with Emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and refractory (non-reversible) asthma this mp3 will help you decrease inflammation and open up the bronchioles and alveoli sacs.

Rather than increasing your breathlessness… let’s increase your breath.


Total Package Value $987

Special Offer $127

*** 93% Saving ***

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BiohacktheNervousSystem 15


This Includes:

✔️ Package A (7mp3s + Healing your body & Healing your energy Group Call Replay (45 min))

✔️ 2 Bonus MP3s

✔️ 25  Minutes One on One Session

2 Bonus MP3

Bonus 1: CBD Insomnia

BiohacktheNervousSystem 16

Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. People deal with insomnia most of their lives. This can put major stress on the functioning the body and cause many chronic ailments over time.


For as long as I can think I have had digestive problems. I have been taking a kind of natural medication to keep the bowel movement going for the last  couple of years. Any time I stopped taking it I felt back into constipation partly with cramps and pain and bloating.

Shortly after I started to listen to the mp3 Irritable bowel syndrome I stopped taking the medication. And to my surprise step by step I got back to a kind of normal bowel movement up until now. It is not perfect but it is way better than before taking the medication.

Also since I had suffered a burn out a couple of years ago I suffered from sleep deprivation. This improved as well. I have been tracking my sleep with an app and usually my sleep quality was only around 60%. Now this improved to around 80+% and I even reached 100% once. 

I have been skeptical at the beginning because I have had several sessions already with energy healers where I only had a short health benefit if any at all. But this is ongoing for months now and I will keep listening to them. 


Bonus 2: CBD Bladder Dysfunction

BiohacktheNervousSystem 17Cannabinoid receptors are profusely expressed in both the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. Neural circuits in the brain and spinal cord enable the healthy function and voluntary control of the bladder. Once These receptors are activated you will find relief of Urinary incontinence. This mp3 will help strengthen the Urinary System, Urinary Walls, Muscles, and Regenerate the Nerve Fibers.


I have used Dipal’s mp3 and it has helped me so much with my bladder issues. I not only had a leaky bladder but also a lot of urinary tract infections. This mp3 not only prevented urinary tract infections but also helped my bladder. I could feel my muscles around my bladder tightening and then relaxing. It felt like things inside me were starting to heal. I could feel my 2nd chakra as Dipal was working on it. It felt like light entered my entire pelvis for the first time. I realized my entire pelvic floor was lacking energy and needed a lift. Then she worked on the urinary tract and 3rd chakra. I realized during the session how much my glass was on empty and how empty I felt inside. I am so grateful for Dipal’s healing. Thank you so much for all you do.


2 Powerful Quantum Healing  Videos and Audio

These videos will help you reset the Nervous system through the deeper layers of the Brain and spine. They will help you achieve spiritual growth and remove the imprints that are holding you back.

Video 1 – Brain Strengthening and Nervous system Reset for Spiritual Growth

Open up to your gifts by clearing the energies that are blocking you on the spiritual level

In Video 1 My Guide Team and I will:

✔️ Reset Beta alpha theta delta brain waves 

✔️ Clear, Strengthen, and  Align 6th Chakra 

✔️ Clear, Strengthen, and  Align 7th Chakra 

✔️ Reconnect Subconscious and Conscious Brain

✔️ Reconnect Spiritual Brain to Spiritual Spine

✔️ 12 cranial nerves left and right reset

✔️ Activating all areas of the Brain for enlightenment

Video 2-Releasing physical nerve imprints

Release Imprints that are holding you back and keeping you stuck from manifesting abundance, wellbeing, and relationships

In Video 2 My Guide Team and I will:

✔️ Release imprints from accidents, childhood trauma, grief, limiting beliefs, 

✔️ Clear known & unknown limitations, blocks, and self-sabotage

✔️ Bridge the conscious and Subconscious mind 

✔️ Remove all lifetimes of imprints

✔️ Clear the hippocampus 

✔️ Clear imprints through the genetic grid

25 minute one on one session

These are sessions where we go much deeper. 

This is a 25 minute powerful Quantum Healing session. You will be able to give 2-3 areas that you would like to work on as each session is unique to each person. My Guide Team and I will be starting your session work within 24 hours of your actual session. 

During each session we will cover the following:

✔️ Vagus nerve toning

✔️ Parasympathetic system revamp, 

✔️ Work on polarity switch in the brain

✔️ Activation of the Parasympathetic Nervous System

✔️ Reintegration of the entire Nervous System


Total Package Value $2100

Special Offer $247

*** 88% Saving ***

BiohacktheNervousSystem 13
BiohacktheNervousSystem 14
BiohacktheNervousSystem 15

One-On-One session will not be available until beginning of April, 2022. Please use mp3s until then

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