Chronic Disease Eliminator Package 1
Open the Gateway to YOUR Body’s Natural Ability to HEAL Chronic Diseases!

Many doctors and holistic practitioners will look at EVERY system of the body for answers to your health concerns…

BUT they forget the MOST important system of the body…

The Lymphatic System!

Lymphatic System Backup = DISEASE

  • image (3) Are you dealing with one health issue after another after another?
  • image (3) Does your body feel heavy, pressured, and challenged?
  • image (3) Are you dealing with symptoms that are intolerable and doctors can’t help?
If yes, your Lymphatic System is BACKED UP and needs clearing NOW!
Here's What Lymphatic System Backup Looks Like...
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Stiffness, especially in the morning
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Fatigue
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Fatty liver
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Headaches/Migraines
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Water retention
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Swollen glands
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Itchy and dry skin
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Bloating
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Hepatitis
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Ear issues
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Epstein Barr
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Use of Alcohol
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Drenching night sweats
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Hormone imbalance
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Digestive issues
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Absorption of nutrients and minerals
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Tattoos and body piercings
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Shingles
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Loss of appetite/Energy
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Unexplained weight loss
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Stubborn weight gain
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Abdominal pain
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Breast swelling with each cycle
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Holding onto water
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Brain fog
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Diabetes
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Bacteria build up
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Swollen glands, legs, ankles
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Bruise easily
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Blood Transfusions
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Stubborn weight gain
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Chronic sinusitis, sore throats, colds
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Ear issues
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Cellulite
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) PTSD
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Depression
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Mast Cell Activation
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Fight or Flight reaction
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Low motivation
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Heart problems
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Fight or Flight reaction
  • image-3-300x300-removebg-preview (2) Cold hands and feet

When your Lymphatic System is Backed up, you need to rebalance your ENTIRE body to clear out disease and live a more vibrant life!


Medical Intuitive and Self Care Expert Dipal Shah will help you bridge the gap between Eastern and Western Medicine and get your LYMPHATIC SYSTEM back into harmony.

For the first time EVER...
You can now energetically UPGRADE the most important system in your body for greater health and vitality!
Chronic Disease Eliminator!
Chronic Disease Eliminator Package 2

Dipal has created a Powerful and Easy Method to flush out your system to rid yourself of chronic disease once and for all.


This method of clearing and healing is quick and non-invasive.


After years of working with 1000’s people all around the world on various chronic health issues, Dipal has found the formula that WORKS to enable the proper functioning of the body and mind.


She can energetically identify disruptions, blocks, congestions of toxins that contribute to an unhealthy Lymphatic System…




Dipal and her Guides will create a nurturing, compassionate and safe healing space for you to heal quickly and effectively as they dive in, seek out areas of congestion of toxins, and monitor the pranic flow.


This is a very powerful and gentle process that EVERY person needs.

Starting TODAY You Can Finally Experience Quicker Recovery From Diseases And Illnesses!


  • Lymph Nodes
  • Vessels
  • Spleen
  • Thymus
  • Ducts
  • Tonsils
  • Bone marrow

Did you know your lymphatic system Lives in other parts of the body

  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Intestines
  • Liver
  • Skin
Chronic Disease Eliminator Package 3

Your Lymphatic system has certain functions to…


Protect your body from illness-causing invaders…


Maintain body fluid levels…

Absorb digestive tract fats…


And removing cellular wasteland!


Energetically your Lymphatic System even has a story to tell about the life you have lived so far and how much overflow or backflow there really is on a energetic, mental, spiritual and emotional level!


In addition, the amount of toxins, stress, and trauma in today’s environment is causing your lymph nodes to clog up and create unnecessary storage of toxins into your tissues and fat cells.


This could be a HUGE PROBLEM in the long run causing Chronic Health Problems including CANCER.

Here is what Dipal’s Clients have to say after working with Dipal:

“Wow, the healing that Dipal provides is amazing. I had uncontrollable tears! I had a headache- and could feel my jaw moving and releasing it as Dipal worked on me-thank you so much Dipal. I have not had time for self care, or the alone space that I like for self care. This is something Is the intention for- to not allow these attacks- to keep my armor of God in full force. Love you- thank you bunches!!!!” ~ Gail

“Wow, the healing that Dipal provides is amazing. I had uncontrollable tears! I had a headache- and could feel my jaw moving and releasing it as Dipal worked on me-thank you so much Dipal. I have not had time for self care, or the alone space that I like for self care. This is something Is the intention for- to not allow these attacks- to keep my armor of God in full force. Love you- thank you bunches!!!!”
~ Gail

“I had blood transfusion and ended up with HIV. I trust Dipal and we worked together for a few session. During the sessions I could feel the energy. After each session I could see that I was able to manage the stress and symptoms better and let go the fear that comes with the process of healing. I am living my life with a better sense of how to manage my anger and finding a sense of purpose rather than living in the past regrets.” ~ MR

“My shoulder and neck pain released so quickly. I could feel the energy down my feet and in my diaphragm. Dipal cleared all this for me within 3 minutes.I can’t wait to go deeper. Powerful Powerful Powerful.” ~ Jan

“My brain feels clearer. I am able to make decisions quickly. I have less brain fog and so much more energy” ~ S.J

“I have been experiencing bloating, hemorrhoids, low energy, acid reflux and Dipal worked on toning my vagus nerve. She worked on my nervous system and immune system. She could see that I may have IBS. I did not tell her that I had been diagnosed with it. She finds things in your body even when you do not tell her. She is like an XRAY machine. Three sessions and my acid reflux and bloating all gone” ~ Trisha

“No more cold hands and feet. My heart feels calm and relaxed too. I could feel the flow of oxygen in my body. I no longer feel dehydrated and I am able to do my yoga practice without the stiffness. I Love it.” ~ Nora

“Bless you for taking the time to help me! I was in great need this morning, frightened and in pain, … soon the pain eased, I was able to sleep, and the healing has just kept on happening. I am so grateful!” ~ Joy

“My husband just got his PSA (prostate cancer) blood work result and it’s normal. From my whole heart, I thank you for this morning’s session and everything you’ve helped my family and me with.” ~ Lindsey

“I had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression for 20 years. My goal was to get off the painkillers and anxiety meds. Dipal helped me do this and feel good about life. I feel more alive and joyful than ever before. Thank you Dipal for the wonderful gift that you are to the world.” ~ Jen

“Finally headache and pain gone…less bloating and appetite” ~ Susie

“My body is more supple and my joints are moving easily now. Plus, my funds started to flow easier!” ~ Fatima

“No more allergies and reactions to food and weight lifted” ~ Ken

“3 days after my session with Dipal my scans for Stage 3 Lung cancer came back clear!” ~ Penny

“I liked the energy and the “certainty” during the session, meaning that you were very sure of what you were doing, which was very pleasing to see.” ~ Caroline

“Dipal’s healings are so in depth. She can heal anything. She is a rare gem. Everyone should experience her work” ~ R.R

“I cannot say enough about Dipal. So happy we have connected. She has helped all my family members. She is truly one of a kind and most respected healers I know” ~ P.W

“I actually woke up out of bed and had more energy than I have in 10 years.” ~ Mary

“No more cold hands and feet. My heart feels calm and relaxed too. I could feel the flow of oxygen in my body. I no longer feel dehydrated and I am able to do my yoga practice without the stiffness. I Love it..” ~ Nora

“Bless you for taking the time to help me! I was in great need this morning, frightened and in pain, … soon the pain eased, I was able to sleep, and the healing has just kept on happening. I am so grateful!” ~ Joy

  • image (3) Quicker recovery from diseases and illnesses
  • image (3) Eliminating disease which has ACCUMULATED over lifetimes
  • image (3) Removing cellular waste to help you feel better each and every day
  • image (3) Clearing excess inflammation to help prevent disease
  • image (3) Easily losing excess weight
  • image (3) Strengthening organs and glands so your body works the way it was designed
Chronic Disease Eliminator Package 4

“After working with Dipal I felt so much stronger!”

“I can’t begin to tell you how much I love Dipal’s work. She is so intuitive and really caring about how she dictates each healing. I had a session for multiple things that were going on in my life. I just couldn’t bare it anymore. It was one thing after another.

Some days are good some days are bad. I had problems sleeping, driving, focusing, problems with colleagues at work, my blood pressure was through the roof. I had an accident 2 years ago that left me feeling tired, broken and in pain all the time.

I knew I needed help because even though I have been doing this work for 20 years, I lacked clarity, no motivation, completely overwhelmed. I felt like I was constantly jumping through hoops. Dipal could see that I was self-sabotaging myself. This was a program since childhood.

After the healing, I felt so much stronger. A few days went by and I noticed 50% more focus and actually started to do things I haven’t done in the past few years. My energy levels felt higher and Dipal helped really help me shift my mindset to change the way I looked and managed my health.” – Maggie

“The day after my session my body felt stronger and buzzing all day!”

“I had no idea where all the inflammation was coming from, my lower back, hips were in pain. I am going through a new cycle in my life and that has been difficult. My husband and I are separated and my children were not talking to me.

With Dipal’s help and guidance immediately I received a phone call from my son. The other children are still a little distant but I also was able to forgive my husband.

I could feel a huge sense of relief as I let go the grief and betrayal that i was holding onto. The next day my body felt stronger and buzzing all day.

It was a long time healing that needed to happen and it finally did. If you get a chance to work with Dipal take advantage of it. She is one of the best.”

~ Aisley

“Dipal finds things in your body even when you don’t tell her about them!”

“I have been experiencing bloating, hemorrhoids, low energy, acid reflux and Dipal worked on toning my vagus nerve. She worked on my nervous system and immune system. She could see that I may have IBS. I did not tell her that I had been diagnosed with it. She finds things in your body even when you do not tell her. She is like an XRAY machine. Three sessions and my acid reflux and bloating all gone.

~ Trisha

“Dipal cleared stuck energy from my organs which allowed me to function with ease!”

“My husband Ted passed away suddenly Dipal worked with me on the shock at the suddenness of Ted’s passing during subsequent sessions and was able to clear so much stuck energy from my organs and energy field. She created a wonderful space around the funeral chapel allowing me to function with ease. People commenting on what a wonderful peaceful service.

If you are ready to move forward and embrace the “good”, the “bad” and the “ugly” to enable you to get to the other side. I thoroughly recommend to you Dipal’s packages is the way to go … I have my emotional moments but truly feel like I am on top of the world. My Gratitude ALWAYS Dipal.”

~ Maureen

“Dipal is able to identify areas of imbalance in mind, body and spirit and resolve it!”

“I write this testimonial with joy, lightness and gratitude. Anyone seeking transformation in any area of life, Dipal is the real deal.

Dipal is able to identify areas of imbalance in mind, body and spirit and resolve it in a very short period of time. She is a delight to work with and puts her client at ease immediately. I thoroughly recommend

Dipal’s capability and professionalism I am eternally grateful to her for elevating me to a completely different level of my healing journey.

~ Tessa

“Haven’t slept for over a year… I fell asleep shortly after working with Dipal!”

“That was FANTASTIC. I could feel the work being done, moving around to different areas. Felt so much better and shortly after fell asleep and slept deeply and restoratively- with good dreams. I don’t know when the last time I slept was- over a year ago I’m sure. Thank you so much! Truly amazing.”

~ K.C

“My mental acuteness and alertness to think critically were so much better than before!”

“After one session I felt energy right away during the session and days after. I couldn’t believe it, I went to work and was able to stay focused especially with all that was going on in my personal life it has been difficult. My job is demanding mentally, I have to focus and think all the time.

After the session, I noticed my mental acuteness and alertness to think critically were so much better than before. I was also having a lot of issues and could feel heavy energies within me and now there was a lightness after the session. The best part of the healing was I felt empowered to start speaking up more.

My confidence was boosted. I have finally shifted my mindset considerably about my financial situation, my relationships with everything and everybody has shifted. It is remarkable how quickly this is happening. I realized that I have potential and know what I want in life.

The session brought a lot of things to light and clarity because today was the first time I am able to articulate where the fear came from, not feeling good enough, I always played small, felt like I was unseen, unheard, and it just felt more appealing to dim one’s life rather than shine. Today I shine.

~ Allie

“Dipal is one of the very few that I have found to be effective!”

“I’ve been into energetic healing modalities for almost a decade and any time Dipal makes a package I don’t hesitate to purchase them because she is one of the very few that I have found to be effective and the shifts they create in my life.

Just recently I scheduled a one on one session with Her and all I can say is that if u really want to get to CORE of what is blocking you I can’t recommend anyone better …..she is one of a kind ….so intuitive and So quick to start the energetic work that one may need …..She is just AMAZING …don’t waste any more time experience it for yourself”

~ Nick

Package A
Reset and Strengthen Lymphatic System
Live Group Healing Session

Date & Time: June 15th at 2:30pm Eastern

Blood cleanse

Upgrade Lymph throughout the body

Remove Cellular Waste

Clearing excess Body Heat

Clearing excess inflammation

Rebalancing the fluid and River of Life Flow

Antioxidant infusion

Oxidative Stress Elimination

Weight Loss

Clear Lingering COVID Symptoms

60 Days of Remote Healing

As soon as you join Chronic Disease Eliminator, the healing energy begins!


Over a period of 60 Days, Dipal and her guides will send you Remote Healing by tapping into your energy, connecting with your higher self, and assessing the state of your body and mind to ensure that you are receiving the healing energy YOUR body needs!


They will use a high frequency prana to help clear the hidden waste in the body, clear inflammation, open up the lymphatic system and strengthen the organs and glands that the lymphatic system serves so that your body can work effectively each and every day.


You may feel the energy if you are very sensitive to Healing. If you do not it is okay…do not worry trust that you are being taken care of.


If you are doing another program this energy healing will not interfere.

5 Powerful Bonus Healing MP3s
Inflammation Marker Reset - MP3

Inflammation is the body’s response to pathogens and can help the body recover from infections. However, when inflammation becomes chronic the body starts to create diseases, aches, and pains that don’t feel so great.

This mp3 helps the body clear ALL the inflammation in the glands, organs, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and restore to its natural state of harmony and equilibrium.

Quantum 5D Lymphatic system Detox and Upgrade - MP3

Discover the power of a strong Lymphatic system as Dipal and her Guides clear energies through the vessels, spleen, thymus, tissue and lymph nodes. Your body will feel purified and rejuvenated giving you a LYMPH FLUSH and fluid balance to live your healthiest life.


Flush out the lymphatic system with a powerful energy that will leave you feeling renewed and a new sense of vitality. Bring down swelling in any area of the body and balance the amount of fluid in the body.

Clearing EMF Exposure in Home and Body - MP3

External environmental factors have an effect on the LYMPHATIC system. Clear the exposure of one of the most toxic energies of our time-EMF’s.


This mp3 will clear EMF’s that have built up in your home that are affecting your body and those that are within your body affecting your systems, organs, glands and creating diseases.

River of Life Flow balance - MP3

Quick balance to achieve better flow, less resistance and greater sense of well-being.


This mp3 will help you open up channels and portals within your body to allow the powerful frequencies of the river of life to flow giving every cell in your body LIVELINESS.


The river of life will assist in weight loss as it releases the waste and makes room for healthy thoughts, feelings and emotions to nourish the body. It will help you function everyday with ease and tons of energy.

Clearing internal conflicts - MP3

A Powerfully Guided Healing Process that will create a powerful balance and transformation within your body.


Inner conflict may be a constant battle that has hindered you from achieving your life’s purpose, creativity and manifestations. This feeling of conflict translates into fear, anger, disgust, confusion, loneliness.

This mp3 will help you clear and cut cords of all inner conflicts within you that have created waste and blocked your intuition, body’s ability to heal, and life decisions. It will give you a surge of clarity and direction.

Chronic Disease Eliminator

Package A

• Reset and Upgrade the Lymphatic System - Group Call Replay

• 60 Days of Remote Healing

• 5 Powerful Bonus MP3s to support River of Life Flow , Waste Elimination and Greater Health



“I have been feeling very lighthearted, hopeful, loving and joyful.”

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to have a session with you. During the entire session I felt a warm sensation in front of my chest as you worked on my hearts and especially the thymus. In these last few days after my session with you I have been feeling very lighthearted, hopeful, loving and joyful. Thank you so much for everything.”

~ Nancy

“I feel a little freer in speaking my truth and sharing the feelings that have been stuck in me for so long”

“A few days ago I had a wonderful session with Dipal. We worked on speaking up and expressing my true self to others without fear of what they will think or say. I’ve had problems with this for as long as I can remember and she helped slice a big chunk of fear around this issue in just one session.

I am forever thankful to her. I was able to speak up and discuss some unresolved feelings with my boyfriend so we can have a better relationship.

I can honestly say I feel a little freer in speaking my truth and sharing the feelings that have been stuck in me for so long. Little by Little my life is turning into what I want and envision for myself. This makes me truly happy.

I am so excited for her program on pain and sleep. It is something I’m looking forward too. I know many people are in need of this work and Dipal is an admired healer and will help you with exactly you ask for. I love how she takes to time to listen and hold a space of compassion and empathy for me. Forever Grateful!! Thank you so much Dipal Shah.”

~ Amy

“It seems after many months (years even), I can breath!”

“After my my last session with you, I have been able to think much more clearly about my future plans and my confidence is returning.

The aches and pains you worked on particularly in my back shoulder blades and my legs, knees and feet have greatly reduced and my chest feels less heavy. It seems after many months (years even), I can breath!

Many thanks for your time and healing. God bless you and the work you do with others always.”

~ Lana

“Thanks for healing my physical ailments, my anxiety, and showing me how to be more in tune with my gifts”

“Thanks for healing my physical ailments, my anxiety, and showing me how to be more in tune with my gifts. As much as I crave complete healing for my back and knee and allergies, I really really crave spiritual expansion. That takes radical self discovery, and the way you help us with that is just so lovely and gentle. And then the physical issues get better and better, and my relationships skyrocket all the way to awesome, along with my confidence!

Please keep blessing us with your guidance Dipal! Oh, and I am much more connected to everyone I meet, and connection is so very healing and feels good. I am so grateful to you for helping me. Thank you!”

~ Jenny

“Pain Gone and Finally Love Myself”

“It is an amazing session!!! Thank you so so much for the session that you healed my emotion about my mother. My mom killed herself. The regret, guilt, and anger about her death been with me for the past 18 years subconsciously. You spot it out….open all my chakras and clear the emotion blockages especially on my heart chakra. I feel so light and bright after the session… more tears, just want to finally love myself more

Thank You Thank You Thank You”

~ Dina

“I could feel the energy that no longer served me, exit while Dipal did her clearing and healing”

“I recently had an amazing healing session with Dipal Shah. I felt euphoric, peaceful, free and so very grateful.

I felt safe sharing my personal issues with Dipal. She exudes and holds a beautiful container of energy, even on the phone.

Though my sharing was quite brief, Dipal “hit” on areas that were very deep (perhaps even subconscious), that have contributed to the Fibromyalgia I’ve had for 14 years. She picked up on past-life events as well as karmic and ancestral “agreements”.

In addition to a warm, tingling body sensation, I could feel the energy that no longer served me, exiting through my feet as Dipal lovingly cleared these cords. The entire session was visceral.

As I continue to integrate this healing, I feel a grounded “knowing” that I no longer need to be “fixed”. She even provided a recording of our session that I can return to again and again. As emotions are stored in the body, I have no doubt the Fibromyalgia will improve.

I was profoundly impacted by my session with Dipal Shah To say I am grateful would be an understatement.”

~ Daun

Package B
Abhyanga Video and PDF to Clear Your Own
Lymphatic System Each Day

This video highlights how you can do your own lymphatic system cleanse each day preventing toxin builtup and overload in the cells. Give your body the self care it needs every morning and evening with a easy to follow video.

On Demand Personal Remote Healing Session

Note: only for 1 person. This does not include additional family member.


On Demand Personal Remote Healing Sessions are one of Dipal’s most popular healing items. Her clients love the ease and flexibility….plus the human ego doesn’t get in the way! This means her guides get to work RIGHT AWAY on what your body needs most to heal!


An On-Demand Silent Remote Healing work is a personal session through Dipal’s Guide Team consisting of Ascended Masters, Angels who are ready to serve you. They will work on any and all problem areas that are present for you.

Once you schedule the 30-minute on-demand silent remote personal healing session, you will receive a confirmation email. Set your intention at that time for what it is you would like to be worked on. If you forget to set your intention, it is O.K., the Guides will be scanning and clearing all energies.


On demand healing will include the following along with your unique intention:

Scanning areas of the body and 4 energy systems

Help you create a better relationship with your body

Eliminate excess weight and fluid from the body

Increase the River of Life Flow through the body

Reset and strengthen your Lymph nodes, Heart, Liver, Vessels, Thymus

Detox the lymphatic system

Clear trauma and ancestral blocks from lymph

Balance hormones/neurotransmitters through the lymph

Heavy metal and EMF detox

Increase energy levels

Reset frequencies of lymphatic system

Eliminate high inflammatory markers in the body

Clear outdated beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and feelings

Plus your intentions too!

You can sit in silence, meditation, work, or sleep. The Guides will be working on you for the time you signed up for. There is no written or verbal interaction during or after this remote healing.


If you are sensitive to energy healing you will feel different sensations as the Guides work on you for example tingling, heat, cold, pressure, lightness in your body, calmness, and support.


After a silent healing session, you should feel rejuvenated, warm, and uplifted with greater fortitude to continue on your life journey. Over time you will see your reactions to life’s circumstances change, relationships change, opportunities flourish, and more joy in your life.


Note: This is a remote healing and does not include a recording.

“I never tried Remote healing like this and wowza it was amazing. I felt renewed and revived afterwards. I haven’t had this much energy in 10 years.” ~ Irene

“If you haven’t tried this type of Remote healing you are missing out. It is no joke that it is ON DEMAND. As soon as I made the payment I could feel a huge energy coming in and lifting me up. It was the most amazing feeling ever as if I was being taken care of, my stress just lifted away, I had a new sense of presence in my life. Thank you.” ~ Diana

“My blood pressure came down within 30 minutes of the healing. I was amazed at how I could feel the energies working on my heart. I had emotions and tears running down and a huge sense of relief. Imagine carrying 100lbs around your heart and that being completely lifted. Feeling free once again and like myself.” ~ Katie

Chronic Disease Eliminator

Package B

• Everything from Package A

• Abhyanga Video to clear Your Own Lymphatic System Each Day

• On Demand Healing (no recording)



“Finally Headache and pain gone…Less Bloating and Appetite”

“During the session I felt the energy opening up and flow with tingling and warmth.

Later in the evening I had a headache and increased stiffness which I think it was me detoxing. I also experienced increased pain in my back also contributed to detoxing and muscle movement. Today I feel so much better headache and pain gone yaa!!!

I also feel like I am lighter, less bloaty and appetite which is also good. Thank you again for the work you do.”

~ Susie

“No More Allergies and Reactions to Food and Weight Lifted ”

“I can’t thank you enough for this clearing. As you can imagine, there was so much suffering involved.

Right now, we are on vacation and we went to a restaurant around 3. I had no trouble with the meal whatsoever which is so unusual to sit down and actually enjoy a meal without an adverse reaction. Especially, in a restaurant which is out of the ordinary for me. The experience went so smoothly. In fact, it was one of my best days in a long, long time. Not that I was afraid, but just programmed for these unhealthy reactions and issues that occurred with a mind of their own.

So, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You have been a godsend to me. You, your guides, my guides and angels. For all who were involved in this process. I will be forever grateful. Can’t thank you enough!

The weight has been lifted, I can’t even describe. God Bless you, Dipal!”

~ Ken

“Vision Improved..Major Changes”

“I have diabetes, high blood pressure and many other issues that I addressed with Dipal in a session. I couldn’t believe when I had a Major change after all this time with my vision which seems to be causing me so much tension and stress. I want my vision to be perfect or even good.

Here is what happened — macular pucker dark membrane gone— better vision right eye peripheral vision—progress toward much more normal vision… makes the left eye seem sluggish, blurry but right eye is perky with no previous blocks, irregularities.


~ Carrie

“Big Changes and Breathing Deeper”

“Thank you soooo much for a powerful, insightful session today. Everything you said made sense and your healing energies were amazing. I can feel big changes already, as I am able to breathe deeper (I hadn’t realised how shallow I had been breathing before the session) and my neck, shoulders, middle, lower back, and abdomen are all much more relaxed than they were.”

~ Sandie

“Stage 3 Lung Cancer Gone…”

“I had my first session with Dipal and I couldn’t believe the amount of healing she provided within a short period of time.

Lets just say I received everything I needed because she was not only spot on but very gentle and loving. She guided me through the healing and made sure I was ok.

I have lung cancer and it is stage 3. Dipal cleared implants and tags, she cleared and repaired the cells in my lungs, I could immediately feel like I was able to breathe.

She cleared all cancer cells and other areas where there was resonance. She made me realize all I had been resisting in life and that life didn’t have to be so hard and sad.

This healing was just in time. I had an appointment with the Doctor 3 days later and the scans came out clear.

I am so thankful to her guides and her. I recommend Dipal to anyone who is looking for answers and healing. She is the best.”

~ Penny

“Gallbladder and Lower Back Pain Gone”

“On Demand Silent Healings are so powerful, the first time I did it I didn’t know what to expect and now I am addicted.

The Guides just know where to go and I don’t have to worry. I know that it will be taken care of.

I requested healing for myself because I was having some pain in my gallbladder and lower back and within an hour I went from level 8 to 2. I was able to move on with my day without worrying about the pain.”

~ Gail

“Husband Released from Hospital Immediately”

“I was so desperate trying to get a healer right away and I remembered Dipal’s on demand healing where you can request healing anytime day or night. I was so happy to have this option and know that so many others will appreciate it too.

I immediately signed up for an on demand silent healing and it was the best thing. I couldn’t believe how my husband just came out of the hospital after a heart issue and a run to the ER the night before. On demand healing is truly a blessing. Thank you Dipal and your Guide Team.”

~ Judy

“Fear Gone and Cancer FREE”

“After having a lumpectomy to remove suspicious cells in my left breast, I had a session with Dipal a few hours prior to my 6-month, post-surgery check-up at the hospital. I was anxious and worried about the results showing possible breast cancer in one or both breasts.

During our session, Dipal was positive, used her healing knowledge and skill to clear my energy and body as she gently and lovingly guided me throughout our time together.

I felt prepared both mentally and physically for my appointment. I used her grounding process as I entered the hospital and waited for my results. I felt calm and confident the news would be good. Usually I would be thinking “what if” fear-based thoughts as I waited, but this time felt different.

The news was great-both breasts were and are clear! There are no abnormal cells or cancer present.

I am most grateful for your wisdom, time and loving care, Dipal. I feel blessed by your healing gifts and thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing them with me.”

~ Katherine

“I have never experienced this kind of healing in the 25 years”

“For the first time in almost 15 years, I am so grateful to be alive. I have no fear, shame, and guilt. I finally was able to forgive my father and mother for all the trauma as a child that I held onto. I was able to tap into my own energies with Dipal’s powerful technique that connects the heart and the Power center. I have never experienced this kind of healing in the 25 years I have been having energy healing work. I feel lighter, calm, and can handle uncertainty a lot better than before.”

~ Jorge

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Will this work for me?

Yes! Dipal’s modality is called Quantum Body Awakening.  Dipal uses Quantum Healing energies that are directly channeled from Dipal’s Guide Team, Your Guide Team and Your Body. She then dives into your whole being to help clear energetic, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychic and physical blockages.

Q. How many times do I need to listen to the mp3s in order to heal?

It is best to listen to one mp3  and see how it feels in your body and mind. If it feels good you can play another mp3. If your body feels tired at any point you can stop listening to any more mp3s. Wait for the next day until the energies that have surfaced have cleared. 

If you are new to Quantum Body Awakening with Dipal Shah please check in with your intuition before listening to multiple mp3s all at once. 

If you are familiar with Dipal’s work and have bought previous packages then please use the mp3s as your body allows you to. You can use this in addition to the Quantum Health Reboot Package if you have it.

Mp3s can be looped. You can listen to mp3s on silent or out loud while you are asleep or awake.

Q. How could I get the most benefit from these mp3s?

The mind and body are constantly processing new information from our environment and surfacing old information. You can relisten to the mp3s best suited to clear the new low vibrational energy with the new healing energies. This will help you continue clearing out cellular memory.

Q. What commitment is expected from me?

While this package contains an incredible amount of powerful clearing and healing energies, remember that energy healing is going to help bring continuous homeostasis to the body, mind and energy systems.

It’s important to not only commit to listening to the mp3s, but also to commit to yourself by taking action when appropriate.

You will have all the resources and support from this package but it is necessary for you to take responsibility for the steps necessary for desired results.

Q. What if I bought other packages and am working with other healers at the same time as your package?

It is absolutely safe to use this program. Using this program will not break or disrupt any other energies. It will actually enhance the healing. 

Q. When can I expect results?

It’s different for everyone and how long it takes depends on the person and how they entrain to the energies. 

Q. How does the remote healing work?

The remote healing works by setting your intention and letting it go. You set it once , you can change it daily or you don’t have to do anything. The guides know exactly what to do and what to heal.

Q. How does the On Demand Healing work?

Schedule your session. Fill out the form. Set an intention if you wish to at the time of healing. Sit in meditation, sleep, or work. The energy is powerful yet gentle.

Chronic Disease Eliminator

Package B

• Everything from Package A

• Abhyanga Video to clear Your Own Lymphatic System Each Day

• On Demand Healing (no recording)



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