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Online Healing Retreat
January 28, 2022 | 10:00am to 1:00pm Eastern

January 29, 2022 | 9:00am to 12:00pm Eastern

When we realize our wholeness, we experience an indestructible inner resource that allows us to weather the deepest challenges we will face as we heal through trauma, as well as go about our daily lives. Without knowing our wholeness, no matter how much we heal symptoms of trauma, we’ll always feel that something’s still not right. Come and Heal your body, mind and spirit with us. Let us help you get where you want to be.


✔️ Does it seem like you’ve tried everything to feel better?

✔️ Do you feel stuck and blocked in your body?

✔️ Are you looking for answers and can’t find the help you need?

✔️ Are you trying to find your purpose, truth, spiritual gifts?

✔️ Do you just want to let go of sadness, stress, pain, and destructive habits?

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If you could just shift these patterns and be happy that would be priceless!!!

Guess what you can.

You deserve a beautiful life filled with purpose, peace, and even joy.

My Popular Event of the year is the online healing retreat. It is a 2 day retreat that will provide you deeper healing experience  than ever before. There is nothing like this

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Healing Retreats  can help you clear the blocks that prevent you from living that life you love.

You’ll join an intimate, supportive group of caring, heart-centered people who, like you, who are craving significant shifts in their lives. With guidance from me and my team of 6 other healers every step of the way, we’ll shine a light on what’s up for you to heal and address specific ways to live your highest truth.


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We will explore how healing can be an intrinsic part of consciousness awakening to itself, revealing the innate wholeness we are.

Healers & Students Who Will Be Joining Dipal

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What Happens During The Retreat

We will choose attendees based on Divine Guidance and provide a healing session for that person where everyone heals from witnessing each person’s session, seeing your own triggers to their sessions, and supporting one another through this powerful process. 

As soon as you sign up, you’ll be in a safe, loving container as I work to prepare you to release blocks to transformation so you can get the most out of our time together.

You will experience transformations and shifts during the 2 day retreat or in the days to come. 



Pre-Retreat Energy Release: From the moment you sign up, My Team of Healers and I will begin working to release blocks to your transformation so you can get the most out of our time together.


Group Expression and Clearing: We’ll spend time with group healings by specific Healers and individual healings for as many people as we can in the 2 day time allotted.


Support After the Retreat -Energy Transmission for 5 days after the retreat: A Powerful energetic clearing continued for 5 days to support your healing and connection to Divine Source.


Recorded Session: Retreat is recorded and a replay is provided to each attendee. If you miss the retreat or part of it you can watch it again. The replay will be available the day after the retreat. The energies are infused in the replay.  


Special Gifts From Dipal: 1. Inner Peace MP3  2. Declutter the Mind Mp3

Since we live with our fears until we face them and transform them, the fears we don’t face, ultimately become our limits. The basis for doing your work is to transform your fears and to create space and freedom to live YOUR life.


You deserve to be supported and my team of healers and I can help YOU!

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Invest In Yourself 2 Day Online Healing Retreat

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As soon as you sign up, you’ll be in a safe, loving container as I work to prepare you to release blocks to transformation so you can get the most out of our time together.

Are you in? If so, let’s do some amazing work and let’s go deep.

Once you reserve your spot you will receive an email 24 hours, 12 hours and 1 hour before the retreat. This retreat will be via zoom.  You can connect via video or phone. We prefer  video if possible.

Questions? I’m happy to help you make sure this is the right place for you, email me at [email protected].


I feel gracefull I was there with you all.At first I was wondering, yesterday not feeling happy and well. Now slowly feeling better. I think it take`s time and confidence in myself. Glad I signed in for the membership. I am sure it will help..Gerard fell asleep after an hour after the call and when he woke up he didn`nt know where he was, never had that before, he is sleeping more deeply now.. So for him it was also a wondering experience. Thank you so much! Much Love and Light. ~ Elly

It was Amazing. The change in people from before their healing and afterwards was remarkable. Dipal and her Healers help you be relaxed, allowing of the energies to flow for a proper healing. I Love it…. And will do it again. ~ Lauri

“I am able to feel my spiritual gifts I thought I had lost forever. I love Dipal’s work and it only took her a few minutes to open me up to my divine gifts”~ Jada

“I couldn’t believe how amazing my head felt when I was done with my one on one session. I noticed my migraines and aches and pains were gone completely”
~ Martha

“Dipal can clear anything and everything. She has helped me on a physical level and also career wise.  I couldn’t have done it without her, I can’t compare her gift to anyone else. She is amazing”
~ Mark

“My husband Niels has been listening to your MP3 for side effects of pills for many months and he is very pleased to have had no serious side effects.

I would like to thank you very much for the very nice Retreat. I had wanted to finish listening to it before writing to you, I am now on the second recording, but I would like to say the following now:

After listening to the first hour of the recording of the Retreat I was guided to look at my left index finger where I had had a wart for the last four years or more. I was delighted to see that it had completely disappeared! I spent the rest of the day looking at my healed finger with great joy! Thank you, Dipal. You are a wonderful healer!

I am also enjoying all your MP3s very much!”~ Daphne

Major “Lung cleanse”for roughly 24 hrs. post, and truly noticeable relief from arthritic spine-lots of injuries have caused me to lose 3in. in height, etc. Have felt more energized, but also a little sad, releasing lots of bad memories. Extremely grateful Dipal put together such a powerful team for the show… Many Thanx, Namaste
~ Dawn Wildsmith

Dipal, happy to hear from you that my parasympatic system was out for many years, and about cosmic warms also. many usefull information/practice from the retreat. Need more time to process all. I loved your group of healers and the cooperation. Very supportive. My issues are longterm, and at the moment have some healings in progress, need to finish them. Happy to meet all of you! Had dreams about my father, grandmother – who already died. Seems to have more energy and hope. Thanks a lot! ~ Jana Janoušková

After several healings, I noticed I did not necessarily need a one-on-one at the time as there were commonalities with different participants and I still was noticing shifts, particualrly in the second half and felt a major release. I realized that there was also another potential issue creating a physical concern that had not been previously identified. For the next several days, I felt better not just physically but mentally as well. ~ Elnora

Dipal taught me so much on this online healing retreat, plus the other healers leading me through healing processes for our body and mind. I was physically having chills while the healings were occurring as I also requested healing for myself when the healers were working on others. This was such an amazing experience. almost every person who she worked on also had something similar to what I have been experiencing! I received so much from this online healing retreat. Thank you all! ~ Kim Bednarowski

I so love the love I feel from Dipal and her crew. I just listen in with my schedule, the healings are marvelous! Thank you ~ Gail Bloom

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Healing Retreat


Q: How long is the retreat?
A: 2 Days, a total of 6 hours


Q: Can I join for only 1 day?
A: Yes, you can join whatever time you want to dedicate


Q: Will I still receive healing if I cannot make it to the retreat?
A: Yes, the energies are for the collective group and those who purchase the retreat whether you make it to the live event or not


Q: Will I be receiving a replay?
A: Yes you will have access to the replay within 24 hours at the end of the retreat


Q: Can I share the replay?
A: No


Q: Can I bring someone to the online healing retreat?
A: Yes, as long as they are also signed up


Q: Will anyone else in my house be affected by the energies if I participate?
A: No. The energy is just for you, however, keep in mind that when you raise your vibration others in the house will feel it too.


Q: Do I need to be on video?
A: We prefer video if possible


Q: Will we have breaks?
A: Yes there will be 20-30 minute breaks. If you need to take breaks during the session you can do so.


Q: How can I make the best of the retreat?
A: Attend both days and be present and open to receiving healing


Q: Do I need to prepare for the Retreat?
A: No preparation needed