Summits 1

Find out where Dipal is speaking next and how you can join her.

Dipal has been invited to various telesummits over the last 3 years due to the prestigious  quality of her work.  She provides programs that bring science and spirituality together to help shift your body and mind to heal.

Some of the summits she speaks on are

From Heartache To Joy ★ You Wealth Revolution ★ Academy For The Soul

Wisdom Of The Ancients ★ Carrie Murphy ★ The Transformation Show


Each event is special as Dipal shares a specific health topic, group process, and one on one healings. You can join live or listen to the replay.

Summits 2

Mastering your own Karma

Quickly Reprogram Your Karmic Grid for Greater Health, Finances, and Relationships

Date & Time: June 4th at 5pm Eastern


Summits 3