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Join Dipal Shah on a Self Discovery Journey that will ignite your
superpowers so you can become a
Certified Medical Intuitive who can heal yourself, your loved ones, and others.  


Have you ever felt that something doesn’t feel right?

Have you ever had a dream and then it comes true?

Have you ever helped someone feel better?

Have you ever wanted to understand why you are so sensitive?

Well, you are in the right place


With Quantum Body Awakening ON-DEMAND Medical Intutive Course you will learn to connect with your inner truth, soul, and spirit to raise your vibration as you re-connect with your true gifts. 

You will learn anatomy, scanning, clearing, activating, and healing as you expand your abilities. The expanded intuitive abilities will leave you with spiritual wisdom that will help you lead a healthier and harmonious life. 

Shamans, Sages, Native Americans, Medicine Men/Women, knew about a powerful force. Within every human being this powerful force connected humans to everyone and everything, it is called Intuition-The root of inner intelligence.

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Today Medical Intuition is considered part of the emerging fields of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), Complementary and Integrative Health (CIH), and Biofield Sciences.

Dipal will guide you through a Powerful journey to Master your spiritual awareness and transformation and heal the physical body. You will have all the tools given by Dipal that will allow you to tap into your inner senses quickly and easily. 

She will teach you how to bridge Eastern and Western medicine which she learned from her Guru’s, Teachers and Masters. Dipal is here to provide you with the short road” to greater health and wellbeing as a Medical Intuitive.

Whether you are new to energy healing or have great deal of experience Dipal’s teachings are unique and different. They accentuate love and compassion to help you learn the truth of who you are and what you are capable of. 

Let Dipal help you break free from your limiting beliefs, boundaries and self sabotage.


There is no holding back now. Get ready to identify your and heal on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual as you move through this course to make your dreams a reality.

Just imagine a greater level of confidence, consciousness, self care, and vision. Imagine the possibilities of feeling limitless and a huge sense of freedom as you clear the root causes of dis-eases.

If you are ready to dive into your healing and spiritual abilities then Let’s take the next step TOGETHER

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In the Quantum Body Awakening
Medical Intuitive Program, you will:

  • Develop profound communication with the body, gaining answers and insights.
  • Master the language of the body, understanding its messages on a deep level.
  • Harness the power of 4 energy systems for transformative healing and growth.
  • Identify and overcome personal blocks, unlocking your spiritual potential.
  • Uncover the root causes of diseases, facilitating true healing.
  • Acquire the ability to provide accurate and insightful medical readings.
  • Elevate your abilities to become an expert practitioner, confidently navigating any situation.
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What to Expect During and After The Course:

During the 24 WEEK Medical Intuitive Course with Dipal you can expect a deeper understand and connection to your whole being as you discover your hidden talents and initiate to higher levels of spirituality.

After the course you will be able to immediately build your business practice and start helping people, pets and children remotely or in person. Alternatively, you may choose not to build a healing practice and only use the tools for yourself and your family. Either way, Dipal will help you build the foundation that you need to be a successful.

Dipal goes above and beyond to provide you time to practice, study the material, and ask questions so that you can integrate the material without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Whether you are working or retired this course will help you become the person you want to be live in your purpose.

The Quantum Body Awakening Medical Intuitive Course Includes the following:

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Student Testimonial

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I learnt Quantum Body Awakening Medical Intuitive Level 1 & 2 with Dipal and both courses were life changing for me. She is an inspiring teacher and a very gifted healer. Her methods and techniques are straightforward. She makes everything so clear, easy to understand and fun! Her presentation style is friendly, relaxed and informative. The beauty of her work is her authentic presence, desire to help others and her dedication to each one of us and her patience to each and every one of our problems, blocks, questions… was remarkable. Her guidance and support throughout the course was extremely helpful. In this course Dipal also prepares us for virtual practice. A great opportunity to practice our work in a clinical environment with live clients. It’s the stepping stone from students to professional practitioner!! She opened my eyes to a great new world. I cannot say enough how amazing this journey has been. I feel very lucky and honoured to have met her. I highly recommend Dipal’s Quantum Body Awakening Medical Intuitive course.

~Zina Biniashvili

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I have thoroughly enjoyed Dipal’s Medical Intuitive program. Dipal is a dedicated teacher who lead the class step by step in
the process of teaching us how to become an energy healer. The course is well thought out and each lesson builds on the previous lesson.
I found it easy to follow and it was my practice that gave me confidence. Dipal schedules a monthly meeting with her so that you can connect with her personally and privately. This supported my own learning in a way nothing else would. As an added benefit, one of my health clients requested my leading them in a personal meditation to help her access the calm reservoir within herself. I was delighted that the spontaneous visualization included parts of what I had learned in Dipal’s classes and my client reported she went much deeper than usual. If you are wanting to learn to be a medical intuitive, I highly recommend Dipal’s course.

~Heather, Ayurvedic Health Coach

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Ever since I practiced Quantum Body Awakening Modality with my friend the 1st time, I’ve sold my father’s boat $160 as a project. It’s been sitting for 10 years- the motor sunk into the ground before he passed probably 2 years ago. No one wanted to mess with it. This guy figured it out in less than an hour 😲 He called within 5 minutes of that healing. The same guy bought dad’s truck. I just received $8k in insurance from almost 2 years ago from my father’s passing. I was told I’d get nothing bc I’m not the wife. Children don’t count in their book. There’s no life insurance. This kind of stuff never happens. Wow I can’t wait to see what the future holds as I continue learning to heal myself.

~Angela Volta

Medical Intuit Course-Apply 6
I’m so happy to have chosen The Quantum Body Awakening course with Dipal. She is compassionate and understanding and took us on a journey through the theoretical part and later landed us in practice. The course is well balanced and offers tools for healing and spiritual growth, an opportunity to meet like-minded people and includes 3 one-on-one sessions with Dipal who monitors your spiritual and healing progress with all support needed. No questions remain unanswered. The course exceeded my expectations of only healing myself . It is most motivating as I have discovered my gifts, made friends, connected with my guides more deeply, started receiving downloads (something I had never believed to be true for me) and I now feel more free and independent by being shown the power within me. I definitely recommend the course to anybody who is the least interested in self-healing and spiritual growth or to anyone who intends to make a living from healing.

~Barbara Rott Cindro

By Sarah Campbell

By Jann Smithrim

By Judy Hoyt

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Move through your Journey at your own Pace, Be held accountable to finishing the course, Move onto level 2 after completing level 1, Receive Quantum Body Awakening Level 1 and Level 2 Certification

We will discuss where you are right now, where you want to go and whether learning the Quantum Body Awakening Medical Intuitive Course is a right fit for you!

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✓ A Beginner or Intermediate Intuitive/Empath

✓ You are an advanced Intuitive/Empath

✓ You are an aspiring intuitive/Empath

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Terms & Conditions for the Course

If payment is missed or declined without prior arrangements or communication – all mentorship sessions are subject to cancellation from that point on. This course will offer students value if they are willing to participate in the group classes and private sessions. Even though no homework assignments are mandatory and we try to go the pace of each participant based on their current situation, the participant must be willing to put time into their own learning journey to develop your skills necessary.

Refund policy: There is a 15 Day money back guarantee once you have made the purchase.
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