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Dipal Shah is a globally recognized Energy Medicine Practitioner, Mind Reprogramming Expert, International Speaker, and Best Selling Author. With a passion for empowering women, Dipal is on a mission to guide individuals worldwide toward living authentically, finding happiness, and embracing the courage to live a purpose-driven life.

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A partial list of Dipal’s credentials include:

  • Founder/CEO of Ananda 4 life who has worked with over 15,000 women all over the world including India, Africa, Canada, and UK.
  • Taught over 120 Healers, in the last 3 years, create dreams of starting their own businesses.
  • Awarded Winner of Transcending Coach 2023 by Best Holistic Life Magazine
  • Social Media Influencer = 38K on TikTok, 4K on Facebook, 2K on You Tube
  • Speaking on Summits, Media, and Podcasts such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Your California Life, Bloom TV, Spectrum News, and more
  • Frequent media resource for publications: Cover for Best Holistic Life Magazine, BRAINZ Magazine, and Soleish Magazine.
  • Shared stages or online summits with William Rand, Bob Doyle, Marci Shimoff, Emmanuel Dagher, Jarred Hewitt, and Deborah King International Best Selling Author Award-winning
  • A role model of the importance of tapping into intuition, rewiring the mind for greater health, energy healing and its superpowers.
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About Me:

My journey into a positive mindset, spirituality, and healing my body started around 2014. 
This profound journey began to transform my life in ways I never imagined. Behind the facade of accomplishments as a pharmaceutical rep for over a decade, a private battle raged within me—a protracted struggle with agonizing digestive issues leading to a cascade of kidney and skin problems.

From an external perspective, my life appeared enviable. I excelled in my profession, presenting groundbreaking medications to healthcare professionals, and navigating the corporate world with finesse. Yet, beneath the polished exterior, I was ensnared in the clutches of physical torment.

Chronic digestive ailments plagued me for years since I was young but got worse in my adulthood, causing immense pain and discomfort. I traversed a labyrinth of medical consultations, prescriptions, and experimental treatments including acupuncture, desperately seeking respite from my affliction. However, no amount of professional success could alleviate the profound unhappiness, unfulfillment, and lack of freedom that permeated my existence.

As I delved deeper into the recesses of my being, I discovered that my tumultuous digestive issues were intrinsically linked to the unresolved traumas of my past. Childhood experiences intertwined with my struggles— the financial hardships we endured as a family, childhood sexual abuse, in-school bullying, discrimination, and racism. These memories, etched into the tapestry of my life, cast a shadow over my present reality and perpetuated repetitive patterns.

The realization dawned upon me that true liberation lay not in external accomplishments, but in reclaiming sovereignty over my own life. Through an arduous process of self-discovery, I unearthed the power within me to confront and heal the wounds that had shaped my existence. It was through this journey that I began to dismantle the barriers of separation, embracing a higher state of consciousness and unlocking the path to genuine happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.

Trapped in A Vortex:

As I ventured into adulthood, I found myself endlessly plagued by feelings of inadequacy and failure. I believed I fell short in every aspect and lived my life trying to prove my self-worth. I was clinging to a need for control while harboring a deep sense of unworthiness.

Within this self-imposed prison, fear gripped me in every decision of my life. It pervaded every facet of my existence, dictating my actions, and stifling my ability to embrace life to its fullest. Cultural norms and limiting beliefs further entangled me, hindering my true self-discovery and understanding of life’s purpose. I was convinced that I had to surrender to a life enslaved in health issues, unhappiness, and pain rather than allowing myself to indulge in ease and joy.

My adherence to limiting beliefs propelled me along a destructive path, characterized by the ceaseless repetition of negative patterns. I resorted to yelling as a means to assert my desires, harbored grudges persistently, and clung to anger while remaining resistant to forgiveness. My mind was plagued by incessant chatter, constantly craving attention in any setting. I found myself engulfed in pain, my children and husband tiptoeing around me in fear. I had sunk into a vast abyss, convinced that there existed no conceivable escape route.

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I felt like I had to live with my unrecognizable personality/character and that changing it was impossible. The worse part was wanting others to change not ME.

In the depths of my despair, triggers of past trauma were surfacing, and it was at this nadir that panic attacks and depression seeped into my life leaving me shattered. I questioned how I had arrived at this juncture. After all, I considered myself an intelligent individual, someone who possessed all the answers and was in control.

Searching from one physician to another in my quest for answers to my persistent fatigue, chronic discomfort in my shoulders and neck, and continuing digestive problems proved to be an arduous journey, as nobody possessed the solutions I sought; all I received were prescriptions. It was at the point of profound sadness, frustration, and a sense of purposelessness that I realized I had reached my lowest point.

I was on a search for answers and I was going to find them no matter what!!!

Healing Journey:

Deep within, I held an unwavering belief that there was much more awaiting me in life. Despite dedicating considerable time and energy to external pursuits, I recognized in my heart that true fulfillment could only be found by nurturing my inner self. Therefore, I quit my profession as a pharmaceutical representative and venture off into my healing journey. Self Love and Self Care were a priority now.

Not knowing where the journey was going I kept my mind open and tried multiple alternative healing options from meditation, yoga, energy healing, homeopathy, acupuncture, and basically anything natural.

The realization dawned on me that I needed to undergo a personal metamorphosis; I was the common element hindering the realization of my desired life.

Even though the path ahead seemed dauntingly distant, I refused to surrender. I was resolute in unraveling the key to manifesting all my aspirations and healing my body.

Through a remarkable fusion of Eastern and Western medicinal practices, countless prayers, and substantial healing endeavors, I have found peace within my body and mind. A different kind of energy got a control of me and I finally felt a new sense of enlightenment. I realized that I have access to the depth of my body that no one else ever will and for the first time more intuitive with my body than ever before.

I went from seeking answers outside to an inner journey of healing my own body. The body is very wise and knows how to heal if we allow it.

I am so grateful for the life I have, the lessons I have learned, and the experiences I have been through. I am blessed!!!

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Living the life of my dreams:

In this life, I have the privilege of living my life’s purpose, exploring the world, teaching what I love and positively impacting the lives of thousands of individuals. Witnessing miracles unfold day after day!!!

As an Indian woman in business, I proudly stand among other businesswomen who are overseeing a transformative coaching company. Additionally, I have a powerful network of approximately 150 certified healers who spread my transformative tools worldwide.

I can genuinely affirm that I am blissfully content, utterly liberated, and wholeheartedly fulfilled in every aspect of life.

Sharing my journey is intended to demonstrate that even from rock bottom—struggling with health problems, losing purpose, and overcoming trauma—one can achieve internal and external bliss.

No matter where you currently find yourself, a swift turnaround is within reach. If I can accomplish it, so can you! And I am more than willing to guide you along the way.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

“The only way to live your life is live consciously”

Dipal Shah

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Spiritual Growth and Alignment

As a teacher/mentor I teach many of my clients who are healers, empaths, lightworkers and sensitive souls many different techniques to support them with the energies they come in contact with. I love to teach grounding, clearing, opening up to your gifts and manifesting what you want in life. Through my own experiences I have manifested a home on the lake, money, relationship, health, and more. If you will allow me to be part of your journey, I can help you too. Get ready to get open up to your gifts and talents and align to source so that you can heal yourself and others.

As an intuitive healer for many years now, I have helped many people of all ages including Medical Practitioners, Lawyers, Businessmen and women, Hollywood stars, Healers, and Alternative Healing Practitioners and young infants and children and even the pets.

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Book Dipal for your next event. Dipal has been featured in Authority Magazine, on the top Telesummits around the world, and hosts a podcast “Wellness with Dipal.” She has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.