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What are your Dental Problems and Mouth saying about your Body?

Your teeth are trying to tell you something but you may be having a hard time making sense of it

If you are dealing with frustrating teeth issues it is not a problem in your teeth but it is a message through the body’s organs and systems that are needing your help.

Dental problems are Painful and Expensive and you don’t need to deal with them because Dipal “The Energetic Tooth Fairy” is here to help you remove blocks with her Powerful Quantum Body Awakening Healing.

  • Wouldn’t you like to stop dental issues before they start?
  • Wouldn’t you like to enjoy pain free visits or no visits to the dentist?
  • What if you can actually enjoy beautiful teeth and smile without giving away all your savings to the dentist?

Here are a few statistics when it comes to Dental Health

  • Nearly all adults (96%) aged 65 years or older have had a cavity
  • 1 in 5 Adults have untreated tooth decay.
  • About 2 in 3 (68%) adults aged 65 years or older have gum disease.
  • Tooth loss affects approximately 1 in 3 adults over age 65. If you have osteoporosis, you may be at risk for tooth loss.

Why is TEETH an ISSUE for So Many People?

The answer is: Multiple UNPROCESSED energetic blocks in some or all of the 12 Teeth Meridians and 72000 nadis.

Let Dipal and Her Guides help you get your teeth and organs back into alignment Immediately just by clearing your meridians and nadis.

Each tooth indicates the health of an energy meridian or “Energy Highway” which is directly related the health of your organ or system in your body. The nadis are the internal roads

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If you are dealing with any of these health issues, Dipal and Her Guides can help you:

  • Excess plaque and tartar.
  • Jaw tightness and pain
  • Bacterial invasions
  • Night or Day Grinding
  • Excess phlegm
  • Hot/cold sensitivities
  • Mouth sores
  • Dry mouth/Excessive thirst
  • Herpes/Ulcers
  • Geographic tongue
  • Yeast Overgrowth
  • Bad Breath/Thrush
  • Any kind of growth that is not normal in mouth and throat
  • Leakage of mercury vapors, silver or other inorganic matter that could be toxic.
  • Root canals
  • Stains on teeth
  • Shifting teeth
  • Gingivitis/Receding Gums/Regraphing Gums
  • Chronic infections in your gums and mouth and throat
  • Toothe and Jaw(TMJ) Pain
  • Growing bone and tissue
  • Enamel wear and tear
  • Teeth clenching and chips
  • Nerve issues associated with dental problems
  • Old bone implants
  • Cavities/ Decay
  • Dentures
  • Root Canals/Crowns
Quantum Dental Package 3

Each tooth indicates the health of an energy meridian or “Energy Highway” which is directly related the health of your organ or system in your body. This connection is crucial and indicates your overall health depending on your dental condition.

Ancestral trauma, in womb trauma, family secrets, childhood struggles, lifetimes of wounds and other types of energies can get trapped in the teeth and program themselves into your DNA and get passed down from generation to generation.

There is a Metaphysical Meaning to all your Dental needs hidden deep within your body.

Lets turn back the “Clock” on dental damage and reset your meridians on a physical, mental, energetical and emotional levels.

Once you release these imbalances between the meridians and organs using Dipal’s Quantum Body Awakening proven method of healing, you will finally be able to:

  • Incorporate Mindful eating habits
  • Sleep Better
  • Eat Better
  • Smile again
  • Preserve the natural structure of your teeth
  • Go out in social settings
  • Be confident again
  • Metabolize food better
  • Digest food better
  • Have better connection with Food, Thoughts and Words
  • Increase your mouth hygiene levels
  • Less Dental and Doctor Visits
  • Create better dental habits
  • Enjoy kissing again
  • Release any dental anxiety

The mouth and teeth have a very rich nerve, blood and lymphatic supply linking them physically to the rest of the body via chakras.

Dipal believes that the body has a way of releasing energy through emotions, illnesses and karma out of a specific area and into the teeth and jaws where it manifests itself as dental decay, infection, gum disease, impacted and cracked or broken teeth, jaw joint dysfunction and/or pain.

Dipal has been gifted the spiritual knowledge and wisdom and is able to help you facilitate true healing by releasing, clearing and transmuting the energy from the dental structures and from the originating organ or tissues.

Quantum Dental Package 4

Our teeth are very responsive and influential players in our ecosystem of our body from the way we eat and breath.

When we can understand what teeth and the body ask for then we can respond and give it what it needs.



If you have tried countless solutions that never work, or simply spent too much money, you are more than welcome to just click away. However, the simple solutions to your dental and body’s health concerns is the reason you are still scrolling.

Hiding behind your smile, feeling unsupported, spending all your savings on Dental Health can be frustrating

We don’t want you to be left behind.

Right now you can change it ALL for the rest of your LIFE

You have a choice…what are you going to do?

If you take immediate action now you can start your Quantum healing journey with Dipal and her team of Guides to help you bring back your joy, happiness, and smile by increasing your Pranic Flow.

Here is what Dipal’s Clients have to say after working with Dipal:

“My teeth have never felt cleaner, healthier and stronger after listening to Dipal’s Mp3’s”

~ Debbie

“Thanks to Dipal’s powerful Quantum body awakening healing I have healed my gums and I no longer bleed when I am brushing my teeth.”
~ Monica

“After Dipal’s healings and mp3s I can sleep better, breathe better, and don’t have to worry about grinding and clenching my teeth.

~ Susan

“With Dipal’s mp3s I noticed that my gums stopped bleeding all of a sudden.”
~ Cora

“When my dog wakes up she is full of energy and happy and able to chew her food.
~ Nancy

I am happier with my mouth and teeth than I ever have been my entire life.”
~ M

“Dipal is my Tooth Fairy.”
~ Manni

I can’t believe how much whiter my teeth look after only listening for 1 day!”
~ Lisa

“It felt like all the tartar and plaque just fell off immediately.”
~ Jerry

“The healing was amazing and the Dentist was shocked.
~ Miranda

“Believe me when I say Dipal is the Energetic Tooth Fairy. I haven’t had any issues since I started doing what Dipal recommended.
~ Tammy

Pain and inflammation from a wisdom tooth completely subsided after 2 hours of working with Dipal’s mp3s.”
~ Angie

After a week, I decided to cancel my tooth appointment and the pain was almost non-existent anymore and I am able to breathe better.”
~ Reana

Cleaner Teeth, No More Bleeding Gums, Pain Free AND MORE!

“My teeth have never felt cleaner, healthier and stronger after listening to Dipal’s Mp3’s!”

“My teeth have never felt cleaner, healthier and stronger after listening to Dipal’s Mp3’s. She is a powerful healer and a gift to all who work with her.”

~ Debbie

“I have healed my gums and I no longer bleed when I am brushing my teeth with Dipal’s quick technique.”

“I was supposed to have gum grafting done for my receding gums and Dipal found some emotional karmic energy stuck there.

Thanks to her powerful Quantum body awakening healing I have healed my gums and I no longer bleed when I am brushing my teeth with Dipal’s quick technique.

I also use the affirmation she gave me each day to continue better gum health.”

~ Monica

“After a week, I decided to cancel my tooth appointment and the pain was almost non-existent anymore and I am able to breathe better.”

“I had a really bad toothache and breathing issues for 2 weeks in January and I was facing a major dental procedure and possible tooth extraction.

I used Dipal’s energetic antibiotic healing and it was so powerful the pain was gone.

After a week, I decided to cancel my tooth appointment and the pain was almost non-existent anymore and I am able to breathe better.

Dipal was able to heal the blocks between my lungs and teeth. It was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced. Believe it or not I still have no pain!!

~ Reana

“No longer need to worry about grinding and clenching my teeth!”

“I have sleep apnea and refuse to use the machine when I sleep at night. I also have a night guard. It is very difficult to sleep with the two of them. Actually impossible.

After Dipal’s healings and mp3s I can sleep better, breathe better, and don’t have to worry about grinding and clenching my teeth.

~ Denise

“My gums all of a sudden stopped bleeding!”

“I have diabetes and my gums bleed all the time. With Dipal’s mp3s I noticed that my gums stopped bleeding all of a sudden”

~ Cora

“After listening to Dipal’s mp3s I felt so much better and felt stronger than I ever have”

“I had a cracked tooth on the right side and I couldn’t believe how connected it was to my arthritis. I also noticed that it was correlated to what was happening in my life around me. I felt like I was being taken apart by my family members and the floor underneath me was cracking, I couldn’t hold myself up any longer.

After listening to Dipal’s mp3s I felt so much better and felt stronger than I ever have.

~ Mandy

“This program delivers beyond my expectations.”

“This program delivers beyond my expectations. I love listening to Dipal’s soothing voice. I feel calm and pain free after listening.

I have always healed with Dipal’s energy healing technique and trust her. She is caring and very humble. I love that about her.”

~ Robert

Manifested a Car within Days

I have been out of a job and needed an inexpensive car. I wanted to manifest this as soon as possible. I had found Dipal on a summit and knew I needed a session with her. I could feel how powerful her energies were. I started listening to her amazing mp3s and within days I got a car and not only that, the cost was less than what I expected. I am so excited about working with Dipal and I will buy any of her programs. She is knowledgeable, credible and humble. She has given me the strength and support that I have been in search for a long time. Thank you Dipal.    ~Mark

“I have all of Dipal’s programs, she is one of the best healers”

I have all of Dipal’s programs, she is one of the best healers. She is honest, humble, and takes the time to listen. She provides the healing and gives you steps to help continue the healing even after. I always find it such a delight to work with her.”

~ Gina


Series of Master Healing Clinics

5 Master Healing Clinics will be 30 minutes. Providing gentle and powerful Quantum body awakening Frequencies through toning, humming or light language. Each clinic will provide a group process and 10 minute of Q and A.

Master Healing Clinic 1: Detox mouth, teeth, and body organs Replay

Energetic chelation of heavy metals (silver and mercury) and chemicals exposure

Detox Blood

Increase the microbiome and repair the dental ecosystem

Clear all yeast and bacteria

Detox mini and major chakras associated with dental health and organs

Master Healing Clinic 2: Effects of Anxiety and Stress on Oral Health Replay

Clear all levels of Stress and Anxiety from mouth, teeth and organs

Heal Genetic Anxiety taken on during in womb and birth

Heal specific teeth problems associated with Anxiety

 Heal fear, anxiety, and stress before going to the dentist

Heal all trauma from previous dental workups


Master Healing Clinic 3: Nutritional building blocks and frequency infusion for optimum dental health Replay

Add proper amounts of energetic minerals, vitamins and nutrients to keep healthy teeth

Provide support to the foundation that is holding teeth and gums in place

Boost your overall wellbeing

Gentle Frequency infusions for weak areas


Master Healing Clinic 4: Energetic Strong Dental Bone Health Replay

Restore your ability to chew

Prevent and restore bone loss and heal osteoperosis

Prevent grinding and clenching

Heal Dental Procedure Trauma

Repair cellular damage and Strengthen the jaw bone “The foundation for your teeth”

Energetic gentle floss and whitening


Master Healing Clinic 5: Heal Distorted Energy in between and on the Teeth Replay

Clear and heal all imprints, curses, and blackmajic, and outdated contracts

Heal past life energies

Heal cavities between teeth, plaque, tarter, teeth sensitivity, receding gums, and physical gaps in teeth

Heal Karmic and Ancestoral energies

Heal Childhood and inwomb trauma

Heal lineage

Heal your souls expression and connect with your Hara


6 Powerful Quantum Teeth and Organ Infusions

Energetic Teeth Infusions-Each infusion is 2-5 minutes and it will help heal the specified issues that you present with now or later down the road.


You do not need headphones.


Can use while sleeping, meditating, or working.

Can use on silent, no volume or out loud

You do not have to set intention each time you listen to the infusion

You can listen in any order

Use specific infusion for specific concerns for your teeth need at this time or in the future

Energy is infused within each infusion for lifetime

30 Days Dental Remote Healing

30 days of healing starts immediately as soon as you purchase the program. Your teeth, mouth and organs will thank you. Set the intention and let it flow. Dipal and her Guides will be infusing each intention with a high frequency vibration to accelerate the healing process. No need to contact Dipal.


In addition remote healing will include the following areas:


Molars and Premolars

Wisdom teeth

Bicuspids and incisors


Regrow new teeth

Heal chipped teeth

Heal systems in body

Heal organs in body

Heal Chakras, Hara line, Meridians and Nadi’s

Heal Soul and spirit

Trauma healing

Repair tissues and bones

Quantum Dental Package 5
Quantum Dental Package 6

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