Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed Package 1

The Pandemic has affected millions of people in various ways from not having a job, getting laid off, not being able to find a job you love, and working hard. There is still a feeling that there's never enough money.

I am here to tell you that you can create Success even NOW

  • Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed (3) You can and will find financial stability and freedom
  • Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed (3) You will find the job you love
  • Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed (3) You do still have a place in this world
  • Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed (3) You are worthy and deserving

And I am going to prove it to you.

Your life will change forever with Dipal's Wealth Timeline Clearing Method. You can finally let go of the stress, worry, and fear of not having enough.

Once you Awaken your inner genius of Money Attraction you will:

  • Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed (3) Feel more secure Financially
  • Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed (3) Attract all the wealth you want and desire
  • Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed (3) Release all the stress around Finances
  • Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed (3) Provide for your family and self
  • Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed (3) Get the Job you Desire
  • Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed (3) Live your Life

Wouldn't you like to rewrite your story?

Release all the struggle, overwhelm and and stress that has prevented you from experiencing the prosperity, joy and love you deserve!

Clear, Cancel and Delete the traumas that have resulted in stagnant energy blocks in your Soul's path to your financial success!

Step into the FLOW where all your wants, needs, desires and blessings you desire exist!

Most people think financial success will come from vision boards but I have a special clearing that I will provide that is proven and works.

Whether you're starting something new, wanting more growth, or just want to live a life in financial comfort I can help you achieve that quickly and easily.

Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed Package 2

This program can help you:

  • Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed (3) Draw more Wealth & Money into your life with Ease
  • Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed (3) Discover and embrace your passion!
  • Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed (3) Begin to experience the immediate joy of fulfilling your vision!
  • Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed (3) Alter your mindset toward money!
  • Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed (3) See yourself finding more balance in your life-relationships-work-life!
  • Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed (3) Experience new opportunities everyday of your life!
  • Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed (3) Shift yourself into a financial magnet and experience indefinite joy!

If you feel you are underpaid and not earning what you should be then you need to immediately remove all the abundance blocks so that you can life a more prosperous life and the lifestyle you dream of.

What is happening right now is that your existing energetic and subconscious thought patterns are pulling you backward and so you take 1 step forward and 5 steps back. This is no way to live!

The key to liberating yourself from the subconscious and energetic blocks is to go to allow Dipal to provide you with the proper Pranic flow and frequency directly from her Guide Team and reconnect you to your abundant financial Grid.

Envision yourself fully liberated and in a state of bliss due to the life-changing process that you will encounter when you start Dipal's program!

Here are some testimonials from Dipal's Clients

Financial Miracles and Huge Shifts

Financial miracles are happening along with huge energetic shifts of things that have been stuck and not working for years!!! Two days ago our world was in flames and ashes and now the sun has come out and is shining but the most significant thing is that a massive inner transformation has occurred for both my daughter and myself. I have to say your work is the most powerful divine ‘stuff’!!!  I have never worked with anyone who created a powerful enough shift to show up on the physical plane. Both my daughter and myself are so grateful and appreciative to you for being here for us.  Your work is a Divine Gift and our hearts are blessed. ~Thank You, Love and Gratitude Nancy and Shanna

Spiritual Growth and Success

I have been on a spiritual journey for 20 years and I find myself in the same situation. I still cannot connect to my Guides, my senses feel blocked, and I cannot seem to connect to my higher self. I had two  sessions with Dipal and wow, I couldn’t believe all the sensations in my body the first session. The second session I was experiencing crying, joy, happiness, and could feel 2 of my Guides and found out one was my mother who passed 15 years ago and the other was Archangel Gabrielle. I knew I was on my way to an amazing journey FINALLY!!!

If you are stuck in your spiritual journey I know Dipal will help you. She is amazing, beautiful. and has a wonderful heart that is full of love. She is passionate about what she is doing and you can feel it in your heart. So happy to have found Dipal.   ~Anonymous

Relationship with Husband Improved

My husband and I had a wonderful relationship once upon a time. I lost a baby and ever since we haven’t been the same.  Dipal’s wonderful programs have helped us both get through tough times and reconnect. We are 85% better than before. We are so grateful for this gift and appreciate all that Dipal dedicated to our healing.   ~Kaitlene

Psychic Energies Gone and Massive Electrifying Shifts

I came to Dipal because I was stuck in my finances, relationship with my kids and spouse, my spiritual journey was at a stand still, and my health was not good. She helped me in all these areas just by adjusting the Pranic Quotient. She found curses, blackmagic, portals and wormholes.  She could see that I was plugged into some old programs. She cleared over 25 million cords from all lifetimes and cleared all the karmic debt. She knew exactly where to go and what to do. Her light language and message from her Angels is so beautiful and heartfelt. Her Guides are a blessing and you can feel the electricity going through your body. Dipal works at Quantum Speed and you don’t want to miss any healing that Dipal does because she is the best you will ever come across. ~Sandy

Manifested a Car within Days

I have been out of a job and needed an inexpensive car. I wanted to manifest this as soon as possible. I had found Dipal on a summit and knew I needed a session with her. I could feel how powerful her energies were. I started listening to her amazing mp3s and within days I got a car and not only that, the cost was less than what I expected. I am so excited about working with Dipal and I will buy any of her programs. She is knowledgeable, credible and humble. She has given me the strength and support that I have been in search for a long time. Thank you Dipal.    ~Mark

Increase in Clients within Hours and Finally Being Seen

I had my session with Dipal in the Morning. The same day I started to sell my used books at a never before seen pace. Before it has been one or two a month, but since the call it has been an average of one a day!! So many of our PreLoved books are now happily entertaining others.

At work we all got a Xmas bonus , and I have been able to handle what is happening with a calm and strength that I have not had in a long time. It has been just winding up and winding up for a couple of years, with lots of frustration over what others were (not) doing.

Now I’ve come to a place where I really “Let Go and Let God”. 

I have been asking for more LIght, and there it was… In an unexpected way. The farmer decided to cut ALL the trees around our house, so Light there is.  And also maybe a sign to step up and be seen. Nowhere to hide. ~Elizabeth

Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed Package 3


Quantum Body Awakening 60 Days of Remote Clearing of Financial Debt ($250)

Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed Package 4You will receive 24/7 Clearing for 60 Days for Financial Debt. In this clearing everything you owe to others is a clean slate now.  You no longer have to worry about any kind of debt piling up. It will help you stay debt free.




Quantum Body Awakening 60 Days of Remote Clearing of Financial Liability ($250)

Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed Package 5You will receive 24/7 Clearing for 60 Days for Financial Liability. In this clearing all the responsibility and liability you have taken on for lifetimes will be cleared forever. You no longer have to worry about taking on the burdens, obligations, and pressures of others. whether it’s bank loans, mortgages, unpaid bills, IOUs, or any other sum of money that you owe someone else.


Clear Inner Conflicts MP3 ($120)

Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed Package 6A Powerfully Guided Healing Process that will create a powerful balance and transformation within your body and mind.


Inner conflict may be a constant battle that has hindered you from achieving your life’s purpose, creativity and manifestations. This feeling of conflict translates into fear, anger, disgust, confusion, loneliness.


This mp3 will help you clear and cut cords of all inner conflicts within you that have created waste and blocked your intuition, body’s ability to heal, and life decisions. It will give you a surge of clarity and direction.


Vitality Globule Infusion for Wealth, Health, Spirituality and Relationships MP3 ($120)

Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed Package 7We will be infusing 8 powerful high vibration colors in the energy systems and body that will quickly reset the Pranic Quotient


  • Infuse Vitality Globules so that you can look and feel young again

  • Heal holes and tears in the energy systems and body

  • Remove all negative thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs

  • Remove all lifetimes of blocks including parallel lifetime ( ancestral, genetic, and trauma)

  • Raise your level of awareness and consciousness.


Creating an Action Board MP3 ($99)

Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed Package 8Creating a vision board doesn’t work. Dipal and her Guides will help you create an action and raise your frequency every step of the way so that what you want you achieve. 


  • Create your dreams

  • Manifest the life you dreamed of

  • Find more motivation and purpose

  • Watch your action board come to life

  • Create the action board in 5 to 10 minutes

  • Look at your board every day and smile


On Demand Healing Session with Dipal’s Guides (no recording)-($275)

Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed Package 9Note: only for 1 person. This does not include additional family member.


On Demand Personal Remote Healing Sessions are one of Dipal’s most popular healing items. Her clients love the ease and flexibility….plus the human ego doesn’t get in the way! This means her guides get to work RIGHT AWAY on what your body needs most to heal!


An On-Demand Silent Remote Healing work is a personal session through Dipal’s Guide Team consisting of Ascended Masters, Angels who are ready to serve you. They will work on any and all problem areas that are present for you.


Once you schedule the 30-minute on-demand silent remote personal healing session, you will receive a confirmation email. Set your intention at that time for what it is you would like to be worked on. If you forget to set your intention, it is O.K., the Guides will be scanning and clearing all energies.


On demand healing will include the following along with your unique intention:

  • Scanning areas of the body and 4 energy systems

  • Help you create a better relationship with your Finances

  • Increase the Pranic Flow to bring in Wealth

  • Detox old patterns, beliefs, and emotional entanglements to money

  • Clear any lack and limitation you hold onto

  • Keep your vibration for Wealth and Prosperity High all the time

  • Clear outdated beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and feelings

  • Plus your intentions too!


You can sit in silence, meditation, work, or sleep. The Guides will be working on you for the time you signed up for. There is no written or verbal interaction during or after this remote healing.


If you are sensitive to energy healing you will feel different sensations as the Guides work on you for example tingling, heat, cold, pressure, lightness in your body, calmness, and support.


After a silent healing session, you should feel rejuvenated, warm, and uplifted with greater fortitude to continue on your life journey. Over time you will see your reactions to life’s circumstances change, relationships change, opportunities flourish, and more joy in your life.


Note: This is a remote healing and does not include a recording.


Group Call 1 prerecorded: Fear of Moving Forward ($150)

Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed Package 10Move forward in every part of your life with ease and grace. You no longer have to live in fear. Let go the anxiety and find momentum in your life.




Group call 2 prerecorded: Feng Shui your way to abundance ($150)

Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed Package 11Rearrange and rid things that do not belong. It is time to declutter and allow the divine energies to realign as we feng shui your home.



Financial Abundance and Success at Quantum Speed Package 3

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