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Prana is described as constant motion or the life force energy, an element or entity underlying all of creation, animating sentient beings with consciousness and life. It is the vibratory power that sustains us throughout our cycles of reincarnation, imparting life to all the different bodies we incarnate in.

“Prana starts as soon as you are conceived”

We are all given a specific amount of prana and overtime this gets depleted where diseases and discomforts of life settle in. Prana is  our soul-potential. There is great Knowledge of this majestic undercurrent and the science of channeling its awesome power to unlock the inner mysteries of soul

What if there was just one thing you needed to do to turn on the switch of life
and have everything moving, shifting and transforming for you?

Dipal can transform your Pranic Quotient Quickly

For leading a happy and joyful life, a complete and healthy Pranic Quotient is vital. A high Pranic Quotient is the only way people are able to overcome life’s challenges and obstacles. Whether it is health, finances, spiritual growth, or relationships. One needs to have the correct percentage of Pranic Quotient for their individuality, sovereignty , vitality and growth.

There is no better time than NOW to raise your Pranic Quotient which will finally help you  break through patterns, cycles, and subconscious programs of lifetimes of suffering.

If you are ready to raise your pranic quotient, manifest, and  thrive in all areas of your life take the test on this page to see what your Pranic Quotient is and if this program is for you.

TurboCharge Your Pranic Quotient Package 2
TurboCharge Your Pranic Quotient Package 3

Life may feel like it is at a stand still for you or moving backwards.


Constant battles and defeats keep you from sustaining your own energy can lead you to anxiety, depression, unhappiness, pain and more


You don’t have to struggle through any part of life because there is hope, help, and support. Dipal is here for you!!


What you need is something that will upgrade and balance your energies and align you with your soul’s divine plan of what you desire, want and need in order to live a life you have always dreamed of.


Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual REVAMP and UPGRADE

Dipal has created a Program called Pranic Quotient Reset. Dipal sees your life as a manifestation of energies of the past, present and future and in this program she uses the assistance of her Guides to help you increase your Prana on all 5 manifestations of Prana.

The Pranic quotient is the measure of the overall life force energy on 5 levels
TurboCharge Your Pranic Quotient Package 4

All 5 Manifestations can be healed quickly at one time. Once the Prana is flowing properly for you with the Pranic Quotient Reset you will see your life unfold in so many ways.

Raising your pranic quotient NOW will accelerate your life in ways you never imagined possible.

Here is what others have experienced:

Improvements in :

Will Power

Clarity in thoughts

Calmness of mind

Focus and mindfulness

Concentration ability and memory retention

Interpersonal skills and relationship with self and others

Career growth


Self care/self love

Happiness and joy

Living in the body

All aspects of health



Finding a Soul Mate

Growth opportunities

Looking younger

Spiritual Growth


Self confidence

Ascension process


DNA reset

Self Love/Self Care

Enhanced Spiritual Practice

Releases in:


Negative emotions


Anxiety and Depression

Self – limiting beliefs

Addictions and Thoughts of Self – Abuse Other people’s energies

Traumas of the past


Energetic Cords

Ancestral Imprints

Shadows and Personas


Mood Swings





Psychic attacks

Physical Pain

Emotional Pain

Restore Your Pranic Integrity with a Pranic Quotient Reset

TurboCharge Your Pranic Quotient Package 5
If You Are Ready To...

Get more out of life

Get more out of relationships

Open up more to the universal source light

Create your magnificent life

Restore Life force Energy

Free yourself from pain

Free yourself from others energies

Engage in life

Free yourself from Imprisonment

Embody your spirit and soul

Create a life you want

Raise your Spiritual gifts

Overcome Health issues

Don’t walk away from what can CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER

Most people may just deal with it and live their lives joylessly and others may just think this is not the right program for them. 


Your Pranic Quotient Reset is the only program you will need to make the biggest changes and transformation in all areas of your life. You can make it that simple.

If you act now, you will be on your way to FREEDOM

Dipal has helped over 5000 people and achieves the best results for her clients. She strives to give her clients what they need and want. She holds the highest integrity on all levels with her work. She provides the most unique programs to help inspire and empower people to create better well-being and health.

Here is what her clients have to say

Financial miracles are happening along with huge energetic shifts of things that have been stuck and not working for years!!!
Nancy and Shanna

Finally headache and pain goneless bloating and appetite”
~ Susie

“My body is more supple and my joints are moving easily now. Plus, my funds started to flow easier!

~ Fatima

Increase in clients within hours after my session with Dipal and finally being seen

~ Elizabeth

No more allergies and reactions to food and weight lifted

~ Ken

 3 days after my session with Dipal my scans for Stage 3 Lung cancer came back clear!


“Financial Miracles and Huge Shifts”

Financial miracles are happening along with huge energetic shifts of things that have been stuck and not working for years!!!

Two days ago our world was in flames and ashes and now the sun has come out and is shining but the most significant thing is that a massive inner transformation has occurred for both my daughter and myself. I have to say your work is the most powerful divine ‘stuff’!!! I have never worked with anyone who created a powerful enough shift to show up on the physical plane.

Both my daughter and myself are so grateful and appreciative to you for being here for us. Your work is a Divine Gift and our hearts are blessed.

Thank You”

~  Nancy and Shanna

“ I could feel the energy that no longer served me, exit while Dipal did her clearing and healing”

“I recently had an amazing healing session with Dipal Shah. I felt euphoric, peaceful, free and so very grateful.

I felt safe sharing my personal issues with Dipal. She exudes and holds a beautiful container of energy, even on the phone.

Though my sharing was quite brief, Dipal “hit” on areas that were very deep (perhaps even subconscious), that have contributed to the Fibromyalgia I’ve had for 14 years. She picked up on past-life events as well as karmic and ancestral “agreements”.

In addition to a warm, tingling body sensation, I could feel the energy that no longer served me, exiting through my feet as Dipal lovingly cleared these cords. The entire session was visceral.

As I continue to integrate this healing, I feel a grounded “knowing” that I no longer need to be “fixed”. She even provided a recording of our session that I can return to again and again. As emotions are stored in the body, I have no doubt the Fibromyalgia will improve.

I was profoundly impacted by my session with Dipal Shah To say I am grateful would be an understatement.”

~ Daun

“Finally Headache and pain gone…Less Bloating and Appetite”

“During the session I felt the energy opening up and flow with tingling and warmth.

Later in the evening I had a headache and increased stiffness which I think it was me detoxing. I also experienced increased pain in my back also contributed to detoxing and muscle movement. Today I feel so much better headache and pain gone yaa!!!

I also feel like I am lighter, less bloaty and appetite which is also good. Thank you again for the work you do.”

~  Susie

“Body and Joints are more supple and financial abundance”

“I am writing to share with you how profoundly healing and delightful Dipal Shah’s work is. Currently I have been experiencing some health issues that affect my joints and I have blocked energies which created stagnation and painful challenges in all areas of my life. These problems and lack of financial support have really increased my anxieties and fears up through the roof.

Well let me tell you after a few sessions with Dipal and listening to her powerful clearing MP3’s events have been changing tremendously and positive transformations have occurred and still continue to take place in my life.

Gratitude and Joy beyond measure is what I feel for this extraordinary lady who has been Heaven sent.

Most of the issues in my life were from ancestral and past life heavy and weighty karmic baggage which I could not have shaken off. Since I started working with Dipal all of those obstacles melted away with ease and grace.

My body is more supple and my joints are moving easily now. My funds started to flow easier and I am able to breathe as I stay grounded in my new found financial foundation.

It feels so great having my life back and reclaiming my Divine power with such clarity, ease and grace.

She is a gem to work with and is a bright beam of Light who will guide you towards living a fulfilling and uplifting life. Dipal is kind, compassionate and an amazing Divine Healer who is truly gifted and loves to share those gifts with the world (lucky for us).

You want positive results then she surely is the Gal for you. I thank her from the depths of my soul and am blessed to be her client. Blessings and Divine Love to you all in your Earthly journey!”

~  Fatima

“Increase in Clients within Hours and Finally Being Seen”

“I had my session with Dipal in the Morning. The same day I started to sell my used books at a never before seen pace. Before it has been one or two a month, but since the call it has been an average of one a day!! So many of our PreLoved books are now happily entertaining others.

At work we all got a Xmas bonus, and I have been able to handle what is happening with a calm and strength that I have not had in a long time. It has been just winding up and winding up for a couple of years, with lots of frustration over what others were (not) doing.

Now I’ve come to a place where I really “Let Go and Let God”.

I have been asking for more LIght, and there it was… In an unexpected way. The farmer decided to cut ALL the trees around our house, so Light there is. And also maybe a sign to step up and be seen. Nowhere to hide.”

~ Elizabeth

“No More Allergies and Reactions to Food and Weight Lifted ”

“I can’t thank you enough for this clearing. As you can imagine, there was so much suffering involved.

Right now, we are on vacation and we went to a restaurant around 3. I had no trouble with the meal whatsoever which is so unusual to sit down and actually enjoy a meal without an adverse reaction. Especially, in a restaurant which is out of the ordinary for me. The experience went so smoothly. In fact, it was one of my best days in a long, long time. Not that I was afraid, but just programmed for these unhealthy reactions and issues that occurred with a mind of their own.

So, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You have been a godsend to me. You, your guides, my guides and angels. For all who were involved in this process. I will be forever grateful. Can’t thank you enough!

The weight has been lifted, I can’t even describe. God Bless you, Dipal!”

~  Ken

“Vision Improved..Major Changes”

“I have diabetes, high blood pressure and many other issues that I addressed with Dipal in a session. I couldn’t believe when I had a Major change after all this time with my vision which seems to be causing me so much tension and stress. I want my vision to be perfect or even good.

Here is what happened — macular pucker dark membrane gone— better vision right eye peripheral vision—progress toward much more normal vision makes the left eye seem sluggish, blurry but right eye is perky with no previous blocks, irregularities.


~ Carrie

“Depression and Suicidal Thoughts are Gone..Motivated and Self Confident Again”

“My daughter has suffered from depression, anxiety and occasional suicidal thoughts for almost 2 years. She is a sensitive soul and a tween so going through a lot of physical changes.

She has been in therapy and has a psychiatrist but based on work I’ve had done on myself with spiritual healers, I decided to begin sessions with Dipal to help her healing journey at a much deeper level.

I’ve experienced Dipal’s work myself and feel she was the right choice and the correct type of healer to help my daughter along.

I’ve been observing changes in my daughter as she’s had each session.

She has become much lighter lately. I’ve seen more of the giggly, silly girl that we used to see when she was younger. I’ve also seen her break down more (tears that she doesn’t know why they are there, crying for a couple of days as she has self confidence/self image issues and is trying to sort through those issues). Some of the underlying emotions are now surfacing while she tries to address them which I know is part of the healing process.

She always lacked motivation and now I see her stepping up to go do workouts some days on her own which is a bit shocking. Other days, she’s in the kitchen experimenting with cooking.

When we ask her to do something in the past, we receive a lot of push-back whereas more recently she just says ok and gets the chores done. There is a lot more hugs, I love you’s, and wanting to spend time with us vs. hiding out in her room.

I’m really loving how she is evolving with this healing work. I’m excited to continue working with Dipal as we help her become more confident with her true, authentic self.

I believe this work is truly transformational and feel the investment is so worth it. We are extremely grateful to Dipal and her beautiful gifts!”

~  Fawn

Package A
MP3 Series for Pranic Quotient Reset

The mp3s are infused with High Quantum Frequencies that will upgrade your Total Pranic Quotient to support all 4 levels of your life. You can listen to them anytime, outloud or on silent. Active listening is not necessary.

Quantum Pranic Quotient Reset for Health (11 min) - Guided MP3
Value: $85

Format: MP3

Increase Pranic Quotient that has been depleted through each system, organ, gland, muscles, tissues, bone, lymph and blood.

Balance 5 elements of nature and body to regulate functioning of the body (Earth, fire, air, water and space)

Raise the Breath of Life

Increase Movement and Flexibility of Mind and Body

 Balance and realign the Central Nervous System.

Heal all areas of inflammation in the body

Speed up Vitality, Repairability, and Strength of the body

Removes all implants, programs, and tags to reset the body’s cellular functioning.

Vitality Globule Infusion to Increase Pranic Quotient - Guided MP3
Value: $85

Guided MP3

Increase Pranic Quotient in Relationships, Health, Finances, and Spirituality

We will be infusing 8 powerful high vibration colors in the energy systems and body that will quickly reset the Pranic Quotient

Infuse Vitality Globules so that you can look and feel young again

Heal holes and tears in the energy systems and body

Remove all negative thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs about self

Remove all lifetimes of blocks including parallel lifetime ( ancestral, genetic, and trauma)

Raise your level of awareness and consciousness.

Upgrading Emotional and Mental Intelligence (14min) - MP3
Value: $85

 Clear blockages in 70000 layers of the Mind

Clear deep rooted subconsciously programmed emotions

Clear blockages of intense and deep repressed emotions from all lifetimes towards yourself or others

Clear all channels, congestions, disruptions, misfirings, and trauma within the brain 

Rewire the brain and reset all “happy hormones”

Infuse Mind specific frequency baths within the mind

Reprogram and reconnect mind and body to raise the emotional intelligence

Awareness of feelings of self and others and the ability to handle one’s feelings effectively are a great asset.

90 Days of Remote Healing
Value: $85

The 90 Days of Remote Healing will start as soon as you open the package and be open to receive by saying I accept. You do not need to set your intention The guides will be scanning and clearing 24/7. We will also include the following:

Energetic Detox of body, mind, 5 energy systems

Energetic Purification Bath

Clear accumulations of energy

 Reconnection of Spirit and Soul

Reprogramming of limiting beliefs, emotions, thoughts, including inwomb,  ancestral and past lifetimes of blockages

Thymus Heart Connection and Expansion

Reset your Pranic Quotient to 100% each day and entrain your body to the new frequencies.

Special bonus: Chit Shakti Portal Cleansing

We encourage you to do a Shower Meditation. Here is a video of how you can do this each day. 

“Fear Gone and Cancer FREE”

“After having a lumpectomy to remove suspicious cells in my left breast, I had a session with Dipal a few hours prior to my 6-month, post-surgery check-up at the hospital. I was anxious and worried about the results showing possible breast cancer in one or both breasts.

During our session, Dipal was positive, used her healing knowledge and skill to clear my energy and body as she gently and lovingly guided me throughout our time together.

I felt prepared both mentally and physically for my appointment. I used her grounding process as I entered the hospital and waited for my results. I felt calm and confident the news would be good. Usually I would be thinking “what if” fear-based thoughts as I waited, but this time felt different.

The news was great-both breasts were and are clear! There are no abnormal cells or cancer present.

I am most grateful for your wisdom, time and loving care, Dipal. I feel blessed by your healing gifts and thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing them with me.”

~ Katherine

“Eyes are Bright..Joy and Vitality are Back”

“Oooohhh!!! Wow! Wow! Wow!!! I’ve just had the most splendid experience with this mp3!!! I felt whole body tinglies, shivers, movements and then I went straight into the light and was filled with such exquisite bliss & ecstasy!!!

I found I had tears of absolute joy on my cheeks and felt this sweet giggling laughter play like beautiful music throughout my whole body!!! It was sooo glorious!!!

Now, everything seems illuminated with this brilliance & vitality & life and I’m just stunned by the sheer magnificence of it!!! (& my eyesight is crystal clear!!)

I’m soooooo excited to work with this super-special mp3 ever-more!!!! Wow, how can I ever thank you???!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! (This mp3 is like a rare & precious jewel gifted from the glittering treasure of Joy!!! It’s Bliss Bling!!! Hahaa!) Wow!!! Thank you, x a bzillion bzillions and then a bzillion more!!! Smiles!!!!”

~ Cholle

Quantum Pranic Quotient

Package A

• Quantum Pranic Quotient Reset for Health

• Vitality Globule Infusion to Increase Pranic Quotient

• Upgrading Emotional and Mental Intelligence

• 90 Days of Remote Healing

• LIMITED TIME BONUS: Electrical Systems Reboot



Package B
Includes everything in Package A Plus
Total Value: $2100
Here’s what’s included in the package
30 minute On Demand Silent Healing Session
Value: $297

On Demand Silent Remote Healing is the work through Dipal’s Guide Team consisting of Ascended Masters, Angels, Hindu Gods and Goddesses who are ready to serve you.


They will work on any and all problem areas that are present for you or a loved one. We will scan and  clear all blocks around relationships, finances, career, spiritual growth, mental health and/or physical health.


Once you sign up for the 30-minute on demand silent remote healing session you will receive a confirmation email. Set your intention at that time for what it is you would like to be worked on. If you forget to set your intention it is O.K. The Guides will also be scanning for blockages.


You can sit in silence, meditation, work or sleep. The Guides will be working on you for the time you signed up for. There is no written or verbal interaction during or after these remote healing.


The Guides will REset and REalign all energies for all areas. If you are sensitive to energy healing you will feel different sensations as the Guides work on you for example tingling, heat, cold, pressure, lightness in your body, calmness and support.


Once healing is complete you will have a sense of calmness, peace, harmony, balance and joy. You will find that your reactions to life change. You will notice greater opportunities, relationships, abundance,  Remediation and mitigation of challenges or a specific situation that is in need of Divine attention or support is now Available for you, your loved ones, children, and pets.


Once you sign up for the 30 minute session you will fill out a form for areas you would like worked on. It does not need to be detailed.  If you forget something it is ok. The Guides will be scanning and clearing all energies. These energies are easy and gentle and yet powerful.



“Husband Released from Hospital Immediately”

“I was so desperate trying to get a healer right away and I remembered Dipal’s on demand healing where you can request healing anytime day or night. I was so happy to have this option and know that so many others will appreciate it too.

I immediately signed up for an on demand silent healing and it was the best thing. I couldn’t believe how my husband just came out of the hospital after a heart issue and a run to the ER the night before. On demand healing is truly a blessing. Thank you Dipal and your Guide Team.”

~ Judy

“Gallbladder and Lower Back Pain Gone”

“On Demand Silent Healings are so powerful, the first time I did it I didn’t know what to expect and now I am addicted.

The Guides just know where to go and I don’t have to worry. I know that it will be taken care of.

I requested healing for myself because I was having some pain in my gallbladder and lower back and within an hour I went from level 8 to 2. I was able to move on with my day without worrying about the pain.”

~ Gail

Quantum Pranic Quotient

Package B

• Everything In Package A

• 30 minute On Demand Silent Healing Session (No Recording)



Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Will this work for me?

Yes! Dipal’s modality is called Quantum Body Awakening.  Dipal uses Quantum Healing energies that are directly channeled from Dipal’s Guide Team, Your Guide Team and Your Body. She then dives into your whole being to help clear energetic, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychic and physical blockages.

Q. How many times do I need to listen to the mp3s in order to heal?

It is best to listen to one mp3  and see how it feels in your body and mind. If it feels good you can play another mp3. If your body feels tired at any point you can stop listening to any more mp3s. Wait for the next day until the energies that have surfaced have cleared. 

If you are new to Quantum Body Awakening with Dipal Shah please check in with your intuition before listening to multiple mp3s all at once. 

If you are familiar with Dipal’s work and have bought previous packages then please use the mp3s as your body allows you to. You can use this in addition to the Quantum Health Reboot Package if you have it.

Mp3s can be looped. You can listen to mp3s on silent or out loud while you are asleep or awake.

Q. How could I get the most benefit from these mp3s?

The mind and body are constantly processing new information from our environment and surfacing old information. You can relisten to the mp3s best suited to clear the new low vibrational energy with the new healing energies. This will help you continue clearing out cellular memory.

Q. What commitment is expected from me?

While this package contains an incredible amount of powerful clearing and healing energies, remember that energy healing is going to help bring continuous homeostasis to the body, mind and energy systems.

It’s important to not only commit to listening to the mp3s, but also to commit to yourself by taking action when appropriate.

You will have all the resources and support from this package but it is necessary for you to take responsibility for the steps necessary for desired results.

Q. What if I don't feel any energy once the Pranic Quotient Reset is Done?

Clients experience sensations of heat, cold, shakes, tingles, calmness, lightness, ecstasy, bliss, happy and other energetic sensations. These sensations may become less noticeable or more noticeable as you begin to acclimate to the high vibrational energies.

Q. What if I bought other packages and am working with other healers at the same time as your package?

It is absolutely safe to use this program. Using this program will not break or disrupt any other energies. It will actually enhance the healing. 

Q. What if things appear to get worse?

When unpleasant things or triggers show up, they were already on the surface just needing to be released and let go. The Pranic Quotient Reset will help guide this energy. 

Q. When can I expect results?

It’s different for everyone and how long it takes depends on the person and how they entrain to the energies. 

Q. How does the remote healing work?

The remote healing works by setting your intention and letting it go. You set it once , you can change it daily or you don’t have to do anything. The guides know exactly what to do and what to heal.

Q. How does the On Demand Healing work?

Schedule your session. Fill out the form. Set an intention if you wish to at the time of healing. Sit in meditation, sleep, or work. The energy is powerful yet gentle.

Quantum Pranic Quotient

Package B

• Everything In Package A

• 30 minute On Demand Silent Healing Session (No Recording)



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