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Zina Biniashvili

Certified Medical Intuitive

Quantum Energy Healer

Types of Session Available with Zina Biniashvili

Zina Biniashvili Sessions 2
45-Minute Phone Session with Zina Biniashvili

Zina is a medical intuitive healer specializing in spinal adjustment and remote healing. Spinal health is vital for the overall health of the entire body. Zina immediately finds and clears the root causes of both physical and emotional issues to facilitate recovery and wellness for her clients.

It is Zina┬┤s belief that anything is possible and that even the most severe of conditions can be overcome and at the very least managed well.

45 Minutes $145
Zina Biniashvili Sessions 3

This package of remote sessions is an opportunity to address the root cause of your problem/discomfort from different angles and at a deeper level.

Sessions can be used for yourself or for your loved ones. You can be a surrogate for a loved one.

3 X 45 Minutes $295 (Regular $399)

I did not need to take pain killers

I had been experiencing pain in  the neck caused by a pinched nerve and I had a session with Zina. The next day I felt better, I was able to walk with less pain. The day after I did not need to take pain killers. I am improving every day!

Tony D.

Back pain gone!

During the healing with Zina she worked on my spine and cut cords. I started to feel lighter. Zina intuitively knew what I was feeling! I usually wake up with back pain but the day after the healing session I did not have any pain, it was gone! 

Pam O.

The anxiety and the pain subsided!

I was feeling very anxious and I had pain in the chest. During my session with Zina I could feel the energy when she was working on my solar plexus. At the end of the session my anxiety and the pain in my chest subsided!