Holiday Protection Package 1

Holiday Survival Kit: Complete Energetic Protection for the Holidays and Beyond

Are you looking for ways to:

Step into your power with Stress FREE Life

Transform Stress to Joy during the Holidays

Stop worrying about everything and everyone

Stop being attacked by energy vampires

Have more energy during the holidays

Increase your self care during the holidays

Stay in your power around others during the holidays

Don’t Let Stress Leave you feeling Immobile

Powerful Testimonial:

My Soul talked and all my Addictions were Gone

I thought if I make more money or if I looked better people would like me. I was working out, taking steroids,depressed, alot of alcohol, and drugs. I was in the corporate world for 15 years and hated it. I had a friend of mine that referred me to Dipal because I was living my life as someone else and I didn’t understand. I listened to Dipal and immediately I was attracted to her work. I had a session with her and I immeditately got off the alcohol and drugs within 2 weeks. It was amazing what one session did. So I did a couple of more sessions. I stopped the steroids slowly, it took time but I did it. I realized that reality was scary but it was also full of life. I was hiding behind it all along. I figured out I didn’t want to live my life like this because my soul started to talk to me. I love my life and I feel very guided. Thank you Dipal for the person that you are and everything you do for others. 


Finally able to Grieve and Receive

I have experienced different patterns of loss … losing my babies either through miscarriage or later after having given birth, losing my partners, my job or my money. When a loved one passes away, I cannot grieve, because it is too difficult. Dipal cleared the path to receiving and my limiting belief of receiving and deserving . She also cleared a curse that was in the family line for loss and grief. Thank you.


It’s time to Release Deep Stress Imprints for Energetic Wellness …Immediately!

Namaste, my name is Dipal Shah and I am a Medical Intuitive. I have helped 1000’s of people around the world with chronic medical problems. Allow me and my Guide team to tune into your body and help you stay in your power and Stress FREE during the holidays.

Stress comes in many forms. It can affect your health in many ways. I believe stress is what starts all dis-eases in the body. If we can learn techniques and have the proper tools to manage the stress then we can save so many lives. 

The exhaustion that comes with stress causes many of the chronic illness and is known to be a world epidemic right now. It’s time to come back to who you really are and bring back the peace of mind you deserve. Let me help you break free from the restless within your mind and body. 

I am here to support your Journey to a Pain FREE Life!!!


I have anxiety and depression. I felt like I was having a heart attack all the time. It was panic attacks that were taking over my life. I never knew true freedom and happiness. I was always basing everything off what my parents said and thought. I could not let go. It was hard for me until Dipal came along. She shared with me so much healing and techniques that I did them each day. It is the only thing that got me through what I had become. I am now a fun, loving myself, and caring person who has a whole life ahead of them. I will be able to enjoy and find joy in my life. 


Able to manage my stressors, no longer sick

The job I hated so much has now I love it. I was so sick and tired of my job and the people I worked with. I wanted to find a new purpose and reason to live. I couldn’t believe all the bullying i went through for years. Dipal helped me communicate, open up and set boundaries. When I started doing this at work and in my personal life everything shifted for me. I am no longer stressed about going to work or having these awe-ful heart palpitations each day. Thank God for Dipal. You have an amazing talent and gift of caring for others. Thank you.


Overcame fears of death and got through difficult times

My mother passed 2 months ago, my father passed a month ago and my brother has cancer. I am scared to death. I thought I was also going to die really soon. I didn’t know what to think  or which direction to go. I was scared of death, I was scared of living. I was holding onto to grief that just wouldn’t go away. I was wondering if I was next. Dipal’s sessions are the only thing that got me through these difficult times. I would not have gotten through all this without the help of her and her guide team constantly making sure I was ok. The 21 days healing really helped boost the energies and helped me grieve, relieve my emotions, and find myself as I had lost all of me. Thank you so much Dipal for all that you do.


Types of Stresses You may be dealing with: 

Work Stress: Job Pressure, Bad Bosses, Work Overload/Overwhelm, Co-worker bullying

Financial Stress: Unemployment, Bills, Medical Expenses, Retirement Funds

Health Stress: Chronic Illness, Health of loved ones, Caring for others, Weight, Sleep, Eyesight, Infertility

Relationship Stress: Abusive Relationships, In laws, Husband, Kids, Relatives, Exes, Parents

Life Stress: Dinner Parties, Accomodations, Responsibilities, Grief/Loss, Abandonment, Loneliness, Moving

Other Stress: Other people energy, Energy Vampires, Entities, curses, implants, Environmental, Chemical, Emotional, Mental

Here is what others have to say:

“If it wasn’t for Dipal, I would have ended up in the hospital long time ago”

Dipal makes you feel like you are on top of the world. She cares and that matters when it comes to a healer.”

“Dipal has helped me manage my stress with my parents, I don’t feel so depressed and upset all the time”

“Dipal has been a blessing when it comes to my anxiety. It was completely gone after just a few sessions”

“Dipal and her Guide team know exactly where to go in the body. She was right on when she told me exactly where I was bottling up all my stress”

“My workplace stress was through the roof. I wanted to leave my job. I no longer enjoyed where I was and who I was working with. Until this Program that actually works.” 

“Dipal’s program has given me my joy back that I lost for years. I had no idea what happy was til I did this program”

“I have experience deep, deep heart healing just from learning to let go and keep the peace in my mind no matter what is going on around me.”

“Just as I expected Dipal Shah’s mp3s work when traditional medicine couldn’t!!”

“I’m so happy about this transformation session, I lost 10 lbs after our session. I was holding onto to so much baggage causing my body to be in stress mode all the time.”

“I never realized my entire body was in flight or flight all the time, thank you Dipal for getting me out of this. I feel so much lighter and happier. More at EASE.”

When we are faced with persistent stress or overwhelming circumstances, many people respond by postponing joy. Joy becomes something that either has to be earned or deserved, through patience, hard work, or self-denial.

But here’s the thing — the science says that this is all backwards! We shouldn’t put off joy until after we’re out of a stressful situation. Instead, we should see joy as a tool for coping with stress. Joy is a form of a resilience.

If Your Stressors Are Leaving You Feeling:


















Burned out

When we get stressed and overwhelmed, that’s often when you forget to look for joy.

Do you tell yourself any of these stories?

“I’ll see friends when I get through this rough patch.”

“I wish I had time to go see a movie.”

“I will go for a walk another day.”

“I will leave my desk for lunch but I’m just so behind on everything.”

“I don’t feel like I deserve to go get a massage.” 

“I don’t feel like I deserve to take a vacation.”

“I feel guilty being joyful when my mom / partner / friend is struggling.”

“I want to make sure everyone is taken care of 1st.”

“I don’t deserve to be happy.”

“I can’t cope with life.”

All these stories are causing physical symptoms in your body. But your not alone:

✔ 77% of people worldwide are dealing with STRESS which is causing physical symptoms.  

74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. 

✔ Doctors are seeing more people with stress related issues than ever before.

You don’t have to be a victim of stress

Digestive Issues Healed and Energy is Amazing

I moved all my life, I don’t know what was making me move so much. I was looking for something but not sure. This feeling of empty just kept seeping into my life. I was in many relationships, nothing lasting though. I was lonely and I was dealing with so many health issues from digestive issues, chronic fatigue, and diabetes. I needed to take care of myself. My boss didn’t make things easy at work. I needed to understand and figure out what to do. I had a session with Dipal and she helped me with my purpose and realize what was the root cause of all that was going on in my life. She has been there for me every step of the way since and I feel like she is the best coach anyone can have. I am so grateful to have Dipal in my life. She is the best.


Such powerful and unique healing ever experienced

Dipal’s clearing are so powerful and unique. After the healing I experienced a weekend with a lot of crying, I start to slowly feel better now. Many things came to the surface such as huge emptiness, loneliness, uselessness and overeating in order to numb all this, my fears to get myself out there and start living my soul purpose …  Even though I had been aware of all these things for quite a while, it was painful to feel them with such an intensity. I am better now and I am grateful for our session together. I cleared so much and continue to do so.


Back Pain improved tremendously

My health is pretty good but a tune-up in all areas could be nice. When I first signed up for Dipal’s program,  I was in the midst of a very painful bout of lumbar pain from “degenerative disk disease” with radiculopathy, but it is now much improved.  With acute pain improved.


Reconnected to life force energy and found inner piece to live again

Thank you so very much for the remarkable clearing today. All of my sessions with you have been remarkable, but this one in particular helped be reconnect with my life force and my inner sense of peace. I appreciate the tips to nurture certain chakra areas to optimize my health moving forward, and I plan to adopt new practices you suggest with new awareness.

Physically, I experienced a release in my jaw, face, neck and shoulders, and my heart feels more joyous and open. I appreciate our conversation about how the pineal gland runs the show more than I had given it credit for. I’m ready to live my life with better energy moving forward. Thank you for giving me the knowledge and clearings so I can refocus my thoughts and be aware of them so they empower me, not limit me. 


Nervous system grids cleared and feel love and forgiveness

Dipal worked through my energy centers and energy channels to clear the traumas I was holding onto. She went through the nervous system and cleared some grids that she was seeing that had stuck emotions and beliefs in there. I could see the patterns just dissolving and I could feel my 7th and 8th chakra opening up with an immediate lightening through my body. I was crying and laughing at the same time and when I opened my eyes I felt this amazing feeling of love and forgiveness. I could feel that I had been blessed with a very pure and gentle healing from the Guides. I couldn’t believe even after a few days the energy was still vibrating through my body. I woke up each day with a huge smile and looking forward to my day. Looking forward to my life!!! This was long awaiting. Thank you Dipal Shah. 


Only one who has helped bring relationships back

No one could ever explain to me why I was holding onto the anger. I didn’t know what to do with it. I felt completely overwhelmed by it and it was causing choas amongst my friends and family. I couldn’t hold a relationship because of it. I worked with Dipal and she was so amazing to help me. She has been the only one who has brought relationships back into my life that I never thought would rekindle. I had to change my patterns of thinking and that is where my blocks were. As she opened up channels and cleared my adrenals things started to shift immediately. This is exactly what I was looking for. You are worth every penny Dipal Shah.


Heart palpitations completely gone

Everytime I was stressed I noticed my heart would pace rapidly. I would have these heart palpitations and then my blood pressure would go shooting through the roof. I ended up in the emergency room so many times. Finally I decided to do a session with Dipal. I noticed that after the first session my heart palpitations started to come down. I was doing better with my blood pressure during stressful times. I also noticed after the second session that I was no longer having palpitations and that my blood pressure was normalizing. I wasn’t having the aweful blood pressure highes. 

Thank you Dipal for helping my heart. You are a blessing


Stressors Are Affecting Your Body’s Systems:

Respiratory System:



Difficulty breathing


Panic attacks

Musculoskeletal System

Neck  Pain

All-over Joint Pain

Tightness in the muscles

Knee Pain

Hip Pain

Lower, Upper and Mid back Pain

Cardiovascular system

High Blood Pressure




Nervous System

Brain and Body Connection

Pineal Gland 

Headaches, Migraines, Eyesight, Earaches, Toothpain

Nerve fibers to other parts of the body

Endocrine system

Anxiety,  Depression

Mood Swings

Thyroid Issues

Insomnia/Sleep Deprivation

Weight gain/weight loss

Fight or Flight Response — Adrenaline and Cortisol Release

Reproductive System

Irregular Cycles

Erectile Dysfunction

Low libido

Difficulty with pregnancies

Difficulty conceiving

Painful Cycles

Testosterone levels may rise or drop

Integumentary system



Contact Dermatitis



Certain skin conditions that can worsen (excema, psoriasis, etc)

Digestive System

Heartburn/ Gerd ( Acid Reflux)



Chronic Constipation


Overproduction of Glucose

Change in appetite (overeating or undereating)

Immune system

Get sick more often

Histamine Intolerance

Generalized Inflammation

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Inflammation

Urinary System

Urinary incontinence

Interstitial cystitis (IC)

Overactive bladder

Underactive bladder

Kidney Disease

Bladder prolapse

Motivated and 90% better than ever before

I felt really good after our sesion. I was unmotivated to do anything and then all of a sudden  I got alot done and even though listened everyday to the mp3s but still moody and depressed and got better at the end of the week. I feel 90 % better than before and  clearing and eating.


Entities and Spirits Cleared within minutes brought Incredible Relief

I have a parent whose home was pretty much infested with lower energies. My parent had been a hoarder and things there literally went bump bump thump in the night. My parent in the past had conversations with a controlling and pain inflicting entity in the back bedroom. Whenever I would go there I would wind up getting sick. I really hated going there not just because of the house, but because of issues with family and the town. But my parent is elderly and needs caretaking.After one session with Dipal the house was cleared of all the entities and spirits. This relieved so much stress. 

Not only that but I was cleared too, so much so that I no longer felt oppressed by the house, family or town. After a second session with Dipal, the energy that had been stuck for decades suddenly shifted – a sibling became inspired to move my parent into their home. We were able to clear out the house and multiple storage lockers in record time. And what is truly SO AMAZING is that I now feel so comfortable in this house that I am considering living here! There is not a trace left of the darkness that was here before. My parent is happy and comfortable and no longer haunted. Caring for them now is no difficulty. I use Dipal’s mp3s every day (and night) to keep the vibrations high. I had worked before with a well known shaman who was never able to shift the darkness for long, but now I feel safe. I am So Grateful 🙏to Dipal. She has changed my life for the much better.


Attachments cleared and felt more clear, open, focused and relieved headaches and pressure

During my appointment I shared that I was dealing with an attachment issue of a healer I had worked with. You saw it as having picked up some of his energy but I guess I still see it as attachment because after clearings with you and other healers it lessens for awhile but then returns just as strongly. After the one on one session I felt a great amount of relief in my head area, the pressure, buzzing in ears. My brain felt more clear, my memory and focus was better my ability to study and function more like I normally do. I also felt more of my natural sense of peace, joy and happiness. Thank you for your work! 


My sense of seeing and feeling developed as we were working together

my father was an angry person when i was a child. He made me shut down my creative side by telling me how horrible it was and ripping up every work of art I would show him. my senses have developed as we are working together in one session and ..i am starting to see colors and feel what you are doing too. i feel lighter in my body even though i do not see physical results yet but I feel like so much weight has been lifted. I know that one day the physical weight will be lifted too. After the 2nd session it smells and feels so clean as you worked on the brain and the gut.


Fever Gone and Sinuses Opened Up

This was an amazing call. I was only half listening waiting for the group mini healing because I have been so sick since Wed. I am in school and so there is alot of stress with working through school and personal life. I ended up with a fever, sinus congestion and pain throughout my body. Dipal did a healing and all of a sudden my fever subsided and my sinuses opened. By the end of the call I felt almost completely well ! She truly is the real deal


Mobile Again and No more Arthritis Pain

As the holidays come around I feel sick to my stomach and very depressed. I feeling like crawling under a rock. I can’t move. My arthritis would act up. My body feels stuck and my mind just can’t shake off the gloominess. I feel like I’m stuck in the dark. The season changes effect me deeply and I feel so unmotivated. I can’t find myself to shift this energy. I went to Dipal for a few sessions and knew that she would be able to get this thing out of me. And she did. I am finally able to actual be more mobile in everyway. I started to work out, do yoga, eat better, and even found a way to cook for myself which I was not doing before. I hated cooking for one person. Now I am loving every moment of it and feel better and better each and every day. My knee pain has improved tremendously. The pain from my arthritis is so much more tolerable and almost next to none. Amazing is all I can say about Dipal and her work. I have never experienced anything like her. 


Clear Your Energetic and Physical Blocks and Find Stress Relief Immediately!!!

It only takes as little as “10 Minutes” Per Day!!!

Feel the Positive Changes Start to happen Right-Away!

If you have tried Every stress management technique out there & Nothing has worked...You have to Try this Program it is Simple, Quick, Easy and it works!!!

Holiday Protection Package 2

Waiving the shipping fee (regular $15) for the next 48 hours only.

Shipping address needed to be correct.

Life-changing benefits of healing through the holidays and beyond. Bringing you the coherence of your energy and the frequency and vibration of the universe in through your Hara Dimension for 15 days. It’s time to bring order out of the disorder.

Bring in High Vibrational “Source” energy to Rev-Up your complete system!

Get the energetic support that you need to release the stress that your body is holding on to

Get the support you need at work, at home, in the car, social settings, parties, etc.

Feel the support that is pain-free

Clear Self-Sabotaging behaviorsDownload & Upgrade your brain and body for a happier holiday!

Open up and Create joy each day

Activate Happy & Healthy hormones

Clear all entities, curses, and blackmagic

Manage your stressors with ease 

Clear all energy vampire energies

Get energetic support through a complete energy detox each day

Let go of access stress that your body is holding onto

Ground in your personal power in your body

Get more focused and motivated each day

Feel more  and more vibrant and happy each day

Connect to your innermost self

✔ Experience a blissful state each day of your life with lightness and peace 

Get comfortable living in ACTION not RE-ACTION mode

Obtain guidance and direction

Live with a smile on your face each day


Quantum Healing Bracelet for the holidays and beyond

Holiday Protection Package 3

Copper is a natural element that is an essential micronutrient to ensure the well being of all aerobic life forms. It plays a vital part in the development and performance of the human nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as the skin, bone, immune and reproductive systems, including gene transcription. Copper can also inhibit the growth of microbes, thus providing a measure of protection against harmful germs and bacteria in many environments.

Copper has also been used for many years to help with relief from symptoms of Arthritis, Joint Pain, RSI, Carpal Tunnel, and more.

99.9% Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelets provide effective and natural non-invasive pain relief.

The Therapeutic Magnets are also strategically placed close to the wrist because they are designed to help increase blood flow to the nearby joints and bring healing nutrients such as iron and vitamin C. They also help balance the bio-energy fields in the wrist and surrounding tissues.

Magnets have been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years and are still used today by many practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In Europe magnets have also been used in therapy for over 100 years and many people claim significant pain relief through the use of magnets for healing.

Bracelet may help with the following:



Blurred vision

Relieves Pain




Tennis Elbow

Repetitive Strain Injury Pain

Reduces Inflammation 

Improves Poor Circulations (cold hands and feet)

Improves Blood Flow

Improves Cell Metabolism

Benefits to neural system, relieve fatigue

Benefits to bloodvessel system,promote  

Balance and coordination 

Relieves spasms, joint and muscle pain

Promote blood circulation

Balance blood pressure

Reduce stress

Anti Aging

Reduces fatigue

Increase body temperature

Improving sleep

Promote the body’s absorption of oxygen

Boost Immune System

Helps regrow joint cartilage that has been lost because of arthritis

Activate resumption of mastitis, tumors, uterine fibroids

Relieves Joint stiffness and Joint pain

Increase Mineral absorption


Shrink hemorrhoids

Form collagen

Helps to absorb iron

Increase energy

Helps with hair graying


Quantum Healing Bracelet Activation 

The bracelet is ready for you to wear. It is already cleaned and infused with Quantum Healing Energies. This is an additional activation from your heart to set your intentions and combine the frequency for you and the bracelet.

Bracelet Activation Includes Activation of the following energies:

Heart center

All Energy channels


Health, wealth, and relationships

Life force energy

Self love, self respect, self worth

Connecting you to the frequency of the Divine Light


Starting on December 11-December 25

Receive remote healing that will cover you through the holidays for 15 days and beyond

Each Day you will receive a Protection Remedy for you and your loved ones that will be short 2-5 minute audio each day in your inbox supporting you during the holidays 

This Protection Remedy is completely remote. All you have to do is receive the life-changing benefits. Set your intentions and let it go.

Open and clear blockages in the Hara Dimension

Clear and Activate your financial abundance and other manifestation energy channels

Receive protection from entities, curses, energy vampires

Receive protection for greater health

Receive Protection for healthier/peaceful relationships

Receive an energy clearing of your home as people come and go

Heal your Energy channels

Support in spiritual growth

Clear and Align all 5 elements (earth, fire, water, air, space)

Accelerate your body’s ability to Heal Quicker

Bring in more happiness than ever before

You can reuse this anytime/anywhere


I am happy to report to you that my circulation has greatly improved and the pain in my elbow and shoulder is almost completely gone. I am so happy I purchased this bracelet and I bought it as a gift for my entire family. I am sold on the medicinal properties of the jewelry.


I get aweful headaches and migraines every month right before my cycle. I had a splitting headache that day that I received my bracelet and thought I’d give the bracelet a try. The headache was too far along to tell a difference that weekend. But the more I wore it. I haven’t had any bad headaches since wearing the bracelets all the time. I’m a believer in the magnetic copper bracelets. 


After dealing with pain for years in my hips and down my legs, sometimes the pain goes all of the way to my ankles and  throughout the night. I couldn’t sleep because of the intense pain. This pain really affected my legs and it would take several hours after waking up before my legs recovered from the pain that I  experienced throughout the night. I have suffered for years and I assumed it was the way it would be for the rest of my life so I accepted it. 

My husband was also going through some sickness. Seemed like a virus or something. So I bought him a bracelet and myself.  A little while after putting the bracelets on, both of us felt very strange sensations in the arm and legs. The pain was gone Immediately! I still experience some pain in my hips on occasion. It bothers me a little at night, but not to a point where it keeps me up. I no longer have the pain extending down my legs during the night. This has been a tremendous relief to me.

And for my husband he recovered so quickly from whatever was gong on. He was up and energetic the next day.

I love it and would recommend it to everyone


I was diagnosed with a debilitating auto immune disorder and had been taking some real harsh medicines as well as high doses of antibiotics and steroid shots.  In the past few years I have gotten completely off all those medicines, much to the chagrin of my Rheumatologist who finds this recovery beyond belief and so do I. I can’t say what the bracelet does, I only know it works. I thank you for giving my life back to me!


I was skeptical at first about the bracelet, I love the copper and rose gold so I figured it wouldn’t hurt. I get many compliments on the way it looks and I when I explain to people why am wearing it they ask me where I got it. I was gravitated to purchase this bracelet because I have tendinitis and it was acting up at work however, since wearing this bracelet  it hasn’t bothered me at all.


I have been using my bracelet every day for a month. I  was having terrible arthritis in my hands and other areas of my body. I bought this bracelet  and I am so grateful to have gotten some pain relief. I still have to be careful using hand and thumb. I know when I try to open things and sometimes when I pickup on something I can feel pain.But my pain went from 9 to 3 which is much better than what I was dealing with each day.


This bracelet saved me from surgery! It alleviates any kind of pain so dramatically. When I wore it the first day I got it I felt a surge of energy going through my body. It felt amazing. In about a week or two the pain decrease incredibly. I am so grateful for this bracelet. I can’t live without it.


This bracelet is stylish and helps greatly with Rheumatoid Arthritis. My rheumatoid arthritis was so bad in my wrists and hands. I felt disabled. I was extremely happy when I received my bracelet. My pain has diminished by 87%. I have only been wearing it for 3 days.


“I use to have cold feet and hands all the time. In the winter it got worse. It felt like I took my hands and feet out of the freezer. I always thought that the circulation in my heart was not right. I was really connected to this bracelet Dipal had. I decided to purchase it and immediately I could feel the blood flowing through my body.  I wore the bracelet for a couple of days and my husband noticed that my hands and feet were warm. I told him about my copper bracelet. Thank you Dipal for the beautiful energy of the bracelet”


I wanted the bracelet because I needed something for my anxiety. I had been battling a court case for a while and it was very stressful. I did not want to keep taking medication. The doctor was going to put me on higher doses of anti-depressants because my blood pressure was staying so high. I bought the bracelet and within 2 days I realized I wasn’t as anxious anymore. I was even more focused at work. I then decided to check my blood pressure and wow it was normal. I couldn’t believe it. This was a life saver for me. Amazing healing through this bracelet. It is more than a regular copper bracelet. I bought 4 more for everyone in my family. We have all benefited from this in some way or another. Beautiful energy of the bracelet.


My sister was having these heart palpitations every day 3 times a day. One time she was driving and had to stop on the side of the road because she got so dizzy.  She was so stressed at work her boss was threatening to let her go. She was taken to the emergency room one day because she thought she was having a heart attack. The doctor said it was only panic attacks. I bought her this copper healing bracelet from Dipal. She wore it all the time except at night. She noticed that her heart palpitations had decreased dramatically within 24 hours and she stopped having panic attacks. The bracelet is powerful. I love it. I bought one for myself to help me with the holidays.


I suffer from iron deficiency or anemia. I have had this issue since teenage years. I was trying to find more natural ways to get my iron up. I tried supplements and herbs from my acupuncture doctor . However, it did not help at all. I was going in circles. I thought I would try this healing bracelet and whallah!!! I went for a checkup and my doctor said my iron was perfectly fine. I know this bracelet has amazing healing powers. I bought one for my husband too because he is always stressed at work and has chronic fatigue.

I noticed that he did not complain for the last 10 days that he is tired. He looks better than I have seen him in 25 years. I couldn’t believe it and neither could he even though he thought it was silly at first.


I was having issues breathing and the doctor was concerned about my oxygen levels.  I have awful allergies and asthma. I have an oxygen tank in my house

because I had really low oxygen levels and ended up in the hospital for days. I have used it a couple of times after being out of the hospital. I feel better when I do use it. My husband bought this bracelet for me and told me to wear it. I loved how it looked and I could adjust it so easily. Immediately I took a deep breath. I haven’t been able to do that in 3 years. That was amazing to feel the sensations of oxygen throughout my body. I could feel my lungs expanding as I continued to wear the bracelet more. I am so grateful to Dipal and my husband who found her.


I had trouble sleeping at night. My sleep never felt complete. I would wake up and then couldn’t go back to sleep. I decided to give this healing bracelet a try. I did not wear it at night. I only wore it in the day time for a couple of hours. It was amazing how wearing the bracelet for a few hours actually helped me sleep at night. I felt well rested and energized the next day.


Frequently Asked Questions

Holiday Protection Package 4

Q. Can I wear my bracelet everyday?

Yes you can wear your bracelet everyday. 

Q. Can I wear it in the shower?

NO, due to the copper material you do not want to wear any jewelry in the shower

Q. Can I wear it to bed?

NO, It is not recommended to wear it to bed. You can put it near your bed side.

Q. Can I get too much copper?

No, this is a bracelet you are not ingesting it

Q. How do I wear this bracelet?

The bracelet is adjustable and It is better to wear a copper bracelet on your wrists alternately left and right.

Q. What if I have a pacemaker, defibrillator, insulin pump or pregnant?

Do not purchase or wear if you wear a pacemaker, defibrillator, insulin pump, pregnant or any other medical devices. Also, this is not a substitute to your medication.Do not wear this if you are allergic to metal.

Q. How often do I need to cleanse it Energetically?

You do not need to cleanse your bracelet energetically. It has already been through the cleansing process. 

Q. How do I clean the bracelet?

The bracelet comes with a coating that preserves its finish. Clean it with a soft cloth. Do not wet the cloth

Q. How often do I need to activate it?

You will never need to activate your bracelet. However, if you would like to that is up to you. You can activate it once a month or once every few months. 

Q. Will it fade or break?

The bracelet should not break. As with all metal it may fade after a few years of usage

REFUND POLICY: No refunds at this time due to content of package.