Energy Vampires Package 1
Finally, Reclaim Your Health AND Your Life
By Removing Your Energy Vampires For Good!

Energy Vampires consume your precious time, attention and energy…

They create fatigue, hopelessness, doubt, fear, sadness and a lack of confidence…

They stand in the way of your joy, love, courage, good health and a full life.

So if you’re ready to have the energy, health and joy you really deserve then it’s time to untangle yourself from Energy Vampires for good!

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

Does your life feel like a constant struggle because you are drained and have no energy?

Are you sensitive and overwhelmed by other people’s energies – leaving you exhausted and tired?

Have you lost your inner joy and happiness because your lack of energy prevents you from doing the things you love?

Do you feel ashamed, abandoned, and guilty for trying to take care of yourself?

Have you always attracted Narcissistic people in your life?

Do you feel like you try to move forward but you are going backwards?

Are You Struggling with any of the
following Chronic illnesses or Diseases:

Chronic Lyme

Chronic Fatigue




Chronic Inflammation

Chronic Stress


Heart Problems

Autoimmune Diseases

Low Sexual Drive

Thyroid Issues

Hormone Imbalances

Have You Experienced Any Of The Following Symptoms?

Feeling a sudden nausea or stomach ache after or before an interaction with a person

Feeling stabbing pains around the back, chest, neck and shoulders

A throbbing headache or feeling “out of it”

Feeling irritable, frustrated or angry for no real reason

Being on edge or feeling like there is a heavy cloud over you

Having nightmares about a person

Anxiety, stress or guilt for no apparent reason

Tightness in the chest or shortness of breath

Feeling intuitively uncomfortable around a particular person or people

Feeling like you are always on the defensive

Any one of these is a sign you’ve been attacked by Energy Vampires.

But don’t worry, I can support your healing journey by addressing the particular Energy and your physical health as well.

WAIT!! The symptoms you may be feeling can lead to other physical manifestations in the body if you have allowed the Energy Vampires to take advantage of your Energy, leaving you with the following:
Imbalances in the Brain

➦ Seizures

➦ Insomnia

➦ Brain Fog

➦ Cancer

➦ Stress

➦ Moodiness

➦ Lightheadedness

➦ Mental Health Disorders

Imbalances in the Heart

➦ High/Low blood pressure


➦ Clogged arteries

➦ Stroke

➦ Arythmias/Palpitations

Imbalances in the Thyroid

➦ Hypothyroidism

➦ Hyperthyroidism

➦ Cancer

➦ Hormone Imbalance

Imbalances in the Nervous System

➦ Parasympathetic

➦ Sympathetic

➦ Spinal issues

➦ Nervousness

➦ Sleeplessness

Imbalances in the Reproductive System

➦ Irregular bleeding

➦ Endometriosis

➦ Problems getting Pregnant


➦ Low libido/sex drive

Imbalances in The Digestive System

➦ Diarrhea

➦ Constipation

➦ Irritable Bowel Syndrome

➦ Leaky Gut

Imbalances in the Respiratory System

➦ Asthma

➦ Allergies

➦ Shortness of breath

You no longer need to let Energy Vampires leave you depleted and feeling:

➦ Stagnant

➦ Stuck

➦ Sick

➦ Lost

➦ Depressed

➦ Unmotivated

➦ Angry

➦ Moody

➦ Crying frequently

➦ Fatigue

➦ Drained

➦ Brain Fog

➦ Stressed

➦ Moody

➦ Anxious

➦ Restless

➦ Sad

➦ Brain washed

➦ Relentless

➦ Fight or Flight

➦ Exhausted

➦ Resentful

➦ Blocked

➦ Judgmental

➦ Hateful

Imagine “standing in your light” once and for all. Emerge from fear and put yourself first, you will become happier and healthier with all the following to look forward to:

Regaining your Health

Being in your Power

Having your life back

Creating and Recreating boundaries

Being able to speak up

Finding Peace

Creating your Reality

Loving yourself completely

Reclaiming your Soul

Manifesting Money

Feeling Revitalized

Looking Younger

Living Stress-Free

Gaining Energy

Aligning to your Purpose in Life

Regaining your Strength

Wanting to live Again

Feeling Freedom from within

Reclaiming your self worth

Protect your Energy and Space

Restore you Power inside and out

Connect yourself to the truth

Nurturing Yourself

Reclaiming your Joy

Move Quickly into a New Mindset

Ignite your Divine Light

Create Boundaries Easily

Release Limiting Beliefs

It’s time to Reclaim your Health and Power from Energy Vampires Before it’s too late!! The wait is over, You do not need to suffer anymore. Dipal and her Guides have put together an amazing package just for you

Package A
6 Powerful MP3s

Restoring your Overall Health - MP3

Length: 12:00 min

Wherever in your body you feel ill, this mp3 will help you restore your cells, organs, glands, systems, and much more. Release Pain and Chronic Illnesses as you get into the gap of your breath. Get ready to get your health back.

Restore your Power - MP3

Length: 8:29 min

Living in your Power is a gift you need to get back. You may have been through grief, trauma, and other suffering where you endured the loss of power in this life and past lifetimes. With this MP3 you will use a breathing technique to help clear the solar plexus, strengthen it and get your power back from where and whom you lost it.

Creating Boundaries - MP3

Length: 13:50 min

If you are having a difficult time creating boundaries between you and others it is time to set those up so that you could be free of physical, mental and emotional symptoms. It’s time to create that fine line. This MP3 will help by working with certain parts of your brain and throat chakra to help you express and create boundaries. It will strengthen the root chakra to allow you to take the stand at times when you feel like you will fall apart.

Heal Inner Wounds - MP3

Length: 11:17 min

Heal your inner wounds that still make you trigger emotions that are uncontrollable. Release the shame, guilt, anger and resentment you hold onto about your past wounds. Clear Wounds from Past lifetimes and Present Lifetimes. Repair Damaged Cells from Energetic Lesions left behind from the wounds. Clear Inner wounds of your ancestors that you may be carrying on their behalf. With this MP3 you will become impervious to Energy Vampires.

Clear Toxic Relationships - MP3

Length: 13:46 min

Energy vampires will impact your health, relationships, and abundance. They will attack all aspects of your being. This mp3 will help clear all kinds of energy vampires that exist that are draining your energy leaving you exhausted, sad, depressed, fearful, anxious and even unmotivated. Start attracting Nourishing relationships and stay clear of the drama

Strengthen Adrenals Glands - MP3

Length: 10:08 min

Adrenal Glands produce hormones that you can’t live without such as cortisol. Cortisol helps you respond to stress and has many other important functions. However, you could have an overproduction or underproduction of cortisol can leave you feeling drained, lethargic and other induced Adrenal gland problems. This MP3 will help you if you are dealing with Skin problems, such as acne or reddish-blue streaks on the abdomen or underarm area, high blood pressure, muscle and bone weakness, moodiness, irritability, or depression, or high blood sugars.

Energy Vampire

Package A

• 6 Powerful MP3s



Package B
Includes everything in Package A Plus

 1 Powerful Group Clearing

30 minutes ON demand Energy Vampire healing session (No Recording)

2 Additional MP3s

30 minutes ON demand Energy Vampire healing session (No Recording)
IMPORTANT: This session is not live. You can sit in meditation, be working, or sleeping. You can set up your appointment for day or night.

A Unique Session for Unique You!!! Welcome to your journey to Getting your Health and Power back. Get ready to TRANSFORM your ENERGY FIELD!!! You will see and feel an expansion of your Hara Dimension as I clear all the negative beliefs, cords, thoughts, feelings and emotions that are leaving you drained. You will release all of the past and be more confident and motivated to move forward in life. You will finally reconnect your Soul and Body as you set boundaries and understand the impact of Energy Vampires on your body. This session will include a powerful but gentle cord clearing, Field cleansing, and whatever your body needs.

2 Additional MP3s
Release Social Anxiety - MP3

Length: 19:00 min

Many highly sensitive people are afraid to be out in front of larger groups, speaking in public, isolation, some don’t even come out of their homes. If you are one of these people allow this MP3 to finally set you free, separate other people’s energy from your own and be out in the world without the fear of having an anxiety attack. Strengthen the first chakra, second chakra and the amygdala. Stay in your power and in your body with this MP3.

Chronic Fatigue - MP3

Length: 19:00 min

Healers, empaths, lightworkers, and sensitive souls take in so much energy of others it drains them resulting in Chronic Fatigue. You can stop being an emotional sponge and get your energy back. Restore the HPA axis, organs, systems and glands within the body. This MP3 will help you overcome fatigue and fatigue like symptoms of brain fog, viruses such as Epstein Barr, immune system disorders, low/high blood sugar levels, . Get your infused vitamins and minerals that may be missing and restore your energy quickly.

Decluttering the Mind - MP3

Declutter your mind of all the mind chattering, stress, overwhelm, anger, trauma and more you have been holding onto. Once you clear the energies of the mind you will sense freedom. You will feel clear and more focused. With this mp3 Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking. Clean up the mental clutter that’s holding you back from living a meaningful life.

This MP3 will help you to:

Embracing the truth of your Divine true nature

Relaxing into the confidence to simply Be your Authentic Self

Becoming free of the stress of trying to prove yourself good enough

Releasing the feeling of wrongness and not good enough or not capable

Letting go of fault, blame, shame and guilt left over from experiences in the past

Energy Vampire

Package B

• 6 Powerful MP3s

• 2 Additional Energy Infused MP3s

• 30 Minutes ON Demand Energy Vampire healing session (No Recording)


From: $73.50 × 2

Q. Can I listen to my MP3s on silent?

You can listen to any MP3 out loud or on silence while you during your day or at night when you sleep.

Q. Can I play my MP3 on loop?

Yes you can put any of these MP3s on loop

Q. How can I get the maximum effect from listening to these MP3s and Is there an order in which I should listen to these MP3s?

The best way to get the maximum benefits from your MP3s is to listen to your body. Ask your body how much is too much or how much more it would like to listen.

Q. Can I use the MP3s for others in my home?

These are very powerful MP3s made just for you and your energy. If you would like to use the MP3s for others in the home you would need to purchase a package for them.

Q. How soon will I see a difference in my body?

Remember we are working with energy of the MP3 and the energy of your body. For some people it may take longer than others to get the results you want. You may notice changes within 2 hours or within 3 months. Make sure your intention is clear and allow.

Q. What if my MP3 does not work?

If your MP3 does not work please write to [email protected]

Q. Will anyone in my house be effected if I listen when they are around?

No they should not, but could if they are very sensitive.

Q. Can I infuse my water with the energies of the MP3s?

Yes this is a wonderful way to added benefits of the MP3. Play the MP3 out loud next to a jug of water each morning and drink that water throughout the day. Set your intention and then you do not need to play the MP3s all day long or on a loop.

“My Childhood memories Finally Leaving..Able to breath in Life and Accept Life”

“I just wanted to thank you so much for our last session!! We worked on some really big issues I’ve had since childhood that have been keeping me safe & stuck…unable to move in the direction I want to go!! I’ve listened to the recording of our session many times now!! Each time, I am able to go deeper into the emotion or memory & it loosens up more and more. Listening to it multiple times is very necessary for my complete healing. I feel like I can breathe a little deeper lately!! I love how you listen to every word I say. I feel such a sense of love, acceptance and validation from you!! I appreciate so much when you share your experience to help me through mine!! Thank you dearly for your love & healing! I look forward to our next session! Sending you big warm hugs filled with love!! xoxoxo!”

~  Judy

“Calm and Improving Health Each Day”

“It has been way too long and I needed this healing for my mother. She lives with me and I can’t seem to get her out of my side. She is suffering from abdominal pain , depression, every test and dr says functional pain. Xrayed small bowel and CT scan and didn’t see anything. all this has been happening for 3 years. No one can say anything. The pain comes all day long and at night goes away for a couple of hours. It’s like a morning sickness. later in day she can eat something. After her session my mother, was strangely calm the rest of that day and continues to improve. You nailed it with her difficulty to digest life and her consequent stomach issues, and the HUGE fear she has about rejection and abandonment and non stop people pleasing.. Thank you”

~ Brian

“LYME Disease Detected and Cleared”

“I am 85 years old and I was having these awe-ful headaches and extreme fatigue out of nowhere, my joints would hurt some days really bad. I was in pain for weeks. I had a session with Dipal and she asked me if I had been bit by a tick. I told her I was but didn’t do anything about it. She told me to go to the doctor and get tested, Low and behold I tested positive for LYME Disease. I was scared because of all the stories I have heard from my friends. I didn’t know what to expect. So I had another session with Dipal and she immediately worked on my body. As she dove into my body and cleared the energy I could feel it leaving my body, I could actually feel the disease leaving my body and the resinence of the tick. I felt so much better within just 48 hours as the pain was gone and no more headaches. I felt like I immediately got my life back. Thank you so much Dipal for your kindness and sincerity. I love you very much and so grateful you are in my life”

~ Bethany

“Manifesting and Taking Steps Without Others Riding My Productivity and Talent”

“Thank you for a well needed session. I appreciate your work and talent. You are genuine! You targeted areas that absolutely needed immediate attention. I appreciate you don’t take the philosophy in your work that you need to suffer in order to heal. So far I feel lighter, am thinking less thus freeing up energy to be more optimistic about what will manifest to give me a much better future. Today I am going to look at new, gorgeous housing by a quality home builder to further inspire me to walk deeper into abundance so the changes that are needed flow through and to me much easier.

I want to work with you more and given I am brand new to you. Thank you for reminding me and taking me deeper into the knowingness that I am deserving of living more true to me without the luggage of others riding my productivity and talent.

~ Sue

“The Parasympathetic System Finally Calmed Down.
No Longer Carrying as Much Stress as I use to”

“I am very stressed on a regular basis. I had a session with Dipal and WOW!! I have never felt so relaxed…I feel more relaxed, I feel less stress and I feel like the whole world around me calms down. It’s as if the energy affects me, I calm down and then I start to attract calmer things towards me instead of these constant “red alert” energies. “

~  Maria

“Slept For 10 hours Straight”

“Never before had I been on one of Dipal’s Group Calls, I had no idea what to expect. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it all! I was so lucky to have a mini-healing where Dipal located in my body where the energy was being drained and removed it. Boy did I sleep like a log, it was the best sleep I have gotten in a long time.”

~ Ana

“Pain improved and blood sugar dropped 20 points”

“Thanks fo r your awesome love and dedication to your work and helping me to heal. My neck did feel less tender after our session. I had much less pain and improved neck discomfort the next day. I felt my eyes well up at the end when you said my grandmother had come in which made me grateful and happy. My blood sugar dropped about 20 points since the start of our session.”

~ Troy

“Able to Get of Steroids..Finally Created Boundaries with my Mom”

“I had a session with Dipal and as soon as we got on the phone she said I carried alot of grief. So I told her about the heartache I endured as a child. I was dropped as an infant, I was abused by a family member, my father was an alcoholic, my mom was a narcissist and never cared about anyone except herself. I have 9 other siblings and she did have a favorite but it wasn’t me. I take care of my mom now because she is very sick but still manages to hate me. I am dealing with Chronic Fatigue and an autoimmune deficiency…lupus. I had bought one of Dipal’s packages and during the session she removed so much dark energy. She worked on my adrenals and my immune system and other areas where she saw these energetic cords and vampires. She gave me some advice and suggestions and within 6 months after working with Dipal on a weekly basis I was able to live my life again.I was able to recover and get my energy back. My joints have never felt better. I am finally able to get off the steroids after so many years. Dipal you are such a blessing and I always knew as soon as I heard you that you were the one who was going to help me.”

~ Gloria

“The Gift of Hope and Life Again For My Daughter”

“You did a session for my daughter, who is in a very dark space, depressed, sad, mad at the world and me. I was losing hope until you worked on her, the next day she (who spends most of her time in her room) has stayed with us in the living room and sharing what she had experienced at work – that was quite unusual for her. After the second session we had gone to a funeral and she actually shed tears. I have not seen her cry in a very long time. I was shocked!! I’m sure she has felt the work you have done for her.”

~ Nora

“My Libido is back and Insecurities have Diminished”

“I have had so many issues with my relationship due to my low libido. I always thought something was wrong with me because that is how my husband made me feel. I had bought one of Dipal’s packages and thought we could work on this issue. I was not easy to work with but she was so kind and generous and patient. We worked together for a month and each time she brought up so many issues from in womb, teenage years and young adulthood traumas that I had not thought much about. I thought I cleared all the emotions and energy around them. Apparently, I was hiding them all in my DNA, waist, certain organs. Dipal cleared them all one at a time. She even cleared the implant that was in the Pelvic area stuck to the tailbone. I felt such a relief of energy that I felt like my whole body just lifted and new one came in through the uterus. I could feel my soul come back. Wow, I didn’t realize it had been gone for so long and how great it felt to be back and enjoy my life again. I noticed within that week I was able to be intimate with my husband without the insecurities and feeling worthless. I was able to be me and in my power. I could feel my kundalini just rising as we connected and continue to do so.

Dipal is such a powerful and amazing healer. If anyone gets an opportunity do not miss it.”

~ Annie

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