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“Empowering Women Empaths to Embrace Your True Potential, Cultivate Inner Strength, and Embark on a Journey of Self-Healing.”

Dipal Shah

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Ultimate 8 Intuitive Senses Quiz

Intuition goes beyond the five traditional senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell) and encompasses a broader range of ways in which we perceive and understand the world around us. Uncover your strengths in different intuitive areas by clicking the button below.

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Meet Dipal

 Mind reprogramming Expert | Global Speaker | Spiritual Mentor

Dipal Shah, an Award-Winning International Bestselling Author, is a sought-after speaker who has graced stages alongside renowned names like Bob Doyle, Marci Shimoff, Rickie Byars, and Keith Leon S. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Dipal captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impact.

As a recognized expert in the field of Energy Medicine, Spirituality, and Mindset Dipal is the creator of the Quantum Body Awakening Technique.

Her globally taught course teaches individuals how to master their Intuition and heal their bodies. Dipal has helped her clients create powerful and profound shifts inside and out, allowing them to find more joy and inspiration in all aspects of their life.

Her mission to empower women worldwide toward living authentically, finding happiness, and embracing the courage to live a purpose-driven life has garnered recognition from prestigious publications such as Authority Magazine, BRAINZ Magazine, Soeleish Magazine, and Thrive Global Magazine. Dipal’s wisdom and insights have also attracted the attention of major media outlets, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and The List TV Show.

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My mission is to empower people to heal and live a deeply meaningful life.

Dipal Shah

Support for Your Spiritual Journey

Receive transformation on all levels: I believe that the energy field carries a broad spectrum of information including life purpose, relationships, abundance, prosperity, etc. As I work with health I am also working on clearing and examining other aspects of your being that are keeping you from achieving and manifesting what you want. Allow me to help you create what you want in life in every direction that you are seeking. Release all inner child traumas, past life traumas, ancestral ties, vows, oaths, and all levels of Karmic ties. You don’t have to suffer anymore.

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Quantum Body Awakening Healing Community

Your wellbeing matters! Want to feel healthy and well every day? Become a part of like minded community! The Quantum Body Awakening Healing Community has everything you need to stay consistent on your physical and spiritual path.

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Medical Intuitive Course

As a certified Medial Intuitive, you’ll help people transform their lives through full-body healing. Whether to enhance an existing healing practice, or as a brand new opportunity to develop your healing abilities, Dipal Shah’s Quantum Body is for you!

Speaking and Events

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Discover Dipal’s Quantum Self-healing Processes, Healings and Readings, Meditations, and Unique conscious living techniques. Dipal provides vast knowledge of Eastern and Western Medicine to bring harmony, happiness and Joy into the mind and body. 

Subscribe now and watch your life unfold.

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Find out where Dipal is speaking next and how you can join her. Dipal has been invited to various telesummits over the last 3 years due to the prestigious quality of her work.

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Book Dipal for your next event. Dipal has been featured in Authority Magazine, on the top Telesummits around the world, and hosts a podcast “Wellness with Dipal.” She has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.

What People Are Saying

The Entire Session Was Visceral

I recently had an amazing healing session with Dipal Shah.  I felt euphoric, peaceful, free and so very grateful. I felt safe sharing my personal issues with Dipal.  She exudes and holds a beautiful container of energy, even on the phone… Read More


A Bright Beam of Light Who Will Guide You Towards Living a Fulfilling and Uplifting Life

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have you Divinely assist me as you have. Above is the testimonial which you can use as you see fit. After listening to your MP3’s life is becoming much brighter that’s for sure … Read More

Fatima Issa

Resonates With Positive Energy

I was wandering through passageways of spirit on the web when I happened upon your inspiring presence. I am impressed by who you are and what you have to offer. Your site resonates with positive energy. Know that you are making a difference in people’s lives … Read More

Michael Teal

Helped Me Heal What No Longer Serves Me

It was an absolute pleasure working with you. You are a beautiful light! You are absolutely amazing as a person and with all that you do. Thank you so much for the opportunity to meet you. I appreciate you so much. Thank you for the healing … Read More


Get to Core of What is Blocking You

I’ve been into energetic healing modalities for almost a decade and any time Dipal makes a package I don’t hesitate to purchase them because she is one of the very few that I have found to be effective and the shifts they create in my life … Read More


Financial Miracles and Huge Energetic Shifts

Financial miracles are happening along with huge energetic shifts of things that have been stuck and not working for years!!! Two days ago our world was in flames and ashes and now the sun has come out and is shining but the most significant … Read More

Nancy and Shanna Sturm

For the First Time in Ages, I Was Able to Freely Breathe Out of My Nose

I am one of Dipal’s monthly subscribers. I always look forward to her monthly calls, but I must admit that I wasn’t especially excited about the subject of mitochondrial purification. Dipal’s clearing on this call made me feel better … Read More


Absolutely Awesome!

Your gathering was absolutely awesome! Thank you so much for your generosity of Spirit and your incredible, Glowing stamina… I continue to be healed by your wonderful package!

Erika King

I Have Reached New Plateaus in My Journey

Your compassion, vision, and wisdom have made such a difference in my life these past 6 months during the Quantum Body Awakening Mentorship Course. You have been an anchor to help me navigate the muddy waters of my psyche. … Read More


Wow! I Can’t Wait to See What the Future Holds

I have been taking Dipal’s Quantum Body Awakening Mentorship Course these last few weeks. Ever since I practiced with my friend the 1st time, I have started seeing shifts in my own life. I’ve sold my father’s boat for $160 as a project. … Read More


Featured Healings

Ultimate 8 Intuitive Senses Quiz

Intuition goes beyond the five traditional senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell) and encompasses a broader range of ways in which we perceive and understand the world around us. Uncover your strengths in different intuitive areas by clicking the button below.