Abundance Accelerator Package 1

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Abundance Accelerator Package 2

Wondering why your abundance of money isn’t where it should be?

You no longer need to let failure define you. Let Dana activate the dormant prosperity within you.

This program contains the EXACT tools I use to create a life of financial freedom!!!

Do any of these describe what you are feeling?

  • Do you feel you are in a power struggle with your finances?
  • Does the arrival of your mail bring a sense of dread for which bill might arrive today?
  • Are you afraid to open your bills?
  • Do you have more money going out than coming in?
  • Are you living in fear and worry about the level of debt you've accumulated?
  • Do you feel helpless and hopeless when it comes to money?
  • Are you intimidated about the world of finance?
  • Are you frustrated and in conflict with yourself or your partner over finances?

If you have tried and tried and nothing has worked,
it’s not your fault…

Imagine if you could create a path to financial success by:

Abundance Accelerator Package 3
  • Moving out of financial stagnation
  • Eliminating the stress of money
  • Learning how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want
  • Balancing your relationship with money.
  • Taking the power struggle out of your relationship with money.

I want you to Feel excited about your money and finances and help you Transform from DESPERATION to EMPOWERMENT over your financial future.

Your Abundance Accelerator program that I have created will help you:

  • Draw more opportunities for abundance to you
  • Heal your fears and feelings of unworthiness and feel uplifted
  • Transform your money blocks that limit your manifestation
  • Open up your manifestation channels to increase money flow

What if dormant success could be Activated inside you?

Here is what many of my clients have experienced and I want these transformations to happen to you too.

  • New job offers
  • Better career opportunities
  • Promotions
  • Better Relationships
  • New Sense of Freedom
  • Everyday miracles
  • Pain Relief
  • Business Success
  • Toxic Relationships healed
  • Feel Stronger
  • More Motivation
  • Feel Confident
  • More Present
  • Greater Self Worth
  • Greater Belief in yourself
  • Guilt Free Gifts from others
  • Infinite Love and Attraction



• 2 Quantum Abundance Money Workshops (60 minutes each)

• Abundance Accelerator One-on-One Session (30 min)

• 4 Special Bonus


$199.00 for 1 month


“Dana is one of the best healers I have ever worked with. She is pure essence and her guides are spot on every single time. It’s a joy and pleasure to work with Dana! She works on all aspects and across all dimensions.”

~Malika Verma

“Dana was able to identify, heal and release a deeply hidden and resistant inner child energy that had caused decades of discomfort and constriction in my body.  Thank you!”



“Dana’s energy clearing is saving me! I mean it. I feel more solid at my core  than I have in a long time.”


~Holly H

“Thank you for the truly wonderful healing session.  It was one of the most powerful healings I’ve ever had. The effects were profound and  immediate.”


“I feel everything released.  I’m at ease and in harmony – with all parts of me integrated.  That was very beautiful.  I feel more self-love now.”


“Dana’s work has been miraculous!  I had trouble walking for years due to neuropathy.  I no longer need a cane.  My feet feel so much better and I feel more stable again.”


Item 1

2 Quantum Abundance Money Workshops (75-90 minutes each)

Join Dana in Two Powerful Live Q and A workshops to incorporate tapping for specific issues you are experiencing as well as some common limiting beliefs about Money and Wealth, and then establish empowering beliefs to open up channels for greater money flow and abundance. Replays available.

Note : (if you cannot join us live, you may send Dana specific issues you’d like Dana to address in advance of the workshop)

Item 2

Abundance Accelerator One-on-One Session (45 min)

Dana will identify and clear your blocks to manifesting your desires concerning money and abundance. She will discover which Ascended Master or Archangel is coming forward to assist you in moving forward towards your financial goals with ease, speed, and grace.

4 Bonus Items

Bonus 1: Learn to tap video:

In this pre-recorded video, I will teach you the latest technique for tapping. We will go over how to do the set up statement and all of the meridian points to be used in each round of tapping.

Bonus 2: EFT Tapping Points on the Body

This PDF illustrates the tapping points on the body along with their abbreviations. You may use this as a reference guide when tapping.

Bonus 3: Quantum Abundance Accelerator Video Series

5 Pre-recorded Tap along audios to clear some common limiting beliefs about money and wealth and to instill positive affirmations into your body, mind and auric field.

You can listen and tap along with these at your own pace. (15-20 minutes each)

Bonus 4: Abundance Accelerator MP3

This is a silent audio with a deep vibrational healing to clear the blocks that hold you back from greater wealth and financial success. Powerful frequencies blast away negativity around wealth, money and abundance from your chakras, your energy bodies, and your ancestral and past timelines. The energy in this audio brings forward the energy of your highest abundance potential for realization in the now. You can play this track as often as you’d like. The more you listen, the deeper you will go into the clearings. (13 minutes)



• 2 Quantum Abundance Money Workshops (60 minutes each)

• Abundance Accelerator One-on-One Session (30 min)

• 4 Special Bonus


$199.00 for 1 month

Abundance Accelerator Package 4Dana is a multi sensory intuitive healer, Reiki Master and holistic health coach specializing in multidimensional energy work that opens space for healing to occur at every level of your being. She clears energetic blocks, personas  and limiting beliefs from the root for both physical and emotional symptoms with energy activations, Magical Awakening clearings, timeline cleansing, trauma clearing, color therapy and chakra balancing.

Having overcome debilitating physical issues and illnesses herself, she is a compassionate healer who understands the frustrations of dealing with health challenges. She is passionate about helping others do the same. She loves to work with animals and children, as well as the adults who care for them, expanding their energy field and bringing in access to high vibrational frequencies, allowing more light and love into their lives.

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