Your Healing Journey

A Mentorship Program for Self Mastery and Empowerment


Dipal Shah

Mentorship 1

intuitive abilities

Do you want to understand and grow your own intuitive abilities?

spiritual Gifts

Not sure where to start and how to access your spiritual Gifts?

Your mission

Know the truth about yourself and your mission on this earth?

healing abilities

Do you feel stuck in your healing abilities?

ready to heal

Are you ready to heal yourself and others?


Do you want to connect and work with Your Guides but not sure how?


Are you ready to get Messages from the Body?

power within

Do you want to discover the power within you?

Activate all your Spiritual Gifts..
Enhance your Healing Practice…
Change the World Forever…

“The World desperately needs your spiritual gifts​​​”
so don’t wait… Join Me!

Here is what is Included in the Medical Intuitive Program Level 1

Course Module

Step by Step Group class videos

Access to all the educational Supporting videos

Access to private facebook group

Access to previous online healing retreats

Meditation Replay






Check out the Video of Previous Students.

What you will learn


What is Energy

The Hara Dimension

How to connect with others

How to get messages from the body

How to Clear energy blockages

How to Clear your space

How to work with your Guide Team

How to sense and clear energy blockages in the body

How to work with The Chakras to heal the body

How to work with The Energy Field to heal the body

Human Energy Chelation Therapy

Learn to Meditate and Open up to Higher-Self

Here is what is Included in the Medical Intuitive Program Level 2

Group calls every other week for total of 6 classes each will be 1.5-2 hrs

One Individualized 45 minute session each month (no make-up)

Work with different group partners each month via zoom, whatsapp, email, etc

50% off online or in person retreat

Audio recording of each personal session

Audio and video recording of Group sessions 

Own member login page

Certificate for Medical Intuitive Program Quantum Body Awakening Level 2

What You Will Learn

Spinal Adjustment

Difference Between Vectors and Cords

How Karma Impact The Body

How To Heal Inner Child

Energy Clearing

Spinal Adjustment

Mentorship 2

Spinal Adjustments are important for each and every person. The spine needs to be aligned for the body to function properly. Without an appropriate alignement many disease and aches and pains in the body.

You will learn to:

  • Detect misalignments
  • Adjust the spine
  • Adjust each vertebrae
  • Adjust pelvic torsions
  • Adjust the Axis and Atlas

Difference between vectors and cords

Mentorship 3Cords/Vectors can get stuck anywhere in the body. They can be present from other lifetimes. They can cause discomfort, pain and dysfunction in the body and different areas of life including relationships, career, and health.

You will Learn to:

  • Detect Cords/Vectors
  • How many Cords/Vectors are present
  • What Cords/Vectors Feel Like
  • Who can get Cords/Vectors
  • How to Clear Cords/Vectors

How Karma impacts the body

Mentorship 4

Karma is something that everyone carries. Karma reflects action of a person. Karma can be cleared.

You will Learn to:

  • Learn what Karma is and How it affects us
  • Access the Karmic Imprint
  • Clear the Karmic Imprint of all Personas and Shadows
  • Teach others to stop building Karma

How to Heal Inner Child

Mentorship 5

Inner Child Trauma Getting in touch with our wounded inner children can be scary when it lets out feelings of fear, anger, pain, and sadness. The feelings seem huge because they’ve been bottled up like genies for all those years.

You will Learn to:

  • Understand the depth of Inner child trauma
  • Access Inner child for yourself and others
  • Clear Inner child traumas
  • Hold space for inner child clearing

Energy Clearing

Mentorship 6

Energy Clearing around organs, systems, and glands. Everything has it’s own energy field including each organ, system and gland.

You will Learn to:

  • Work with each organ, gland and system
  • Clear each organ, gland and ystem
  • Use a special technique to clear the energy in and around each organ, gland and system
  • Use colors to clear each organ, gland and system


Richard’s Testimonial

Sarah Campbell’s Testimonial

Jann Smithrim’s Testimonial

Judy Hoyt’s Testimonial

Dipal, It was a great experience for me.
The time I have spent with your mentorship program has elevated my senses and my faith in the universe.
Your program has helped me a lot with my self-confidence and confirmed even more that I am a healer as well. I enjoyed how everything was made simple and your patience to work with everyone was great as well. Your program has been another great step in my long journey in bringing me closer to my truth which has allowed me to understand clearly what my purpose is in life.

Thank you.
~ Prof. Richard J. Hong

Mentorship Program with Dipal Shah

Mentorship Self Training
Quantum Body Awakening Level 1
Go at your Own Pace

Mentorship Live
Quantum Body Awakening Level 2

$999 (Regular $3400)
  • Course Module
  • Step by Step Group class videos
  • Access to all the educational videos
  • Access to private facebook group
  • Access to previous online healing retreats
  • Meditation Replay
  • Thymus Meditation
  • Access to 20 Minute Session/Consultations As You Go Through the Course For a Hugely Discounted Rate
  • Receive a Certificate As a Medical Intuit From Ananda 4 Life, LLC
  • Opportunity To Showcase Yourself On Dipal’s Shows
  • Business Opportunities
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$2850 (Regular $3850)
  • Group Calls Every Other Week For Total Of 6 Classes Each Will Be 1.5-2 Hrs
  • One Individualized 45 Minute Session Each Month (No Make-Up)
  • Work With Different Group Partners Each Month Via Zoom, Whatsapp, Email, Etc
  • 50% Off Online Or In Person Retreat
  • Audio Recording Of Each Personal Session
  • Audio And Video Recording Of Group Sessions
  • Own Member Login Page
  • Certificate For Medical Intuitive Program Quantum Body Awakening Level 2
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Last day to sign up for Level 2 program will be December 31st then prices change to $3850

Note: We will be starting Level 2 in January 2020. However, you will need to do level 1 before signing up for level 2.

Terms & Conditions for Mentorship Program

This is a tuition-based program due to the customization of the program to the Participants.. If you choose to leave the program after the Cancellation Date this course is non-refundable and if enrolled in a payment plan, completion of tuition payments until the course is paid in full is required.
If you need to cancel the 45 minute private session and reschedule you can do so at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. If you cannot attend to a session that month there is no make up sessions.
If payment is missed or declined without prior arrangements or communication – all mentorship sessions are subject to cancellation from that point on.
This Program will offer students value if they are willing to participate in the group classes and private sessions. Even though no homework assignments are mandatory and we try to go the pace of each participant based on their current situation, the participant must be willing to put time into their own learning journey to develop your skills necessary