Awaken and Discover at Soul Level with these Gifted Healers and Coaches

Hello and Welcome to our Healer and Coaches Page

I am so excited about our New Healers and Coaches who have joined Ananda 4 Life to share their love, journey and specialty healing and coaching with the world.

As you scroll through this page you will be able to find healers that have intensive training as a Medical Intuitive as well as other specialties to help you and your family members including pets. They have studied for years to provide you with the healing that can help you live your life full of abundance, joy, vitality and FREEDOM.

Our goal is to make healing more accessible by providing you the best healing with
our trusted experts who can help you heal yourself. The rest is up to you.

Dipal Recommends 1Dana Deangelis

Certified Medical Intuitive | Multi Sensory Intuitive Healer | Holistic Health Coach

Dana is a multi sensory intuitive healer and holistic health coach specializing in remote energy work that opens space for healing to occur at every level of your being. She finds and clears energetic blocks that get to the root of both physical and emotional symptoms with timeline cleansing, trauma clearing, color therapy and chakra balancing.

Having overcome debilitating physical issues and illnesses herself, she is a compassionate healer who understands the frustrations of dealing with health challenges. She is passionate about helping others do the same. She loves to work with animals and children, as well as the adults who care for them, expanding their energy field and bringing in access to high vibrational frequencies, allowing more light and love into their lives.

I specialize in timeline cleansing (clearing history of emotional blocks and trauma throughout lifelines, and ancestral lifelines) Color therapy, Trauma clearing and I love to work with animals and children as well as the adults that care for them!

This was an amazing session!.
I was feeling down and devastated when we began, but I now feel at peace and that I can move forward.
I feel more empowered and aligned.
Thanks you

Dipal Recommends 2Tara Vetsch

Sound Healer | Certified Medical intuitive

Tara Vetsch is a highly intuitive spiritual healer who works with sound healing, crystal singing bowls and toning with vocal sounds. She is certified as a Medical Intutive, Emotion and Body Code practitioner and Sacrad Soul Alignment. Tara has a deep knowledge of Aromatherapy and it is a strong component of most of her healing sessions. She also incorporates in Chakra and Hara line balancing and tuning forks, to clear the body and aura of physical and mental imbalances.

Tara was led to alternative solutions when her third son was born a premie and was facing a multitude of physical ailments. This motivated Tara to become an intuitive spiritual healer to help others in need. Tara enjoys helping people who are motivated and ready to heal! Combining these powerful, healing modalities releases trapped emotions and traumas from one’s mental and physical body so they can heal their entire being in a deep way.

In each healing session Tara uses her intuition to uniquely release mental, physical and spiritual issues with ease, speed and grace. Tara will peel open layers of pain and dis-ease to discover and move forward towards a more vibrant you!

Dipal Recommends 3Katie Opitz

Certified Medical Intuitive | Master Level Grace Healer

Katie Opitz is a medical intuitive and Master Level Grace Healer. She works remotely through vibrational energy healing to help her clients clear blockages and opening them up to new possibilities. Katie brings all of her experience, gifts, capacities and tools together to empower people to transform their health and live their best life!

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Hashimotos Thyroiditis and struggling with infertility, it lead her on her own healing journey. It did not resonate when her own medical doctor told her she would have a to take a pill “for the rest of her life.” She has reversed her dis-ease and is the mother of three beautiful children. She is very proud to say she no longer needs to take pharmaceuticals. Seeking answers and solutions to her own healing has lead her to pursue her life’s purpose as a healer.

She conducts full medical intuitive readings and also uses other healing modalities to facilitate the healing of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain in a powerful yet gentle way. Katie has broadened her healing modalities to include to space clearing, timeline cleansing, abuse clearing, chakra and hara line balancing, and various remote healing combinations to include Grace and Regenerate healing.

Katie also uses Chakra Mastered, an Energy Mastered App, which is a powerful visual aura and chakra snapshot app that uses color to balance your field. You will see in real time as your aura and chakra position come into alignment with real actual frequencies.

Hi my name is Linda, I contacted Katie for session after reading her bio all I can say is that she is beyond great,
she went into the areas of concern realigning my hara line adjusting areas in my throat, she also picked up that
I was not sleeping well and when she was done that night I slept like a content baby.
Katie didn’t stop there I was also placed on a healing bed to bring energy levels up
higher and checked on after three days to see how I was doing. Not only do I recommend her services to you but
I myself would be using her assistance in the near future. I was touched by
how much she cares for those she helps and loves her work. keep up the good work Katie.
Thanks so much

Dipal Recommends 4Michelle L. Warner

CST-M | Instructor

Michelle is a CranioSacral Therapist who has also completed a wide range of study including Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Development, Quantum Healing, Hands-On Healing, Reiki, and Shamanism. She currently has a CranioSacral practice in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

She received her CranioSacral Therapy training (levels 1 -5) and other related education at the Heartwood Institute and has taught a variety of classes at the Institute since 2009. Michelle developed and teaches workshops with a focus on working with the organs and CranioSacral Therapy V with Dr, Schwehr.

CST is a gentle touch therapy technique that helps to release restrictions within the body to relieve pain, dysfunction and emotions we store. CST works by releasing the cellar memory held in the fascia on a physical and emotional level.

Michelle does healings remotely for CST, balancing your chakras, hara line and energetic spinal adjustments.

Michelle came to this work after she had received treatments and experienced the amazing results, which led her to the decision to learn CranioSacral techniques herself. She says, “It is complementary to all other modalities and therapies. This is really my passion. What I like most is that each session is unique and personalized to the client — No session is ever the same. This work is multi-faceted, the healing can be on both physical and emotional levels. My favorite part about this is the empowerment it gives to each person and that it can be transformational for them. I am so grateful; this has truly been a blessing in my life.