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Immerse yourself in a healing experience and unlock your inner wisdom once and for all.


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What Quantum Body Awakening Means!!

Quantum Body Awakening is a energy healing modality, which Dipal refers to the process of awakening the body's innate ability to heal itself through quantum energy. It is based on the idea that at the quantum level, everything is energy and that we can tap into this energy to heal and transform our body, mind, and spirit. Dipal uses quantum life force energy to heal blocks through light language, sound, meditation, visualization, affirmation and other spiritual practices to facilitate the awakening of the body's quantum energy and promote healing and transformation.

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Dipal brings you the ultimate healing experience through her wisdom of Eastern and Western Medicine

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Reprogram the Subconscious

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Awaken the Energy Centers

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Open the Chit Shakti

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Connect with the Hara Dimension

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REalign the Pranic Life Force

Embark on a a profound journey into the depths of your body's cells and cellular memory to tap into the wisdom of your healing.

Get ready to release any obsolete energies and fully embody the truest version of yourself, as envisioned by your soul.

Imagine transformative healings that combines the wisdom of ancient healing practices with the cutting-edge science of quantum physics.

If not now, WHEN?

At a time when your circumstances are in a constant state of flux, here's your opportunity to step forward and heal. It's not about pushing a boulder uphill; it's about elevating yourself and manifesting the body and life you desire.

The Quantum Body Awakening Experience is a fusion of science and spirituality, which integrates the energy systems, body, mind, spirit and soul to help you create a harmonious and extraordinary life. You have the power to create the life and body you desire.

Quantum Body Awakening RETREAT will empower you to realize your true potential, provide tools and techniques to transform your life!"

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  • Quantum Body Awakening (3) Learn to master your emotions to live a fulfilled and blissful life
  • Quantum Body Awakening (3) Tap into your subconscious to design a life you dream of and a life you deserve!
  • Quantum Body Awakening (3) Raise your Energy, Frequency and Vibration to manifest all your desires
  • Quantum Body Awakening (3) Become the Master Creator you are to heal anything in your life
  • Quantum Body Awakening (3) Reinvent yourself and your body's discomfort, pain, disease with confidence
  • Quantum Body Awakening (3) Tap into your Clairs and discover new ones
  • Quantum Body Awakening (3) Dive deep into your soul’s desires and purpose

There is no holding back now….

Harnessing the Quantum Untapped Healing Potential within yourself!

We will explore how healing can be an intrinsic part of consciousness awakening to itself, revealing the innate wholeness we are.

Dipal and Her Healer Team

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Katerina Gadis

Certified Medical Intuitive

Katerina is a certified medical intuitive specializing in timeline therapy, karmic and ancestral clearings, entity/implant removal, shadow work and inner child work. She has a background in tantra, yoga, theatre & Reiki. She loves to bring back the joy of creativity and igniting the healing aspect of sexuality, while the elements best describing her energy are ether, fire, thunder and snow.”


Lisette Lavold

Certified Medical Intuitive

Lisette Lavold is a Certified Medical Intuitive, Quantum Energy Healer, Reiki Master, and a Certified Energy Healing Practitioner with training in the Akashic Records. As a Registered Nurse and someone who had conditions that conventional medicine couldn't heal, Lisette became disheartened by allopathic medicine's method of simply masking symptoms of chronic illness. She found true healing in the modalities she now passionately uses to help others get to the root cause of dis-ease, to truly promote healing on all levels--physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual.


Marianne Vos

Certified Medical Intuitive & Quantum Light Reiki Healer

In 2022, Marianne discovered her intuitive gifts and learned to trust her intuition. She felt called to become a healer, so she became a Reiki healer in order to help her loved ones. She then went on to become a Certified Medical Intuitive with the intention of helping others become whole again.


Ira Jampo Lhamo

Certified Medical Intuitive

Ira started her healing journey in 2010, worked with various modalities from physical to holistic, with sound, channeling, readings, guided journeys and meditations , quantum qi gong, healing with magnets and body work and now a certified medical intuitive, studying with Dipal. Her purpose is to assist people to empower themselves and to open their healing abilities so they can become their own master healer.

You deserve to be supported and my team of healers and I can help YOU!


Limited Seating!

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Invest In Yourself 8-Hours split into 2 Day Virtual Healing Retreat

We will choose attendees based on Divine Guidance and provide a healing session for that person where everyone heals from witnessing each person’s session, seeing your own triggers to their sessions, and supporting one another through this powerful process.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll be in a safe, loving container as I work to prepare you to release blocks to transformation so you can get the most out of our time together.

You will experience transformations and shifts during the 2 Day retreat and in the days to come.


Pre-Retreat Energy Transmission:

From the moment you sign up, Dipal’s Team of Guides will begin working to release physical, spiritual, energetic, mental, relationship, and wealth blocks to your transformation. You do not need to do anything.

If you would like to sit in meditation at anytime of the day you may and focus on seeing yourself healed.

Group Expression and Clearing:

We’ll spend time with group healings by specific Healers and individual healings for as many people as we can in the 6 hours time allotted.

Support After the Retreat -Energy Transmission for 5 days after the retreat:

A Powerful energetic clearing continued for 5 days 24/7 to support your healing and connection to Divine Source.

Recorded Session:

Retreat is recorded and a replay is provided to each attendee. If you miss the retreat or part of it you can watch it again. The energies are infused in the replay.

Sign up in the next 72 hours and RECEIVE

3 Mind Blowing Bonuses From Dipal:

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What past attendees loved about this RETREAT and their Experience:

All is well here. I hope you are good as usual too! I remembered you asked if I am looking for a change of career? I said NO then “yes, maybe” as if I recalled my plan of having to run a small cafe. You know what, the next day when I visited the mall in city, I was approached by the Manager, she is offering me a space with full renovation done at a very reasonable low rental price. It is just amazing. Well, i am still evaluating the plan. You sound so positive and excited in our retreat session so I am trying to make myself positive towards it too, be open to it! Besides that, my back pain, neck pain at both side, all are gone, there is no more pain at my knee and my feet as well since Sunday, 1 day after the retreat! That is incredible, you know I been going to Ayurvedic for 6 sessions within the past 8 days but improvement was so slow. Besides that, I also noticed when I talked, peoples would sit down and listen. That is really just amazing, I can’t believe it. Well, I will be good and I won’t be an angry girl that often anymore 😉 Thanks for everything! I am happier, lighter, I don’t feel stress, more energized! I want to learn the path how to maintain and continue to grow on this. ~ Yee Shin

The Retreat was amazing and presented with perfection. I should have lots of shifts in the coming days as I resonated with absolutely all of the healings especially the ear, eyes teeth and the healing with the shy lady who spoke 2 languages was very powerful. Amazing to see the transformations. Thank you ~ Valerie

I feel gracefull I was there with you all.At first I was wondering, yesterday not feeling happy and well. Now slowly feeling better. I think it take`s time and confidence in myself. Glad I signed in for the membership. I am sure it will help..Gerard fell asleep after an hour after the call and when he woke up he didn`nt know where he was, never had that before, he is sleeping more deeply now.. So for him it was also a wondering experience. Thank you so much! Much Love and Light. ~ Elly

It was Amazing. The change in people from before their healing and afterwards was remarkable. Dipal and her Healers help you be relaxed, allowing of the energies to flow for a proper healing. I Love it…. And will do it again. ~ Lauri

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About Dipal:

Dipal Shah, Internationally Acclaimed Self-Care Expert and Medical Intuitive has one mission: to help women heal their past and strengthen the powerful intuition within themselves. She wants to see women take charge of their health and lead them to a better life.

A recognized expert in the field of Energy Medicine, Dipal created the Quantum Body Awakening Technique: leading thousands of women in over 92 countries to escape painful, chronic health conditions where western medicine failed. Dipal's unique gifts created profound shifts for her clients; from finding boundless energy to experiencing life with increased purpose and inspiration.

Through her company, Ananda 4 Life, Dipal has served celebrities, thought leaders, and health-care practitioners, leading them to find joy and decrease suffering through her blend of practices.

Dipal is an "Award Winning International Bestselling Author, who has spoken at events that included Bob Doyle, Marci Shimoff, Rickie Byars and Keith Leon S.

She has been Featured in Authority Magazine, BRAINZ Magazine, Thrive Global Magazine, The List TV Show, ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX, Dipal is frequently called upon to share her messages on mass media platforms along with Summits and Podcasts. Currently, she is a content creator for Best Holistic Life Magazine creating articles and education around reclaiming your health and life.

She believes that everyone has the chance to connect with their inner power, if they slow down, listen and trust.

You can learn more about Dipal and her journey at:

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Words of Wisdom

"Good health is a journey, not a destination. Embrace the journey and enjoy the ride!"

Quantum Body Awakening Retreat | 11am-3pm Eastern | 2-Day Healing

10AM - 2PM CST Chicago (GMT-6)

11AM - 3PM EST New York (GMT-5)

8AM - 12PM PST Los Angeles (GMT-8)

9AM - 1PM MST Denver (GMT-7)

Click Here to convert your time
if you belong to any other timezones apart from the listed timezones above

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I receive a individual healing?

A. Everyone receives a healing. Since this is a virutal retreat and the power of group is extremely healing. There will be many opportunities throughout the retreat to heal such as during group processes, individual healing for yoursefl and also individual healing of others. If you feel that there is a healing or information that you resonate with as Dipal works with others you can say “I receive” and be open to receive.

Q. Will I receive a replay?

A. Yes within 2 hours after the retreat you will receive the replay via email. Please check your spam or junk folder. If you still have not received the replay please check your downloads page under your account we will have this updated by Sunday morning.

Q. How do I access my replay?

A. You can access your replay via your account at Please go under downloads, Quantum Body Awakening Retreat March 2023 click visit page. You can click the zoom, youtube link to watch the replay or the dropbox link.

Q. Will I still heal if I listen to the replay?

A. Yes, the energy is infused and is there for lifetime.

Q. What if I can’t make the entire retreat?

A. The retreat is 2 days for 8 hours of total healing. You can come for part of the retreat or either day if you can’t make it both days. Note that you will be included in both days worth of healing as your soul and spirit knows exactly what it needs to receive whether or not you make it.

Q. How long is the retreat?

A. 2 Days, a total of 8 hours

Q. Will I still receive healing if I cannot make it to the retreat?

A. Yes, the energies are conducted to those who purchase the retreat whether you make it to the live event or not you will still be receiving the healings if your soul, spirit, and body resonate with what is being shared during the retreat.

Q. Can I share the replay?

A. No, the replay should not be shared with anyone.

Q. How can I download the replay?

A. You can download the replay by hitting the download button when you receive the link. If you cannot download it please email us at [email protected].

Q. Will anyone else in my house be affected by the energies if I participate?

A. No. The energy is just for you, however, keep in mind that when you raise your vibration others in the house will feel it too.

Q. Do I need to be on video?

A. We prefer video if possible

Q. Will we have breaks?

A. Yes there will be 20-30 minute breaks. If you need to take breaks during the session you can do so.

Q. What Do I need to prepare for the Retreat?

A. Bring pen and paper, be present, try to attend both days, have a glass of water present, do not come on a full stomach.