As a certified Medical Intuitive, you’ll help people transform their lives through full-body healing. Whether to enhance an existing healing practice or as a brand new opportunity to develop your healing abilities, Dipal Shah’s Quantum Body Awakening Certification Course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to become an empowered and successful healer.

Do you want to understand and grow your own intuitive abilities?


Are you ready to heal yourself and others?

Are you ready to get Messages from the Body?

Are you ready to go deeper into your healing journey?

Are you ready to raise your vibration and expand your abilities?

Not sure where to start and how to access your spiritual Gifts?

Do you feel stuck in your healing abilities?

Do you want to connect and work with Your Guides but not sure how?

Are you ready to create a healing business of your dreams?

What is a Medical Intuitive?

A Medical Intuitive is someone who provides insights necessary for healing your whole being not just the disease itself. The main focus is to identify the underlying cause(s) of any mental and physical dis-ease(s).

These can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual blockages which cause an energetic imbalance.

A medical intuitive will help clear the imbalances and help guide the body, mind, and energy systems to heal.

Medical Intuit Course 2

Why Become a Certified Medical Intuitive?

Stress is the leading cause of all diseases. When someone's health is not right nothing in life feels right. You can help transform lives right now!!!

Health is the number one issue amongst people all over the world. No matter how much money you have, if you don’t have good health it doesn’t matter. Everyone has some form of health issue whether it is mental or physical. Everyday stresses and responsibilities takes a toll on the body and mind.

Many people try conventional medicine but still cannot find the relief they are looking for. As a Medical Intuitive you are working to help someone transform their health so they could live a happy and purposeful life.

When the body’s Prana, or ''life force energy', flows freely through the cells of the organs, tissues, systems, glands, blood, and bones at an optimal level, one can experience perfect health. When this flow becomes blocked for any reason due to genetics, limiting beliefs, trauma, and similar factors, the body cells get deprived of the essential life force energy and, over time, become weakened, causing diseases to settle in.

In order to regain one’s health and well-being it is important that the energy flow is restored to bring the body back into homeostatis and equilibrium. As the energy systems are repaired, the physical body will start to heal.

As a certified Medical Intuitive, you'll be able to tap into your gifts and help yourself, family, friends, pets, and others who need your assistance.

Medical Intuit Course 3

Unlock your Healing Gifts and Purpose.

The Quantum Body Awakening Certification Course is designed to create life-changing experiences for you, and your family, friends and clients.

You will be experiencing an awakening and healing of your mind, body, and energy systems to the truth of your life purpose.

Dipal will teach you meditation techniques, ancient healing techniques, and other shamanic breathing techniques that she learned throughout the years so that you can feel alive and serve your purpose in life with joy.

She has shared her work with thousands of people around the world and continue to share the wealth of knowledge she has gained as a healer and Intuitive. Energy Healing saved her body when she was desperate for answers. The techniques she developed to save herself can help you heal and optimise your body and soul - and you can use them to heal others and self.

If you are ready to experience greater consciousness, guidance and clarity then the Quantum Body Awakening Certification Course will help you.

Dipal will guide you every week to help you master your innate abilities and gifts. She will train you to scan, read, clear, and heal on physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels.

Just imagine a heightened sense of empowerment of healing your body!

If you are ready to experience greater consciousness, guidance and clarity then the Quantum Body Awakening Certification Course will help you.

It is time to open up to your true potential, passion and become the person you are destined to be.

Medical Intuit Course 4
Medical Intuit Course 5

What you will Learn on the Course - Quantum Body
Awakening Level 1

Self Discovery Course

Level One teaches the foundations and practice of energy healing as a Medical Intuitive. Over the 12 weeks you'll gain the knowledge and skills you need to optimize your own life AND begin offering professional healing to others. Once you complete the course you'll be certified to practice as a Medical Intuitive.

Medical Intuit Course 6

Hara Line Healing

  • Learn the main connection points of the Hara Line 

  • Learn the importance of the Hara Line

  • Learn how to scan and heal the Hara Line for yourself and others

  • Learn to align the Hara Line 

  • Learn how to find distortions in the Hara Line 

  • Learn what the Hara Line is and how it affects the body


Medical Intuit Course 7

Pendulum Readings and Healing

  • Learn which pendulum is the best type to use

  • Learn how to get best readings with a specific pendulum

  • Learn the signs of the pendulum

  • Learn how to get specific messages with the pendulum

  • Learn how to speak the language of the pendulum


Medical Intuit Course 8

Pranava Healing Technique

  • Learn the most Powerful Healing Technique

  • Learn to read, scan, clear and activate 4 energy systems 

  • Learn to connect and disconnect with the body

  • Learn how to set intentions

  • Learn protection and grounding methods

  • Learn how to access cellular blockages in the body

  • Learn to ask the body what it needs to heal 

  • Learn Pranic breathing techniques that will help you to sustain your own energy

  • Learn step by step process of channeling healing through the body

Medical Intuit Course 9

Create and Connect with Your Personal Guide Team

  • Learn who your Guides are

  • Learn to connect with your Guides

  • Learn to get clear messages from your Guides

  • Discover your 2 Guides. (Dipal will share during one on one)

  • Learn how you can have a team of Guides to help the healing process

  • Learn how your Guides will help you receive information and healings

  • Learn how to connect with other people’s guides

Medical Intuit Course 10

Learn the Language of The Body

  • Learn how to connect and open the body for healing

  • Learn to conduct the healing energy within the body, mind and energy systems

  • Learn to detect imbalances in the body and energy field

  • Learn to ask questions

  • Learn to receive answers

  • Learn what is causing the dis-ease

  • Learn to dive into the body

Medical Intuit Course 11

Clear Dis-eases, Diseases And Illnesses For People Or Pets

  • Learn to shift and transform the current state of energy /disease

  • Learn the format for scanning the body

  • Learn to heal and strengthen the body

  • Learn the frequency of the body and organs and how to shift it.

  • Learn the template of questions to ask the dis-ease

  • Learn to work with different diseases and most common diseases

Medical Intuit Course 12

In Addition, You Will Also Learn

  • How to do cold reads/scans as well as interactive reads with clients

  • You will have practice sessions with each other, family, pets and friends

  • You will learn how to communicate information to client

  • Learn what kind of questions to ask your client

  • Enhance your abilities to sense energy

Medical Intuit Course 5

Here is what is included in Quantum Body Awakening Level 1

✔ Self-paced course modules


✔ 12 step by step group class videos


✔ 12 Videos with individual Teachings


✔ Special Meditation techniques


✔ Educational Supporting videos


✔ 6 One on One Live Mentorship Sessions with


✔ 12 Dana DeAngelis’s Mindset Interactive Coaching Pre recorded Videos 30-45minutes each


✔ Bonus 2-20 minute Healings Sessions with Dipal


✔ Access to a private facebook group


✔ Additional sessions / consultations available at a hugely discounted rate as you progress through the course


✔ Medical Intuitive Certificate



I’m so happy to have chosen The Quantum Body Awakening course with Dipal. She is compassionate and understanding and took us on a journey through the theoretical part and later landed us in practice. The course is well balanced and offers tools for healing and spiritual growth, an opportunity to meet like-minded people and includes 3 one-on-one sessions with Dipal who monitors your spiritual and healing progress with all support needed. No questions remain unanswered. The course exceeded my expectations of only healing myself . It is most motivating as I have discovered my gifts, made friends, connected with my guides more deeply, started receiving downloads (something I had never believed to be true for me) and I now feel more free and independent by being shown the power within me. I definitely recommend the course to anybody who is the least interested in self-healing and spiritual growth or to anyone who intends to make a living from healing.

~Barbara Rott Cindro

I have thoroughly enjoyed Dipal’s Medical Intuitive program. Dipal is a dedicated teacher who lead the class step by step in

the process of teaching us how to become an energy healer. The course is well thought out and each lesson builds on the previous lesson.

I found it easy to follow and it was my practice that gave me confidence. Dipal schedules a monthly meeting with her so that you can connect with her personally and privately. This supported my own learning in a way nothing else would. As an added benefit, one of my health clients requested my leading them in a personal meditation to help her access the calm reservoir within herself. I was delighted that the spontaneous visualization included parts of what I had learned in Dipal’s classes and my client reported she went much deeper than usual. If you are wanting to learn to be a medical intuitive, I highly recommend Dipal’s course.

~Heather, Ayurvedic Health Coach

Ever since I practiced Quantum Body Awakening Modality with my friend the 1st time, I’ve sold my father’s boat $160 as a project. It’s been sitting for 10 years- the motor sunk into the ground before he passed probably 2 years ago. No one wanted to mess with it. This guy figured it out in less than an hour 😲 He called within 5 minutes of that healing. The same guy bought dad’s truck. I just received $8k in insurance from almost 2 years ago from my father’s passing. I was told I’d get nothing bc I’m not the wife. Children don’t count in their book. There’s no life insurance. This kind of stuff never happens. Wow I can’t wait to see what the future holds as I continue learning to heal myself.

~ Angela Volta

Medical Intuit Course 5

Enroll For Quantum Body Awakening Medical Intuitive Course Level 1

Completing Level 1 will allow to practice as a certified Medical Intuitive Healer.

Quantum Body Awakening Self Discovery Course – Level 1





Note: 3 Pay Option Available


Not sure if the course is right for you?

Book a 30-minute meet & greet call with Dipal to assess if the course is right for you and discuss your situation. It’s free of charge!

Medical Intuit Course 5
Medical Intuit Course 16

Quantum Body Awakening Level 2

Live 9-Week Course

If you choose to gain deeper and more advanced techniques for tuning and optimizing your healing practice for you and your clients, the Quantum Body Awakening Level 2 Course will add huge value to the healing you can offer. Much of this knowledge has been developed and refined by Dipal over many years and is unavailable anywhere in the world!

What you will learn in Quantum Body Awakening Level 2 Course

Medical Intuit Course 17

Spinal Adjustment

Spinal Adjustments are important for each and every person. The spine needs to be aligned for the body to function properly. Without an appropriate alignement many disease and aches and pains in the body.

You will learn to:

  • Detect misalignments

  • Adjust the spine

  • Adjust each vertebrae

  • Adjust pelvic torsions

  • Adjust the Axis and Atlas

Medical Intuit Course 18

Difference Between Vectors And Cords

Cords/Vectors can get stuck anywhere in the body. They can be present from other lifetimes. They can cause discomfort, pain and dysfunction in the body and different areas of life including relationships, career, and health.

You will learn to:

  • Detect Cords/Vectors

  • How many Cords/Vectors are present

  • What Cords/Vectors Feel Like

  • Who can get Cords/Vectors

  • How to Clear Cords/Vectors

Medical Intuit Course 19

How Karma Impacts The Body

Karma is something that everyone carries. Karma reflects action of a person. Karma can be cleared.

You will learn to:

  • Learn what Karma is and How it affects us

  • Access the Karmic Imprint

  • Clear the Karmic Imprint of all Personas and Shadows

  • Teach others to stop building Karma

Medical Intuit Course 20

How To Heal The Inner Child

Inner Child Trauma Getting in touch with our wounded inner children can be scary when it lets out feelings of fear, anger, pain, and sadness. The feelings seem huge because they’ve been bottled up like genies for all those years.

You will learn to:

  • Understand the depth of Inner child trauma

  • Access Inner child for yourself and others

  • Clear Inner child traumas

  • Hold space for inner child clearing

Medical Intuit Course 21

Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing around organs, systems, and glands. Everything has it’s own energy field including each organ, system and gland.

You will learn to:

  • Work with each organ, gland and system

  • Clear each organ, gland and ystem

  • Use a special technique to clear the energy in and around each organ, gland and system

  • Use colors to clear each organ, gland and system

Medical Intuit Course 22

Angel Card Reading

You will learn to:

  • Learn about the benefits of Angel Cards Verses Tarot

  • Learn which cards are best for you

  • Discover the healing power of Angel Cards

  • Recieve messages of past, present and future

  • Learn to intuitively interpret messages

  • Learn how to get the best readings

Professor Richard J Hong said this...

Medical Intuit Course 5

Included in the Quantum Body Awakening Level 2 Course

✔ Level 2 Course Module

✔ Access To Live Class Audio And Video Recordings Updated Weekly After Each Class

✔ Access To All Supporting Videos And Audios

✔ Access To A Private Facebook Group

✔ 9 Weekly Group Calls (60 Minutes)

✔ 2 Monthly 30 Minute One On One Personal Progress And Q & A

✔ Opportunity To Provide Scans, Readings And Healings To Fb Private Group

✔ Additional 20 Minute Consultation/Healing Sessions At Discounted Prices 

✔ Participate As A Healer In Future Online Healing Retreats Run By Dipal (No Add. Cost)

✔ Receive A Certificate As A Medical Intuitive From Ananda4Life, LLC

Enroll For Quantum Body Awakening Medical Intuitive Course Level 2

New Course Date To Be Announced

Medical Intuit Course 5
Medical Intuit Course 25

I understand that creating a healing business can be a big step. You may be feeling uncertain, scared, and doubtful. But what if I told you I will support you every step of the way helping you build your confidence, self-esteem, and a business you are excited about.

  • Have you tried to create a healing business and have been unsuccessful?

  • Do you feel stuck in where to start in creating a healing business?

  • Are you wasting your time taking unnecessary courses that do not have a business plan?

  • Are you finding that the investment of time and money is too overwhelming?

If you are ready to:

Make money for your healing work?

Learn how to grow your healing practice?

Share your gifts with the world?

Access to all supporting videos and audios

Gain confidence in your healing work?

Increase your clientele and gain new clientele?

Have a lucrative new income stream?

Then you are in the right place because Dipal has a plan for you!!!

Enroll For Quantum Body Awakening Healing Business Course

Quantum Body Awakening Healing Business Course 

Class Start Date: TBA



Note: Above mentioned is the Yearly Fee. You will be billed every year and it auto renews

Medical Intuit Course 5
Medical Intuit Course 27
Medical Intuit Course 28
Medical Intuit Course 29
Medical Intuit Course 30

Requirement: Business opportunities are available if you have finished level 1 and 2 training.

Medical Intuit Course 5


Dipal, It was a great experience for me. The time I have spent with your mentorship program has elevated my senses and my faith in the universe. Your program has helped me a lot with my self-confidence and confirmed even more that I am a healer as well. I enjoyed how everything was made simple and your patience to work with everyone was great as well. Your program has been another great step in my long journey in bringing me closer to my truth which has allowed me to understand clearly what my purpose is in life. Thank you.

~Prof. Richard J. Hong

Sarah Campbell's Testimonial

Jann Smithrim's Testimonial

Judy Hoyt's Testimonial

Medical Intuit Course 5

Quantum Body Awakening Medical Intuitive Courses & Healing Business Course

Quantum Body Awakening Healing Business Course 

Class Start Date: TBA



Note: Above mentioned is the Yearly Fee. You will be billed every year and it auto renews

Not sure if the course is right for you?
Book a 30-minute meet & greet call with Dipal to assess if the course is right for you and discuss your situation. It’s free of charge!

Medical Intuit Course 5


When does the course start and finish?

Each course is a 12 week course. You have lifetime access. We will send you all the videos for your file at the end of the course.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 15 days and we will give you a full refund.

Medical Intuit Course 5

Terms & Conditions for the Course

If payment is missed or declined without prior arrangements or communication – all mentorship sessions are subject to cancellation from that point on. This course will offer students value if they are willing to participate in the group classes and private sessions. Even though no homework assignments are mandatory and we try to go the pace of each participant based on their current situation, the participant must be willing to put time into their own learning journey to develop your skills necessary.

Refund policy: No refund on self paced, live or business programs
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