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Tranforming your “Whole Being”
One Day Online Healing Retreat

When I refer to the Whole Being I am referring to our body, your mind,  your energy field, your chakras, your soul, your spirit, and your hara line.  All of these things makes up what I call your  ‘whole being’.

It gets exhausting trying to figure your life  out each day, its like you are suffocating and can’t get out……..YOU have become a ROBOT.  The solution is really taking the time for yourself and immersing yourself in  YOUR 1 Day online healing retreat. 

This Retreat offers you 4 hours of clearing and healing opportunity to get you  where you  want to be quicker  because Dipal and her guides will tapping into the deepest layers of your body 

YOUR 1 Day Online Healing Retreat is happening on April 22, 2020.  It will change your life FOREVER. 

If you are someone that is looking to

  • Heal your health
  • Find your truth
  • Release  past traumas
  • Find your purpose
  • Find your creativity
  • In search of your spiritual gifts
  • Strengthen Relationships with others
  • Want to find your soul
  • Get rid of your pain

This Event is for YOU!!!

This retreat is all about Healings, Healings, Healings for 4 hours!

  • Group Healing
  • One on one healing
Please note: based on no. of people attending  you may not receive a one on one healing however the group healing is just as powerful

All of the work during the 1 Day is based on a simple principle that you don’t need “fixing”. Instead, by working with the power and energy you already possess, my Guide team and I will assist your personal growth so that you (your soul) can  come home to your true self.

  • Identify and avoid self-destructive patterns that have kept you stuck for years
  • Blocking your purpose in life
  • Access spiritual growth
  • Clear and release emotional wounds from the past
  • Get in touch with your soul and spirituality
  • Heal the inner child
  • Get your power back from every place where someone or something took it away from you
  • Learn a special healing technique
  • Clear blockages in the chakras



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Invest In Yourself One Day Online Healing Retreat

Date: April 22, 2020
Time: 11am-3pm Eastern

Regular Price: $ 99.99

Early Bird Offer

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Replay available after the Retreat


I feel gracefull I was there with you all.At first I was wondering, yesterday not feeling happy and well. Now slowly feeling better. I think it take`s time and confidence in myself. Glad I signed in for the membership. I am sure it will help..Gerard fell asleep after an hour after the call and when he woke up he didn`nt know where he was, never had that before, he is sleeping more deeply now.. So for him it was also a wondering experience. Thank you so much! Much Love and Light.

~ Elly

It was Amazing. The change in people from before their healing and afterwards was remarkable. Dipal and her Healers help you be relaxed, allowing of the energies to flow for a proper healing. I Love it…. And will do it again.

~ Lauri

“I am able to feel my spiritual gifts I thought I had lost forever. I love Dipal’s work and it only took her a few minutes to open me up to my divine gifts”

~ Jada

“I couldn’t believe how amazing my head felt when I was done with my one on one session. I noticed my migraines and aches and pains were gone completely”

~ Martha

“Dipal can clear anything and everything. She has helped me on a physical level and also career wise.  I couldn’t have done it without her, I can’t compare her gift to anyone else. She is amazing”

~ Mark

“My husband Niels has been listening to your MP3 for side effects of pills for many months and he is very pleased to have had no serious side effects.

I would like to thank you very much for the very nice Retreat. I had wanted to finish listening to it before writing to you, I am now on the second recording, but I would like to say the following now:

After listening to the first hour of the recording of the Retreat I was guided to look at my left index finger where I had had a wart for the last four years or more. I was delighted to see that it had completely disappeared! I spent the rest of the day looking at my healed finger with great joy! Thank you, Dipal. You are a wonderful healer!

I am also enjoying all your MP3s very much!”

~ Daphne

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