Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I listen to the MP3?

You can listen to the MP3 as often as you like. Listen to your body. Ask your body how often it would like the energies.


Can I share my MP3 with others?

These MP3 are yours only. It is recommended that you do not share them with others. If you share the MP3 via copying for others, just note that the healing energies will not come through with these copies. You can help others by including them into your healing as you play the MP3.

Can I listen to an MP3 on a loop?

Yes, you can listen to any MP3 on a continuous loop or put on repeat play even when you are working. You can leave it on silent or listen to it out loud. The energies will still work the same.

How often can I listen to an MP3 on loop?

You can listen to an MP3 on loop as much as you want. If you feel that your body no longer wants to listen than turn it off. Ask your body how often it would like to listen to anyone of the MP3’s

Are the MP3s safe for everyone?

Yes the MP3s are safe for children, adults, and pets. The body will only take whatever energies it needs.

Are there any restrictions as to how many times to use any of the mp3s?

Deep sleep mp3 and apnea mp3 at night before bed only
CBD mp3s in morning or evening 1–2 tiems a day

Will I still receive the energy if Mp3 is on silent or music?

Yes the mp3 is infused with energy and whether it is silent or has music has nothing to do with whether or not it will work.

Can I get a refund after an MP3 is purchased?

Due to the difference in health levels and how fast the body wants to heal is on an individual basis. Therefore, once an MP3 is purchased it is yours to keep. There are no refunds.

Can I get a refund for a session?

Sessions are all non refundable. If you need to reschedule you may do so 24 hours before your scheduled session. Sessions offered at discounted prices  and once bought by clients are nonrefundable.


Can I get a refund for Business Course/Mentorship Course?

There is no refund once we start the program including mentorship/Business Course with Dipal

Can I receive money back/ partial credit/refund on previous purchases that go on sale?

No matter when you make a purchase we do not provide any credit/ refund on previously purchased items when there is a sale.


How can I get the maximum effect from listening to these MP3s and Is there an order in which I should listen to these MP3s?

The best way to get the maximum benefits from your MP3s is to listen to your body. Ask your body how much is too much or how much more it would like to listen. Start with the cord cutting MP3, Weight Loss Physiological and then the Energetic Liposuction MP3. The Stress/Emotional Eating MP3 can be used anytime with or without the other MP3s.

Can I infuse my water with the energies of the MP3s?

Yes this is a wonderful way to added benefits of the MP3. Play the MP3 out loud next to a jug of water each morning and drink that water throughout the day. Set your intention and then you do not need to play the MP3s all day long or on a loop.

How soon will I see a difference in my body?

Remember we are working with energy of the MP3 and the energy of your body. For some people it may take longer than others to get the results you want. You may notice changes within 2 hours or within 3 months. Make sure your intention is clear and allow.

Will anyone in my house be effected if I listen when they are around?

No they should not, but could if they are very sensitive.

Can I use the MP3s for others in my home?

These are very powerful MP3s made just for you and your energy. If you would like to use the MP3s for others in the home you would need to purchase a package for them.

What if I cannot find or restore my mp3s from previous years?

We ask that you download the mp3s immediately (within 30days)to your computer. We cannot be responsible for the previous mp3s you purchased for years past. We will send you the mp3s if you email us with the list for a fee of $25.

How do I book a private session?

Once you purchase a session or package of session you will get a follow up appointment confirmation and reminders for your appointment. It is your responsiblity to be on the call at your scheduled time. If you have any trouble please contact me at [email protected] or go to the contacts page of this website.

How do I reschedule?

Please reschedule anytime. Go to your confirmation email and you will have the option to cancel or reschedule

How do I call in for my Session?

Sessions are conducted on a conference line with clients with options: phone, skype or webcast.  You will receive call-in details with options to connect via phone or web call at your scheduled appointment time.

How do I prepare for a Session?

It is best to give yourself 15 minutes of quiet time to prepare yourself ahead of the session.  Choose a quiet, comfortable spot where you will not be disturbed.

What happens during a Session?

Sessions are done over the phone. During a session, the issues to be addressed are discussed in detail and then the work begins. The client will simply close their eyes and relax while the work is being done. Part of this may include guided visualizations and focusing on the breath. At the end of the session, I will answer any additional questions you may have.

What will I feel during or after the Session?

People usually feel pain release or shift, very uplifted, inspired, and have a greater sense of clarity about their situations and decisions after a session. This comes from a greater understanding of why they are where they are, and how to move forward in the direction they choose. The feelings of being subjected to forces outside of one’s own control, or being a victim, are replaced with a new sense of empowerment and peace.  People who are sensitive, or highly intuitive, easily feel the energy shifting through them during the session.

Are there any negative side effects from my Session?

This work does not cause any kind of drastic detox or side effects to the body. It is safe and gentle. There is no reason why symptoms or feelings should get worse before they get better. Most alternative therapies suggest that these side effects are part of their process. We are working through the quantum field and the mind to allow change and heal the body, and can achieve greater progress more efficiently without any such side effects.

What are you doing when you are working me during the Session?

During the session, I am connecting to your subconscious mind and shifting your beliefs, healing trauma, cleaning up your energy field, resetting your physical and energetic systems, and opening the door for the best possible outcome for you in the quantum field. I am also holding the frequency of oneness where there is no resistance present. In this state we allow all the things we desire in life to flow to us because our thoughts and beliefs are not active, and therefore blocking, those things. When you are in this state where no resistance is present, the body heals itself and joyful experiences show up quickly in our lives. Happiness, good health, abundance, and well being are your natural state, and when you have no resistance present those things naturally flow to you. The form of negative thoughts fueled by beliefs, that cuts off that flow. Entering this state raises your vibrational frequency and the more you do it, the longer you can maintain that happy feeling you get from it.

Do I have to believe in it to work?

No, this is non-denominational, has nothing to do with faith. We are basically working with the consciousness of your mind and body through your subconscious through the quantum field. We are just shifting your beliefs and progress of healing through an entrainment process.

Is the Session recorded?

The sessions will be recorded.

Are Classes recorded?

Yes, all classes are recorded including video and will be shared with those that purchased the class and any recorded classes. The only classes that will not be sold in the future are the video classes that participants take part in. However, they will be shared amongst those taking the class.

I am a paid monthly quantum member how do I access my replays/downloads?

Click Here to Login to your online account using your username and password. If you do not have an account yet, please create an account or if you missed your password, just Click Here to create or reset your account password. Once you login you will be able to see your dashboard, click on “My Membership” and a page opens up, click on “View” next to the Membership plan you have purchased to access your membership download page. If still not clear, please Click Here and follow the steps given in the video to access your download page.

How do I download the Mp3s that I have bought?

Please Click Here and refer to the video instruction for various ways to download the MP3.


Do I have permanent access to the product download I have purchased?

Yes, you can login to your account at and access the mp3s and packages from the downloads section. Please ensure all digital files are downloaded to your personal system within 30 days of purchase. Ananda4life is not responsible for storing files indefinitely. We will keep deleting them from our server periodically. Hence it is the responsibility of the customer to save the files as soon as possible.

How am I billed if I purchase package of 3 or 5 sessions?

You are sent an invoice. Once you make the first payment every 30 days you will be automatically billed until payment is complete

How do I contact Dipal Shah?

Please go to the contact page or email me at [email protected]