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Katie Opitz

Certified Medical Intuitive

Master Level Grace Healer

Types of Session Available with Katie Opitz

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45-Minute Phone Session with katie opitz

Katie Opitz is a medical intuitive and Master Level Grace Healer. She works remotely through vibrational energy healing to help her clients clear blockages and opening them up to new possibilities. Katie brings all of her experience, gifts, capacities and tools together to empower people to transform their health and live their best life!

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Hashimotos Thyroiditis and struggling with infertility, it lead her on her own healing journey. It did not resonate when her own medical doctor told her she would have a to take a pill “for the rest of her life.” She has reversed her dis-ease and is the mother of three beautiful children. She is very proud to say she no longer needs to take pharmaceuticals. Seeking answers and solutions to her own healing has lead her to pursue her life’s purpose as a healer.

She conducts full medical intuitive readings and also uses other healing modalities to facilitate the healing of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain in a powerful yet gentle way. Katie has broadened her healing modalities to include to space clearing, timeline cleansing, abuse clearing, chakra and hara line balancing, and various remote healing combinations to include Grace and Regenerate healing.

Katie also uses Chakra Mastered, an Energy Mastered App, which is a powerful visual aura and chakra snapshot app that uses color to balance your field. You will see in real time as your aura and chakra position come into alignment with real actual frequencies.

45 Minutes @ $99
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chakra masterd with Katie

Send in birthdate and you will receive before and after AURA and CHAKRA snapshots

Chakra Mastered @ $75
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Sessions can be used for loved ones, pets, or yourself. You can be a surrogate for a loved one.

The package of 3 sessions gives you a chance to go deeper with Katie. She will tune into the areas of concern for healing on each call.

3 × 45 Minutes @ $375

Realigning my hara line adjusting areas in my throat

Hi my name is Linda, I contacted Katie for session after reading her bio all I can say is that she is beyond great, she went into the areas of concern realigning my hara line adjusting areas in my throat, she also picked up that I was not sleeping well and when she was done that night I slept like a content baby. Katie didn’t stop there I was also placed on a healing bed to bring energy levels up higher and checked on after three days to see how I was doing. Not only do I recommend her services to you but I myself would be using her assistance in the near future. I was touched by how much she cares for those she helps and loves her work. keep up the good work Katie. Thanks so much ~Linda

Experienced a huge emotional release

I am super grateful for my healing session with Katie and highly recommend her for anyone’s healing journey. Her compassionate and kind healing energy was amazing and just what my body needed. During our healing session I experienced a huge emotional release that continued afterwards for a few days. I have extensively used mantras in my daily practice but I never had a physical reaction to these mantras until Katie gave me a couple of mantras to start repeating. These mantras have triggered my body to release even more emotions and for the first time in my life I can say that I love and appreciate my body so very much and I am so very blessed for being given this body which I have chosen. That has been a huge life changing gift and I am forever grateful to Katie for this healing transformation. Kindest regards, ~Lisa