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What Clients Are Saying

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Eram Saeed

"She has such a wonderful ability to sense things that were going on in my life and body that i didn't even mention to her. It was amazing."

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Dr Karen Kan

“Her readings are so accurate! I could sense the pain leaving my shoulder and my right leg got better. I was able to do my Axel jump in figure skating.”

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Darius Barazandeh

"I have had some amazing experiences with alternate medicines but with dipal it was something very different and effective."

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Ellen Watts

“Dipal’s process was swift, easy and painless and after only a couple of minutes the pain had subsided considerably and the mobility was improved. The big surprise was the next morning the pain was gone and I had walked normally.”

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I'm Dipal Shah, Medical Intuitive, Global Speaker and Mind Reprogramming Expert.
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And I’m passionate about… Getting you back your best health because you DESERVE it!

Do you feel like you health is falling apart? No matter what you do or what you try nothing seems to work! Maybe you are looking for more options to healing your body so you could live the life you have dreamed of. I help people become pain-free. As a medical intuitive, I have a gift that allows me to sense peoples’ physical and emotional ailments, even when they may not be aware themselves. I use a powerful healing modality, Quantum Body Awakening which includes sounds such as light language, toning, or breath to focus and balance a person’s energy systems, removing immediate pain and kick-starting the healing process.
I have transformed my own life from an often stressful career on a path that brought me to an awakened spiritual journey of healing my own dis-eases and I want to help you too.
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