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Have you ever been in an incident or series of events that are disturbing or life-threatening and cause fear?

Do you have a habit of watching or reading bad news or watching it by accident?

Does hearing about or seeing news about horrible world events triggers a reaction?

Do you feel you have been exposed to toxic and low vibration energy for a long time as a child or adult?

Healing Collective Trauma and the Nervous System - Lydia Forte 2

Lydia has found the SOLUTION that you have been searching for all along to help you to regain your sense of peace and restore harmony in your body!!!

Collective trauma is a shared psychological reaction to terrible events or experiences. These disrupt our sense of safety and security. They cause confusion and uncertainty and make us feel powerless.

It is time to take your POWER BACK and RESET the pranic flow in your Nervous System.

If you are holding on to collective trauma you may be feeling and experiencing:

Healing Collective Trauma and the Nervous System - Lydia Forte 3

If this is you, continue reading about how Lydia can HELP YOU heal and realign your Nervous System

Lydia understands how important your Nervous System is.

The Nervous System is connected to all of our body’s functions and it helps us interact with the world around us.

If you are not aware of the Collective Trauma stuck in your nervous system, you may need Lydia’s Guidance.

Any one of these can impact you and create collective trauma

Which one of these sounds familiar to you?

  • Pandemics – COVID
  • Economic crises/Recessions
  • Violence
  • Discrimination
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Hate crimes
  • Natural disasters
  • Environmental threats to our health and wellbeing
  • Traumatic Events that may have affected our ancestors
  • Epidemics/Illnesses
  • Famine
  • Wars
  • Slavery
  • Religious Persecution
  • Racism
  • Holocaust
  • Colonization
  • Historical oppression

If you can relate then you are experiencing Collective Trauma and Lydia can help you rebuild your Nervous System to live the life you Love!!!

Healing Collective Trauma and the Nervous System - Lydia Forte 4

On this Powerful Class with Lydia you will:

  • Learn what is collective trauma and how to clear it
  • Learn how ancestral trauma is also involved in collective trauma
  • Understand how collective trauma is affecting your nervous system
  • Discover what percentage of collective trauma is stuck in your nervous system
  • Discover what the percentage of life force/prana in your nervous system is
  • Find out how to optimize the functioning of the nervous system
Healing Collective Trauma and the Nervous System - Lydia Forte 5

Healing Collective Trauma and the Nervous System Program

What’s included in the package


ITEM 1: Pre-scan remote session of 15 minutes conducted 24 hours prior to session

Lydia and her guides will scan your nervous system to determine the percentage of collective trauma that is stuck and the percentage of life force/prana currently in your nervous system. They will identify blocks and determine the areas that require healing.


ITEM 2: One-on-one clearing and healing session of 45 minutes

  • Clear the blocks and the effects of collective trauma
  • Release ancestral energy and imprints to avoid re-creating traumas
  • Clear subconscious programs
  • Heal physical, emotional and cognitive symptoms arising from trauma
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Balance stress hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Repair neurons and nerves
  • Upgrade the life force/prana in the nervous system to restore optimal function
  • Reconnect the nervous system to all other body systems
  • Remove the maladaptive responses to stress
  • Re-program the brain with healthy and adaptive stress responses
  • Clear and balance the root and solar plexus chakras to increase safety and to increase personal power
  • Infuse a high vibration harmony frequency into your nervous system and energy field


21 days Of Remote Healing For The Entire Nervous System

Remote healing will be conducted daily for 21 days

The remote Healing is activated immediately after purchase

Lydia will scan your nervous system and clear the collective trauma and blockages

She will clear negativity and low vibration energies

She will repair and heal the nervous system for optimal function

She will optimize neurotransmitters and stress hormones

She will clear negativity and low vibration energies

She will clear and balance the root chakra and the solar plexus chakra to increase your safety and your personal power

She will heal the vagus nerve to activate soothing mechanisms

She will infuse high frequency harmony vibration into your nervous system and energy field

Healing Collective Trauma and the Nervous System

• Pre-scan remote session of 15 minutes conducted 24 hours prior to

• One-on-one clearing and healing session of 45 minutes

• Limited time offer: 48 hours only - 21 days of remote healing for the entire nervous system


Look at what Lydia's Clients are saying


I just wanted to give you an update after the healing. A few days ago I went for my stress test and passed it with flying colors!! Today at the follow up with my Cardiologist I got a clean bill of health on my heart! I was told my heart is very healthy and I no longer have any symptoms! Lydia thank you so much for clearing the physical and emotional blocks that were causing my symptoms!

Lydia you are such a kind, caring and compassionate person.You have helped me clear so much grief and anger! Although I still have work to do, I am optimistic because I see progress! I am feeling hopeful and peaceful and I have more energy during the day! You are so wise and your words during our sessions are exactly what I need to hear. I am so grateful for your guidance and for your support! God Bless.

Right after the healing session I felt lighter and calm. Now, a few days later, I have not had many things to get upset about!! I noticed that I have more ease at work and I feel more in control! The energy is shifting in a positive direction!

I could feel the energy moving through my body during the healing. My shoulder pain has decreased considerably and my circulation issues have improved! My hands and feet used to be always cold and now they are warm!

I felt waves of energy in my head and afterwards a calming energy came over my body. And now the headache is gone! I am new to energy healing but after this I am a believer!

Before my session with you I felt stuck, almost paralyzed with fear and indecision. I was so confused and could not take any action. After the session something lifted! I feel like a new person. My head is clear, I can think and I finally made a decision and took action on something that was weighing heavily on me. I feel free and I can trust myself again! So much gratitude! You are an amazing healer!

Lydia! You are a great healer! My daughter’s temper tantrums have stopped and she is no longer waking up in the middle of the night! She now listens and is more agreeable when I talk to her. I feel that our connection has been strengthened. It is as if she can feel all the love I have for her and that she trusts me. This makes me feel more confident as a mother. I can’t thank you enough!

Lydia Forte

Certified Medical Intuitive | Quantum Energy Healer | Quantum Life Coach

Lydia Forte is a Quantum Energy Healer and Quantum Life Coach. She has a background in psychology and rehabilitation counselling and a wide range of studies in other healing modalities including: Medical Intuitive, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Lydia specializes in identifying limiting beliefs and clearing energetic blocks at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels to help her clients restore health, heal relationships and thrive in their lives. She conducts karma clearings, chakra and hara line clearing/alignments, angel card readings and remote healings.

Healing Collective Trauma and the Nervous System - Lydia Forte 6

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How soon will I see results after the healing session?

This depends on each person, on how quickly your body processes and releases energy. The results could be immediate or could take a few days, they can be subtle or they can be obvious. My intention is for your body/energy field to receive the healing that will most serve you and that the energy be cleared, transmuted, and integrated with ease and grace for your highest good.

2) How does the remote healing work?

The remote healing will start right after your purchase. Divine Light with different colour frequencies will be directed to your body to clear, heal and balance any areas of the nervous system that require it. The energy will be working whether you feel it or not. The only thing you need to do for this is to set the intention to receive the healing energy and be open to releasing what does not serve you.

3) Are there any negative effects from the healing session or remote healing?

No, there are no negative effects. Your body will only take the energy it requires. It is recommended to drink lots of water after a session to help release the energy that your body no longer needs.

4) Will the remote healing affect family members?

No, it will not. The remote healing is sent only to the person who purchased the package.

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