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Dipal created the Quantum Body Awakening Healing Circle to make it incredibly easy and fun to stay consistent with your well-being. I want you to feel connected, supported and inspired every day.

The Quantum Body Awakening Healing Circle will help you shift and transform your body on a spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional level. Each day you will feel stronger and healthier as Dipal keeps your chakras, meridians, and energy systems aligned and balanced so that you can live a pain free life.

Everyday aches and pains can become major health challenges and obstacles in your life. You may feel like nothing is working out the way you want. You're trying to move forward but you feel stuck. Your health challenges are affecting your career, relationships and/or spiritual growth. There is nothing worse than not being able to find solutions to your health.

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The circle is amazing. I have been with Dipal for 3 years now. I haven’t found anyone that wants to help as much as Dipal. She helped my arthritis and the pain in my knees. She has helped me with in-womb energies and my inner child. I had a traumatic childhood and something shifted in my ovaries when she worked on me.




When you join Quantum Body Awakening Healing Circle you will get Dipal as your Spiritual Guru. You can work one on one with Dipal in group settings and outside the group


Dipal has created a path just for you no matter what journey you are on. When you join you are honored and loved everyday.

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Dipal will coach you throughout the year so that you are ready to create the best health ever. Dipal will support you every step of the way.

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Quantum Body Awakening Healing Circle is a safe community for those who:

  • Want to have access to a healer at all times
  • Are ready to learn and heal
  • Want support through life's circumstances
  • Are on a spiritual or healing journey
  • Are dealing with Chronic Health issues


Quantum Membership (4)

2 Group Calls with Live Q and A.

Each person receives a group plus individual healing on each group call. These calls are 45-60 minutes for your chance to connect with Dipal for an energetic activation, healing, and Q and A session.

If you are not able to attend a recording will be available in your online account and will be sent in an email after each call. You can send in your question via email at [email protected] so that your Guide Team and Her Guide Team can send you healings as soon as you email Dipal.

Quantum Membership (5)

30 Days of Remote Healing

You will receive 2 Healings each day for 30 days(1st day of the month to the 30th of the month). Dipal will be clearing your space (home, office, property), entities, low vibrational energies, beliefs, resistance, doubt, and fear. You will have more clarity and focus as you move through your days. I will clear and strengthen you mind, body and soul as you release old patterns and trauma that are holding you back. Your body will learn to entrain to the energies. You will notice the energies healing areas of your life such as health, abundance, relationships, etc. Each day I will clear cords that hold you from moving forward and healing for good.

Your Daily Remote Healing will take place at 7am Eastern and 7pm Eastern you may choose to sit in silence, sleep, or tune in with me at that time if you would wish. You do not need to do this in order to receive the full benefits of the energies. You could be working, sleeping, errands, will still receive the full benefits.

This Healing is done remotely and does not involve live communication, so there aren’t any daily calls or daily messages. It is important to set your intention so that you are receiving the continuous support that is flowing into your day, your home, your career, your relationships, and your health.

Quantum Membership (6)

All-Access Pass to 2+ Years of Hundreds of Hours of Content on Demand

Download and Listen to the library of healings & activations any time

Exclusive Members Only VIP ACCESS

✓ 50% off on your favorite Healing MP3s (note: excludes sale items)

✓ Up to 50% off on Sessions Live with Dipal and On Demand Sessions

✓ Sessions with Healers 20% off

✓ Volunteer Opportunity with Students

✓ Monthly Intuitive Message in your inbox on 1st of the month

This membership is the best one I have found. Dipal has offered so much for such a great value. I can work one on one or just in the group. I know I can trust the process as Dipal supports each one of us. She takes her time and is very soothing and caring not to mention generous with all of us. I am not sure how she does it.

~ Mary

I am in my mid 50s and trying to get back into life. After our clearing on the call I signed up for a salsa workshop. I want my body to keep up with my heart. I have calves and feet and bone pain and after Dipal’s clearing it all felt so much better and lighter.

~ Zoey

I have been in this group for 3 years since Dipal started it and it has been amazing to watch her gift and abilities grow and help us in all aspects of our life. She always brings in new topics and the clearings are phenominal on each call. It just gets better and better. Dipal has been my savior and go to healer.

~ Sheila

Dipal’s voice is so soothing during healings in the group, I have fallen asleep a few times now and woke up very refreshed. She always makes sure everyone is given a chance to speak when possible. She is so knowledgeable and on point everytime. I don’t know how she does it but she is everywhere. Her work is just incredible, she definetly has a gift and I am so thankful to be connected to such a beatiful Angel.

~ Nancy

Dipal is so kind and willing to share all her knowledge with us. She is so passionate about what she does and has helped my family members tremendously. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be working with Dipal.

~ Elana

While doing the activation during the group call my body was crackling and vibrating for days.

~ Tera

When Dipal works on you believe me you will feel a shift. My tooth pain got so much better and I didn’t have to have a root canal.

~ Mia

Dipal worked on my sciatica and it stopped flaring up as much. She also gave me some great breathing exercises that work for my anxiety.

~ Angela

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(Important NOTE: June, July and August there will only be 1 group call)

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Who this circle is for:

  • Those who want to stay consistent with their healing
  • Those who wish to be part of a Spiritual Circle
  • Those who wish to have complete support for their spiritual and health journey
  • Those who want more than conventional medicine to heal the mind, body, spirit and soul
  • Those who are ready to break free from their current lifestyle and raise consciousness

Quantum Body Awakening Healing Circle has everything you need to stay consistent on your physical and spiritual path.

It's the next best thing to having Dipal as your Personal Spiritual Guru

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  • If you sign up and have missed a call, you will still be able to access the replay for that month once you email me at [email protected]
  • Your subscription starts from the date of the month you purchase until you cancel. If you purchase the membership on the 24th of the month cancel by the 22nd of the following month. If you purchase on the 1st of the month you will need to cancel by the 30th of the following month. There is no prorating or refunds for time not used. You are held responsible for purchases and cancellations!! No exceptions

Refund Policy:

  • Any cancellation requests will be in effect the following month. No refunds will be issued for current month.

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  • Dipal Shah does not make any promises about the results of her session or MP3s. From a Spiritual perspective the individual’s body drives the healing. Although, Dipal’s work is very effective and has helped many people you are responsible for your own health’s journey.

Consumer Notice:

  • Dipal Shah is not responsible or liable in anyway for your health condition, including financial, past , present, or future including those of family members. You are fully responsible for your health. As a consumer you are certifying that you are mentally and emotionally capable of intelligently making such decisions.