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BioEnergy Multidimensional

Intuitive Healer

Clairsentient and Empath

Types of Session Available with Madelina

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45-MINUTE Multidimensional Angelic Sound Bath Healing with Tuning Forks & Singing Bowls

Intuitive BioEnergy Whole Body Clearing, Healing, Balancing, Harmonization, and Energizing (Including BioEnergetic Blocks Removal & Clearing of your Chakras, Energetic meridians, and Aura fields). It Increases Your Life Force Energy, and Your Vitality. It Balances your Energetic Centers, Opens up your Energy Flow & The Connection with your Soul/Higher Self, and It Aligns You with your Divine Soul BluePrint to receive insights on your Soul Gifts/Talents and Purpose.

45 Minutes @ $99
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45-MINUTE Multidimensional 12D Galactic BioEnergetic Surgery

Laser Focused Healing  Session –  Specifically designed to address 1, 2 or 3 Issues of Any Kind, that are affecting you the most at this time, detecting and removing the specific BioEnergetic Blockages, Stamps, and Imprints (Including cords and Vectors from others),  caused by Trauma from this Lifetime, Past/ Parallel Lives, and/or Mother/ Father Ancestral Lineage. 

45 Minutes @ $99
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45-MINUTE Multidimensional Emotional Healing (EFT)

Taping for Emotional Release of The Old Disturbing Feelings, Thoughts, Beliefs, Patterns and Programing. This session is for All Who Choose to Release their Emotional Baggage by Deconditioning & Upgrading the Subconscious Mind to Live a Healthier & Happier Life – Free, Empowered, and Uplifted!

45 Minutes @ $99
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In this High Vibrationl 9D-12D Program you will get Guidance and Healing with the help of The Arcturian Star Family Beings of Light. In The Bioenergetic Surgical Healings, Madelina Light will use Primordial Healing Sounds, Rainbow Light, and The Flower of Life Sacred Geometry, to lift your vibration to 5D and beyond, so you can leave a Loving & Balanced, Peaceful, Healthier, Happier, Abundant, Empowered & Purposeful Life.

You can choose from Package A – $137 (home study program, including 22 Days Remote Healing), or Package B- $197 (Get All in Package A plus a one on one- 45 minutes session with Madelina)

It is designed to restore your Divine Connection with your Soul, and Higher Guidance by Neutralizing The Hot Buttons (Triggers/Fear/Stress Buttons), and by removing The BioEnergetical Imprints (BioEnergetic Markings and Blockages ) caused by Trauma, Limiting Beliefs & Programming from This Lifetime, Past Lives & Your Mothers/Fathers Ancestral lineages, that stop your flow of Life Force Energy disconnecting you from your Soul Higher Guidance & Purpose, keeping you Stuck in a 3/4D leaving of Paine, Suffering, and Fear.”

Arcturian Bioenergetic Surgery Package

 Identified the root cause of the underlying issues

I consider my meeting with Madelina providential. I found myself at a delicate point in my life, so I called Madelina, and she helped me to find the strength to carry on. She identified the root cause of the underlying issues, I was going through, helped me to get out of this state, and to regain my Inner Pace. It felt Magical and Empowering, as I got to know total Relaxation, by simply through breathing, and grounding by touching a tree. My Stress and tension disappeared, and were replaced by Harmony and a Sense of Confidence that everything would be OK. Gifted with an extraordinary sensitivity, Madelina’s insights are spot on. She intuitively connects with the source of her client problems and uneasiness, and finds the precise way to bring healing. She is a special Healer, who continuously exudes kindness and purifying energy. 💗

Roxane B.

Madelina is my go to Healer

Madelina is my go to Healer, for the matters of the heart, emotional issues , and relationships matters. She is kind, compassionate, nonjudgmental, and through her insights & sweet approach to my concerns, I always feel empowered. She helped me understand what was going on with me, and got me back in a state of balance energetically, emotionally, mentally and physically. The session I have had with Madelina, and her Team of Angels and Guides, brought me out of stress, depression, despair, sadness, and helplessness – in a state of Pace, Grace, Alignment, and Empowerment. I am very grateful to Madelina for helping me to get back my courage, my self esteem, and my joy for life.

Andrea M.

My dream job

I am very grateful and thankful to Madelina for The 21 Days Remote Clearing, Healing, and Energizing Ceremony she offered over the last Holidays, and over the beginning of The New Year. I did not know Madelina, but my Soul guided me to sign up her offering, so I did. Then Synchronicities started flowing in, and the path for a new career as an interior designer suddenly opened up for me. That was my dream job, and I knew for years that my old one, as a manager in the corporate world, did not fit me anymore. However, I didn’t have The courage to give up on it, as it paid very well. When the interior designer job opened up for me, I knew in a split second that Madelina’s Ceremony made it possible. 🙂

Michaella J.

Wholeheartedly recommend Madelina Light

I wholeheartedly recommend Madelina Light, as she is a very gifted Healer. I didn’t thought that BioEnergy healing really works, and I was kind of skeptic. During my first 30 minutes remote Bioenergy healing session with Madelina (I was dealing with a nasty flu) I felt the energy, and a wave of heat flowing through my body, followed by lots of sweating. Then my fever completely went away, the sinuses and chest congestion relieved, and I started to feel better right away. I am a believer now, thanks to Madelina! – John V.

John V.

Feeling like a new person now

I just had a sound bath healing session with Madelina, and I am feeling like a new person now. I am more Energized, Refreshed, Renewed, and All the confusion, scattered mindedness, and the feeling of being stuck cleared up. Madelina did not only removed the Energetic blocks from my Chakras and Aura fields, but she also repaired all the Aura holes and tears, removed cords, dense and foreign energies, brought me back to Centre, and in alignment with my soul essence & frequency signature. During the session I opened up to receive the primordial sounds as Madelina played her tuning forks, when I saw a bright light flowing in through my crown chakra, and the Channel of communication with my Higher Self opened up. Soon after my session, a lot of Insights, and creative Ideas for my new business start flowing in. Thank you so much Madelina💜

Claire W.

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