On this journey together, we will TRANSFORM your health so that you could live your best life starting right now!!

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Do you want to feel healthy and well each day? Become a Quantum Member! The Quantum Membership has everything you need to stay consistent on your Journey to your Greatest body and Health ever and it’s the next best thing to having me as your personal healer and coach!

Manifesting in 2019

Let go of 2018 challenges and obstacles and bring in the new you for 2019. Leave behind and release all the negative emotions with others and watch you self grow as you find love and peace within. Allow this energy healing transmission to help you clear blockages and bring in new energies. Join my 3 Day online healing retreat on February 8, 9, 10 and See the power of energy within you thrive to a potential beyond your imagination.

New Years Eve Healing Video

This healing video is for those who would like a healing before the New Year. I wanted to provide you with the strength and clearing before you start 2018. January 2nd is a Healing Meditation.

✨JOIN US FOR ENERGY HEALING!✨ with Dipal Shah & Christy Warnick

An evening of fun and healing that you don’t want to miss out. Yes, this works live and on the replay! We will be selecting people at random and doing mini healings, but the intention will be for everyone to receive what is for the highest and best good. You can help us by sharing out the video. Thank you all! 💖

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I’m Dipal Shah, Medical Intuitive, Energy Medicine Teacher, Author, and Speaker.
And I’m passionate about… Getting you back your best health because you DESERVE it!

Do you feel like you health is falling apart? No matter what you do or what you try nothing seems to work! Maybe you are looking for more options to healing your body so you could live the life you have dreamed of. Dipal helps people just like yourself find answers and resolution to their chronic and acute health issues. Dipal is here to help you get the root cause of your disease and help you transform your health, mind and body

Start your Day with a Clear Mind and Accomplish more everyday!!!

Release Stress in 3 minutes or less
with 3  Simple, Quick and Easy STRESS RELIEF Techniques.


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“Conversations” with Dipal

How can you become one with the universal flow of energy when you have been conditioned to dis-ease? As humans we tend to let our minds do one thing and the body do the other.  We are driven by the flow of our environment rather than living in the flow of our own power. Re-connect and alleviate the dis-ease and discomforts of the mind, body and soul with Dipal Shah and transform every cell of your being.

Every Saturday and Sunday

Live at 9am PST/12pm EST

Replay at 9pm PST/12am EST

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