Dipal Shah is remarkable

~Linda Smock

Rosacea in the eye cleared up!!

~Peter, Hotel owner

Eye sight improved and scar diminshed

I had been sick for a week before the call (and during the call) with a deep, deep chest cold which I got from my grandson plus for some reason I could not get any sleep the night before (our call was at 6 am in the morning my time). Along with that, which I didn’t tell you, I had made a sourdough culture and somehow the wild yeast got into my body and took it over and I still smell like sourdough! :o)  This has effected my energy level as I usually have very high energy, so you caught me at an unusual time.  I just wanted to  let you know your healing session was effective and I am most appreciative  Love and Blessings


Pain behind my Sternum finally gone for good!!

~Chandni,  Lawyer

Got Tested and Dipal was right on target…

~ Carah Crosswhite, Former American Idol Contestant 2014

Neck Adjusted and the Pain Gone!!

I had never done this type of thing. If I’m being honest, I was probably a little skeptical. I had been through so many health issues during the previous 10 months and had tried everything imaginable, which is why I was willing to give anything a shot.  During the actual session I was most relaxed I had ever been in my life! I could actually feel the negative energy being pulled out of my body. However, I truely started to feel the affects in the hours and days following.  I felt so much lighter. Dipal was able to feel where the emotional and health issues were radiating from inside my body. One of the biggest things she saw was green in my lungs, and asked me abut any contact with mold that I may have had. Unknown to her, I had found black mold in my AC unit just a couple of weeks before, and Dipal insisted I get tested for mold. When I went to have tests done a couple of weeks later they were just what Dipal suspected. She was also the first one to point out to me that my health issues were connected to some sort of emotional distress and negative feelings or thoughts. It was the most insightful diagnosis I had been given and it helped me hone into my own body and start seeking mental peace, alongside medical health. The second message was so beneficial in helping me cut ties to negative thoughts I was harboring in my mind and body, and it was the first step in leading me out of my bad health! I would recommend Dipal to anyone!

~ Carah Crosswhite, Former American Idol Contestant 2014

Landed my Dream Career!!

~ Jeanne M.

Gallbladder Discomfort Gone!!

What a powerful healing session. I am truely amazed with what Dipal did with me in just one session. I was had gallbladder stones and was not able to digest fatty foods. If I did eat fatty foods, even alittle bit, it would upset my stomach. When Dipal was working on me I could feel intense waves of heat flowing through my body. I saw and felt traumas from my ast and just heavyness in my chest. I had extreme flow of emotions and then a burning in my throat. Dipal was right on point with everything that was going on in my body, throat and chest. My body went through such a transformation and felt so many things clearing up for me. My gallbladder felt so good after the session. So much lighter and I am able to eat some fatty foods again. Thank you Dipal for you wonderful light!!

~ Annett Schneider

Energy realigned

I love that an mp3 I purchased only has your voice and no music because there is something very special about your voice.  The purity and goodness of you, Dipal, comes through in your voice and that is such a blessing and relief because I am continually exposed to very contaminated, low vibration people/energy in my life.

Towards the beginning of this mp3, when you were cleaning my energy and it was silent, it felt very good,  I was feeling my energy being cleaned. Thank you so much

~ Helen

Throat and liver Reset!!

~ Amy Vasterling, Intuitive Pathfinder

Constipation Gone!!

~ Amanda, Dentist

Grief Relief!!

Both my grandson and I have benefited from sessions with Dipal. My grandson, who is 14 years old, having recently lost his mom found the sessions to be soothing. He felt a sense of calm and hope that all would be right in his life. I noticed how he would walk upright and straight as soon as he would come out of a session. Dipal emanates a strong presence, while maintaining a very receptive and assuring approach toward her clients. We believe her sessions are truly healing for the mind, body and spirit.

~ Mary Ann S. , Teacher

Cramping Gone!!

Recently I was set back with a stomach illness. My stomach was cramping really badly and it affected me for weeks. Luckily through a friend I was introduced to Dipal Shah. She was there to the rescue and the results were immediate my cramping went away completely. Dipal is firm yet clearly cares about my well-being and she enjoys what she is doing. She is extremely knowledgeable and I trust her to continue my health care needs and am excited to keep going.

~ David D.

Back Pain and Sciatica Relieved!!

I had a wonderful experience with Dipal, she helped me with a pain I had in my lower back by passing me positive energy. I felt very relieved after the session. The pain in my lower back went from a 8 to a 0 in minutes. Thanks so much!

~ Maria R.

Spine and neck Adjusted!!

“Dipal has a genuine concern for wanting your body to move forward in it’s healing.   She was very methodical while at the same time paying attention to what my body through the energy was showing her was needed in her session with me.  As she went through tissues and systems in my body I was able to feel energy movement through the areas that were problematic- whether they were areas I had informed her about or not and she was wonderful with spending additional time in areas according to the feedback I was able to give her as she worked on me by phone.  She was also able to find a couple of emotional areas that I hadn’t considered that certainly would not be a help to physical healing.   My body went through a serious of neck and spinal stretches as well as small tissue and some vertebral shifting that had me feeling taller.  Pain in my shoulder structure and back and neck reduced and musculature became more relaxed with less inflammation.   These results only happen to me with body or energy work, they never happen with me just from sitting or lying down.  I appreciate and am blessed by Dipal’s caring touch!  Thank-you!!!”


Throat and heart issue resolved!!

I had a healing with Dipal and she helped me out so much. I couldn’t breath through my nose and my throat felt so constricted. She removed an energetic boulder that I felt weighing my heart down and blocking my nose and throat. She immediately released all the blocked energy and cut cords that had inserted into my mid back. She bandaged me in a beautiful light of copper, silver and gold. By the end of the session I felt so much relief and I was able to breath again. Thank you Dipal, I needed the session and you were wonderful, thoughtful, and insightful. Love and Light!!!


Landed a Job after my session and higher pay

Happy news! – I landed the job that I have been interviewing for….😍 After the third round of interviews last Friday, they made me an offer Monday evening and requested that I come in for transitioning this Wednesday and Friday afternoon – wow sues… – I had envisioned this day all along the process.

I was very jittery yesterday morning, as I had to “break free” from my previous employer only Tuesday night (picture going in during a rainstorm at night and closing out your desk, then hitting the e-mail resignation button…😜). It helped a lot dialing into our last group call on my way to the new job that calmed my nerves quite a bit and I had a good first couple of hours at the new employer. They even revised my Offer Letter and threw in a $10k signing bonus to cover my COBRA costs, this along with a generous salary is amazing and can certainly be attributed to my 30-minute-clearing session with Dipal that happened one day after my first round of interviews with them… Heaps of gratefulness and many blessing to Dipal and her wonderful work!!! Iamwishingeveryoneinthisgroup
similar, wonderful healing results!!! 👍😘

Lots of love, gratitude and blessings


Injury and Inflammation Gone!!

I am 12 years old and I play tennis. I love tennis, it is something I am very passionate about I am not happy when I cannot play. The doctors said it was overuse and inflammed. I was putting ice on my leg and trying to stay off of it as the doctors recommended. However, I am 12 years old and thats hard to do. I had just a few sessions with Dipal and I was walking in half the time that the doctors thought. The doctors told me I wouldn’t be able to play tennis for at least 10-12 weeks but I was up and running in 4-5 weeks.  Thank you Dipal.

Kailey P.

Finally able to Sleep again!!

I was having problems sleeping because of my menopause and the first time I got on the phone with Dipal my hotflashes completely went away. I continue to listen to the Hotflashes MP3 and my body is getting better and better by the day. The deep sleep MP3 is like taking an Ambien. Thank you so much Dipal.


Sinus Pressure Relieved!!

How she does it, I just don’t know but after only 1 session with Dipal I was amazed at the immediate benefits. I have struggled with sinus pressure that had resulted in headaches and recently a horrible eye infection. I have to wear contacts for 7 days and I really don’t want to do that.  Use of antihistamines and pain relievers have left me lethargic. After a visit to Dipal and listening to her Headache MP3 I have felt more energized and relaxed. I could feel the sinuses just opening up and the pressure releasing.  In one session, my eye got 99% better. There is no swelling and no redness!!!


Went into labor without being induced!!

I was 40 weeks pregnant and still had not delivered. The doctors planned to induce me 5 days after my due date.  I waited patiently. Dipal worked on me and that night I went into labor and had a beautiful baby boy. Which she also predicted. Thank you for all your help I have a healthy beautiful 7 lb baby boy without having to be induced.


Inflammation Subsided!!

“Dipal has a genuine concern for wanting your body to move forward in it’s healing.   She was very methodical while at the same time paying attention to what my body through the energy was showing her was needed in her session with me.  As she went through tissues and systems in my body I was able to feel energy movement through the areas that were problematic- whether they were areas I had informed her about or not and she was wonderful with spending additional time in areas according to the feedback I was able to give her as she worked on me by phone.  She was also able to find a couple of emotional areas that I hadn’t considered that certainly would not be a help to physical healing.   My body went through a serious of neck and spinal stretches as well as small tissue and some vertebral shifting that had me feeling taller.  Pain in my shoulder structure and back and neck reduced and musculature became more relaxed with less inflammation.   I appreciate and am blessed by Dipal’s caring touch!  Thank-you!!!”


Arthritis Relief!!

My mom has had bad arthritis and at her doctors visit she found out that she has a kidney stone. Sometimes she is in excruciating pain. She was not walking much.

I called Dipal and she worked on my mother remotely. Within 24 hours my mom started walking and she has been walking every morning since. She is feeling better each day. Thank you so much Dipal for helping my mom get back  to herself.


Bleeding Gone/Libido Issue Resolved

The session was beautiful for many reasons mainly because you created a safe place, you are incredibly accurate, spot on with your readings and honed in on issues that ‎I didn’t even know existed. During the session I felt tangible shifts. I felt extremely loved and supported. I really appreciated your, empathy, sympathy and kind words of advice and encouragement which I have implemented to my benefit.

After the clearing I told my beloved about the incident of molestation when I was 8, after that it brought us closer and we connected not only emotionally but physically as well. I am no longer scared and ashamed ‎of him touching me. And I get great pleasure from our intimate interactions and look forward to our beautiful relationship improving in all aspects. I really enjoy our intimacy and am not afraid of expressing my sensual side. He met my parents and we want to progress to marriage. I thought that I had resolved this issue as I had done clearings on this. You handled it with such compassion and kindness and I look forward to a new life devoid of all this heaviness.

Regarding my irregular prolonged period, usually after my period I have some intermittent spotting. This time there was no such bleeding only one afternoon where there was a light brown discharge with some minor pain. But it was a once off.

After the session over the days I could still feel the energy moving. I feel much more in my body and so happy albeit the temporary chaos regarding my future career path. This I would attribute to the session.

I am also inspired to not be so harsh on my body and myself and give it the necessary love and care to optimum health, fitness and vibrancy.

I am exceedingly grateful for the glorious  session and subsequent results as a consequence of your gift. You are truly gifted and may you continue to be blessed with an abundance of health, joy and love.

I am so grateful.


Improved Hearing!!

I was lucky enough to with Dipal. Dipal is observing the body with her intuition. She surprised me by noticing that energy from my spine was spreading to my ears. And would you know this improved my hearing! My ears feel lighter and looser now. Next she dissolved a deeply upsetting emotional issue in my family. Gently and easily she disassembled generational pattern and installed mutual acceptance and harmony. After Dipal sent me the replay of the session I listened many times over. Each time I felt lighter and happier! Thank you very much Dipal and thank you Eram for connecting us with such amazing healers!

~Arati Benveniste

Decreased Pain, Increased Energy, and better Focus and Clarity!!

I found my healing with Dipal Shah to be a profound and powerful experience, one that can help you shift in a newpositive directions. Dipal is a Medical Intuit with incredible insight and what seems like xray vision. She first addressed the mis-alignments in my spine, hips, and joints by releasing energy blockages and helped me ground more fully into my body. My left side was higher than my right, indicating I was half in my body and the other half wanting to leave it, kind of like, I just don’t want to be here. Amazingly,  Dipal was able to guide me to places that needed to be healed, particularly places that I didn’t even mention, she worked on major organs, glands, the reproductive system, and while doing this, I felt intense energy moving in all areas that she was working on. Since then I have decreased pain, increased energy, with better focus and clarity. What I loved the most, is Dipal Shah‘s fun loving personality, her energy is contagious in the best way possible, it makes healing all the more fun and pleasurable. Thank you Eram Saeed and team for introducing so many spectacular healers to this community, and Dipal I look forward to your debut and to working with you further in the future.

~Maria Giantsios


Couple’s Soul Healing

I thank you for your ministry to mine & my wife’s souls. May God bless you and prosper your work of healing of our brothers and sisters. As I mentioned to you in our conversation today I am 60 years old and I have had many experiences in my lifetime joyful and saw raffle. The death of my son on March 30th of this year was the most difficult and saw raffle experience I have ever had. However, you know strangely different way this experience with a particular person felt very much like a psychological and emotional rape in front of the whole world. It has being incredibly excruciating. That is why we are so grateful to you to bring your healing gift to help us. Thank you also foryour healing energy.  It has given me much strength and consolation and hope. It reminds me of the passage of Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 11 to 14 where God speaks through the prophet and says he promises us a future full of Hope and joy notdespair and sadness. You are a wonderful healer Dipal. You are a great gift to our human family at this time when there is so much suffering and pain you bring solace and consolation to the human heart that reaches out to you.

~ P and L

Eliminating Fear, Stress and Digestive Problems

 I was blessed with a back stage pass with Dipal Shah.  All I can say is Awesome!  What a wonderful and genuine person.  Our session was amazing, it was like talking with your best friend and there was such a calmness in the air.  First, Dipal clean out our fields and then we started our journey together.  I could feel shifts of energy moving all the time she was working on me.  She cut cords from fear and stress and I felt immediate calmness and peace.  She told me I was storing emotion in my heart & sinus areas causing a lot of my stress.  She did some energy work and I could feel the stress leaving those areas.  Dipal pull stress out from around my heart and it was a big energy release.  She suggested that I ground myself daily to help keep me fully into my body.  She said I seem to go in and out of my body a lot. But by staying grounded it would help me eliminate the fear of following my dreams.  I had been having some gut problems and Dipal mention that she saw more bad bacteria in my gut than the good bacteria and that I might check with my doctor to see what he thought.  Well, when I went in for my physical.  She was correct.  He thought it would be a good idea to go by the store and pick up something to help put good bacteria back in my gut and I feel great now.  Dipal also worked on a couple of other health concerns I had and I could feel energy surrounding those areas and releasing it.  I know those will be totally release later as I continue working with Dipal on them.  Those might take a couple of more sessions to heal but I could feel the energy work and must say I was just truly amazed.

~Bobby E.

Years of vaginal pain cleared up

Dipal!  I thank God the day I heard your first interview.  For now, the vaginal pain is already gone – and I will definetely take your suggestions. And after my 3rd session with Dipal, she worked on my deformed hip join.  By the next day, while still sore, I felt like I was walking better.

Thank you so much for your prayers for health – I have wanted good health for so many year and have high hopes with your help, I can finally heal!

Sending hugs


 Relationship Finally Blossomed

I am sending you THE BIGGEST HUGS you can ever imagine.  These were best 14 days. Loved every thing what you did for every one of us.  Things are looking very good especially in relationship.  Love you.


Very Deep, Transformative work

Much gratitude, Dipal!  Very deep and transformative work.  I lay down to rest for about half hour after, to let the energies settle.  I am still assimilating, especially my nervous system.  Before our work, my energies were quite activated as if they were rising up to be seen!  You covered a lot of territory today.  Thank you so much, beautiful soul.


Releasing Deep Emotions and Letting go

Thank you so very much for the 14 days of healing.  I’m very happy I participated.  Yesterday, I had an amazing experience of peace.  My mind was much less engaged with wandering thoughts and my entire being was open and spacious. True peace. I feel there has been significant transformation through your program.  I am now stepping further into the grief, the loss.  I am not afraid to feel these feelings.  In our 1 on 1 session, you helped my husband move forward from staying here.  I didn’t tell you this, but I’ve had several healers do the same, but I honestly can say the work with you feels so different.  AND, I feel the absence of “other energies” since beginning the 14 days with you.

Thank you Dipal, from my heart.


Cataract Dissolved

I purchased the “Eyes” Program, specifically for a cataract in my right eye.  I think the one in left eye has been dissolved  This is an issue I’ve been addressing through many programs and modalities over the past few years.

Thanks and blessings for all that you do. I find the mp3s very comforting and feel very supported.