House Clearing Ritual
and New Beginnings Masterclass

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Are you feeling like you’re living in constant chaos and clutter?

Wondering where your life is going and if you will ever get back on track?

Having a lot of pain in your body?

Feeling negative all the time?

Do you feel something is watching you in your home?

Have you had alot of people in and out of your home?

This could be caused by low energies in your home and property that need to be cleared. A clean home will raise your vibration, allow you to manifest greater finances, better your health, and create better relationships. Harness the energy of your surroundings to uplift your living, working spaces, and life. With the Full Moon let’s create New Beginning for YOU!!

I’m thrilled to invite you to

My House Clearing Ritual and

New Beginnings Masterclass!

We will be meeting on Zoom for 45-60 minutes

at 11am Eastern on Friday, February 3, 2023

to start a home you love and feel safe in from an Energetic Approach.

We appreciate any fees you wish to donate as an energy exchange

House Clearing Masterclass 1


I was going to have to sell my home because my husband wasn't working and not only needed help accepting this but the anxiety was overwhelming. You did a clearing and I immediately felt better but still knew this was a real possibility. I just wanted to let you know that two weeks later he has signed a contract for a new job starting this Tuesday, making more than he thought, and we no longer have to move! You said "stability is coming" and that is what I hung on to. Thank you so much for all you do! Forever grateful, Alysan Sherota

I was on your webinar yesterday on home clearing. I enjoyed it a lot, but wasn't sure how much I was impacted by it. Today, one day later, I de-cluttered the main part of my home, did a ton of cleaning and I have still energy to burn. This is at a time where I have been basically left with a lot of pain and no energy from two surgeries and MS flares. I worked all day on cleaning and de-cluttering my home and I am left with tons of energy. I don't know what you did but wow. MANY thanks. Lynn Carnes