Quantum Brain Mapping 1
Get Ready to Experience a COMPLETE Quantum Brain Transformation!
A New Breakthrough that will make you feel ALIVE and Keep Your Brain Healthy at any age
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Are you experiencing significant amounts of worry, depression, and anxiety?
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Are you dealing with the effects the Pandemic had on your Brain?
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Are you noticing that the movement of your body has slowed down significantly?
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Are you worried about your memory, clarity, concentration, and focus as you get older?
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Are you losing your balance and have a hard time walking?
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Are you experiencing any loss of senses (smell, touch, taste, hearing, vision)?
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Are you desperate to open the pineal gland and access greater dimensions?
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Do you find your mind excessively chattering?
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Are you tired and exhausted of trying to figuring out what is wrong with you?
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Are you afraid that the Covid Vaccine or Covid-19 may have affected your brain?

Quantum Brain Mapping 12
Your Brain Controls all the bodily functioning and If you answered YES to any of these questions, there is a solution!!

Brand New GroundBreaking way of effectively repairing your brain vibrationally is FINALLY available for everyone

Quantum Brain Mapping
Quantum Brain Mapping 13

Your Brain can be REPAIRED with Dipal’s Powerful Quantum Brain Mapping Technique that is 100% transforming, quick and non-invasive. After years of working with 1000’s people all around the world on various brain-related issues, she has found the formula that WORKS to enable the brain to function as a quantum computer.

She can energetically identify brain disruptions through 5 major areas of your brain that contribute to an unhealthy brain. This information helps her create a more targeted way to address the types of brain issues that can benefit from Quantum Brain Mapping.

Quantum Brain Mapping 14Dipal and her Guides will create a nurturing, compassionate and safe healing space for your brain to heal quickly and effectively as they dive in, seek out areas of low pranic flow, and ignite the pathways of Regeneration, Rewiring, Repairing, Rebuilding, Retraining, Reprogramming and Reactivation through the electrical system of every cell in the brain.

This is a very powerful and gentle process that EVERY person needs.

Even before you leave the womb, your brain works throughout your life to control your body’s functions and helps you understand and interact with the world around you. Maintaining a healthy brain will help your mind stay clear and active, so that you can continue to work, rest and play

You are not stuck with your brain nor do you have a messed up brain, you just need to remap the areas that have been affected by energies outside of your control.

Quantum Brain Mapping 15

There are 86 billion cells within your brain. Not all Brains are the same.

The Energetic Quantum Brain Mapping technique will scan and detect if any area of the brain is dysfunctional, misaligned, misfiring, or damaged. Sometimes your symptoms are caused by an area or areas of the brain that are underactive, showing excessive slow brain waves, low pranic flow, or overstimulation/under-stimulation that cause impaired functioning and/or exacerbated symptoms within the body.

Your Brain Matters!!! That is why Dipal has spent time studying the brain, higher brain and lower brain activity over the last few years. We don’t spend enough time taking care of our brains.

The opportunity for You is NOW. Everyone can benefit from Dipal’s Quantum Brain Mapping program.

Here are some symptoms you may be dealing with right now:
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Brain fog
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Pain
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Spasms
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 PTSD
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Heaviness/Pressure
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 ADHD
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Bladder and Bowel Function
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Constant Mind Chattering
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Lack of Spiritual connection
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Mental illnesses (bipolar, scitzophrenia, etc)
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Loss of balance
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Lack of movement
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Difficulty reading
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Change in vision
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Heart Issues
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Digestive issues
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Changes in breath
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Vagus Nerve Issues
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Difficulty swallowing
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Mental and Physical Fatigue
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Sensitive to Light
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Extreme unexplainable emotions of anger
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Difficulty Expressing thoughts
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Unconnected to spirit
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Sleepless
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Overwhelm
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Withdrawal
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Difficulty walking
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Pain all the time
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Memory loss
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Confusion
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Trauma
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Nausea
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 tinnitus
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Addiction
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Epstein Barr
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Unexplained fatigue
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Cannot adapt to change
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Short Attention Span
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 PIneal Gland Calcification
You have the power to change and transform your Brain Health right now
How Quantum Brain Mapping Program will Benefit YOU:

Our brain expends a lot of energy. While the organ accounts for only about 2% of a person’s body weight, it is responsible for about 20% of our energy. Unlike the rest of the body, the brain maintains its own unique ecosystem. A person uses about 320 calories just to think. Just imagine how many calories are used when you are stressed.

Dipal can help you Rebuild the Brain ECOSYSTEM so that you can gain back the quality of life you are meant to have.

With the Quantum Brain Mapping program in your pocket you will experience the Greatest Benefits:

  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Quiet the Mind
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Repair Vagus Nerve Function
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Regrow Grey Matter
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Clear Covid Vaccine
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Clear effects of Covid
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Boost creativity
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Rebalance Brain waves
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Increase Neurotransmitters for more Joy
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Relief from Anxiety /Depression
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Heal digestive issues
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Restore Memory
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Optimal Brain Function and Capacity
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Have more positive thoughts
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Regenerate Master Cells in the brain
Quantum Brain Mapping 72
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Enhance better mood
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Repair eye function
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Increase motor skills
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Heal energetic and physical concussions
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Heal Childhood trauma/Inwomb trauma to the brain
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Fire up body’s communication superhighways
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Re-establish higher order nervous system functions
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Remove Subconscious programming
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Clear all past lifetimes and ancestral patterns
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Clear all negative thoughtforms
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Clear out Environmental Stimulation
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Regrow Damaged tissue/cells/neurons
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Breakthrough Addictive behaviors
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Tone and heal the Vagus Nerve
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Rid Migraines
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Clear and Strengthen Pineal Gland Function
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Increase Blood Circulation
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Find relief from Tinnitus
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Neural Stem Cell Repair
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Increase Oxygen the Brain
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Lower High Blood Pressure
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Regulate Appetite
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Regain Deep Sleep
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Balance prefrontal cortex for greater decision making and cognition
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Restore Functions of the Parasympathetic Nervous system
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Clear all external stressors that affect you internally
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Balance right and left hemisphere for logical and creative thinking
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Realign Chit Shakti Energy Portal to allow greater spiritual growth
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Rewire Brain communication channels to the body
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Balance Limbic system (emotional center)
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Rebuild Myelin Sheath to help speed up signals in the brain
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Detox the Blood-Brain Barrier of pathogens that cause brain infections

Researchers have found that undiagnosed brain injuries are a major cause of homelessness, panic attacks, suicide, depression, drug abuse, ADHD. It is time to look at the function, wavelength, and electrical activity of the brain so that you are more functional and liberated in all areas of life.

THIS Program IS FOR EVERYONE! Whether you have suffered brain trauma or not, this program will help you with mental clarity, regaining focus, strengthening your memory, rejuvenating your brain for longevity, and so much more!

Here is a list of the types of brain issues that Dipal has addressed:
Quantum Brain Mapping 105
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Concussions
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Whiplash
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Car Accidents
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Fallen
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Stroke
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Dementia
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Sports-related injuries
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Traumatic Brain injuries
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Brain Surgery
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Physical violence
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Sexual Trauma
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Toxic exposure
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Overuse of Cellphones
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Drug Usage
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Alcohol consumption
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Smoking
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 lupus
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Aspergers
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Covid vaccine
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Strangulation

Most people don’t know what their brain looks like. Here are a few brain scans that show shifts in brain activity and structure through experiences such as Stress, Brain Injury, Depression, Abuse, PTSD.

Quantum Brain Mapping 126

Brain image after traumatic brain injury. By Daniel Amen

Quantum Brain Mapping 127

Brain Image of Depression by Daniel Amen

Quantum Brain Mapping 128

Brain image of Chronic STRESS

Quantum Brain Mapping 129

Brain image of PTSD

Quantum Brain Mapping 130

Brain image of all forms of Abuse

What you have experienced in life affects how your brain functions today. You may not know what your brain looks like but Dipal can share with you how to eliminate and transmute old energies so that high-frequency energies can allow for higher brain functions that you deserve.

This program is tailored and designed to energetically target areas of the brain that are damaged, unhealthy, misfiring, and show signs of plaques, lesions, scars throughout the 5 Main Areas of the Brain.

  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Grey Matter
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Frontal Lobe
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Hippocampus
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Corpus Callosum
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Limbic System (Amygdala, Thalamus, Hypothalamus, Basal Ganglia)

It is tailored to your unique needs and specific details to help:

  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Rewire
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Rebuild
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Retrain
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Reprogram
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Repair
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Regenerate
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Reactivate
Dipal’s client’s want to share and expressed their powerful healing experiences

“My brother who was diagnosed with meningitis is well, two days after remote on-demand healing. I thank you and your guides, I am forever grateful for your help.”

~ Mikael

“My brain feels clearer. I am able to make decisions quickly. I have less brain fog and so much more energy.”

~ S.J

“I actually woke up out of bed and had more energy than I have in 10 years.”

~ Mary

“My child wouldn’t eat anything except 1 or 2 foods, Dipal helped him expand his food resources within 5 sessions.”

~ Rita

“No more cold hands and feet. My heart feels calm and relaxed too. I could feel the flow of oxygen in my body. I no longer feel dehydrated and I am able to do my yoga practice without the stiffness. I Love it..”

~ Nora

“Bless you for taking the time to help me! I was in great need this morning, frightened and in pain, … soon the pain eased, I was able to sleep, and the healing has just kept on happening. I am so grateful!”

~ Joy

“My husband just got his PSA (prostate cancer) blood work result and it’s normal. From my whole heart, I thank you for this morning’s session and everything you’ve helped my family and me with.”

~ Lindsey

“Dipal is fabulous, genuine and easy to work with. She has helped my mother who is going through dementia. If anyone is qualified to help with the brain and mind it is Dipal.”

~ Michelle

“I broke my ribs when I was cleaning the pool. As Dipal was working on My ribs I could feel the push-pull. I could feel the rib moving and knew she was working on it. I normally don’t feel things. The discomfort and pain feels better.”

~ Barbara

“ I liked the energy and the “certainty” during the session, meaning that you were very sure of what you were doing, which was very pleasing to see.”

~ Caroline

“Healing the Pituitary Gland to Eliminate Goiter”

“Dipal helped me with ancestral clearing with men and people in general. She saw that my iodine was low and that I was feeling anxiety and depression. I did not tell her any of this. Dipal worked on shrinking the goiter, rebalancing the hormones because my TSH was almost 0, and activated by the pituitary gland. I could feel my entire body resting. She is amazing at what she does and I trust her.”

~ Lejla

“Dipal fixed my brain…I feel like a different person!”

“I had a concussion years ago from a domestic violence situation. I also experienced later another concussion when I got into an accident. I felt disabled and impaired because I could not figure out why my memory was so bad. I didn’t leave my house because I couldn’t communicate with people and I was getting anxious. Dipal fixed my brain. I felt so much more at ease in public and started to remember more. I felt like a different person. Dipal was able to clear 6 other traumatic experiences that I did not tell her about. She even channeled my father and I was finally able to forgive him. She has a true gift to help others and is very passionate about it.”

~ Riana

“Dipal finds things in your body even when you don’t tell her about them!”

“I have been experiencing bloating, hemorrhoids, low energy, acid reflux and Dipal worked on toning my vagus nerve. She worked on my nervous system and immune system. She could see that I may have IBS. I did not tell her that I had been diagnosed with it. She finds things in your body even when you do not tell her. She is like an XRAY machine. Three sessions and my acid reflux and bloating all gone.”

~ Trisha

“Dipal cleared stuck energy from my organs which allowed me to function with ease!”


“My husband Ted passed away suddenly Dipal worked with me on the shock at the suddenness of Ted’s passing during subsequent sessions and was able to clear so much stuck energy from my organs and energy field. She created a wonderful space around the funeral chapel allowing me to function with ease. People commenting on what a wonderful peaceful service.

If you are ready to move forward and embrace the “good”, the “bad” and the “ugly” to enable you to get to the other side. I thoroughly recommend to you Dipal’s packages is the way to go … I have my emotional moments but truly feel like I am on top of the world. My Gratitude ALWAYS Dipal.”

~ Maureen

“I felt peaceful and hopeful after my session with Dipal!”

“My first-time session with Dipal was truly magical! I didn’t know what to expect since it was my first time, and I was nervous but excited. I did the suggested 15 minutes prior to our session meditation, setting my intention for the call, and Dipal with her beautiful energy made me feel so at ease. You could literally feel her love, compassion, and empathy coming through the airwaves. Her clearings and light transmissions, tailored to what I was going through, and she added revelations that she saw and felt, had tears of overwhelming gratitude and love streaming down my face. At the end of our session, which I did not want to end, had me peaceful and hopeful with a new, fresh perspective of being.

Be good to yourself and experience a session with Dipal. She is the real deal and a truly gifted and blessed spirit. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dipal.GOD bless you.”

~ Melody

“Major changes in my eyes since working with Dipal!”

“Major changes in my eyes have occurred since Dipal and I have worked together. The macular pucker that presented with dark membrane has gone, I have better vision in my right eye and the peripheral vision has progressed toward much more normal vision. The right eye is perky with no more blocks and irregularities. Amazing!!!!”

~ Carol

“Dipal helped me get off painkillers and anxiety meds!”

“I had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression for 20 years. My goal was to get off the painkillers and anxiety meds. Dipal helped me do this and feel good about life. I feel more alive and joyful than ever before. Thank you Dipal for the wonderful gift that you are to the world. “

~ Jen

Quantum Brain Mapping 143
Package Includes:
21 Days of Remote Brain Healing Infusion
Quantum Brain Mapping 144
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Remote Healing will be provided by Dipal and Her Guides for 21 consecutive days.
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 You do not need to send any emails in regards to your healing.
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 The healing starts as soon as you make the purchase
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Healing will not affect family members
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Dipal and her Guides will scan, clear, and realign the brain energies for optimal function.
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 2 Set your intention for your Brain if you would like but you do not need to.

Each Day Dipal and her Guides will work on remotely healing the following:

Note: no matter when you purchase your package your 21 days starts when you purchase it.

Quantum Brain Mapping 151
3 High-Frequency Brain Mapping MP3s

Quantum Brain Mapping 152Quantum Brain Mapping (Silent 4: 47min)

Realignment of 5 major regions of the brain, 16 dimensions, and 70000 layers

Quantum Brain Mapping 153Quantum Brain Mapping (Music 5:55 min)

Entraining the brain to its high conscious angel lobe blueprint

Quantum Brain Mapping 154Quantum Brain Mapping ( 4:50 min)

Clearing scars, imprints, plaques and lesion

30 Minute Personal Powerful On-Demand Healing Session
with a Silent Recording
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 155 This healing is NOT live with Dipal. It is healing with Dipal’s Guides.
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 155 Schedule your session by choosing a time, day or night, that works for you. (Immediate times are available)
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 155 You can be sleeping, working, or meditating at the time of your session
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 155 Fill out a form when scheduling your session for what you would like healing for
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 155 Receive a silent recording within 12 hours of your session
  • Quantum Brain Mapping 155 Use this healing within 3 months of purchase
Quantum Healing Session Replay

This group call replay will help answer all your questions and provide healing for your specific issue. Dipal and her Guide team provides healing to as many people as possible. 


Quantum Brain Mapping 143

“My mental acuteness and alertness to think critically are so much better than before”

“After one session I felt energy right away during the session and days after. I couldn’t believe it, I went to work and was able to stay focused especially with all that was going on in my personal life it has been difficult. My job is demanding mentally, I have to focus and think all the time. After the session, I noticed my mental acuteness and alertness to think critically were so much better than before. I was also having a lot of issues and could feel heavy energies within me and now there was a lightness after the session. The best part of the healing was I felt empowered to start speaking up more. My confidence was boosted. I have finally shifted my mindset considerably about my financial situation, my relationships with everything and everybody has shifted. It is remarkable how quickly this is happening. I realized that I have potential and know what I want in life. The session brought a lot of things to light and clarity because today was the first time I am able to articulate where the fear came from, not feeling good enough, I always played small, felt like I was unseen, unheard, and it just felt more appealing to dim one’s life rather than shine. Today I shine.

~ Allie

“Dipal is able to identify areas of imbalance in mind, body and spirit and resolve it!”

“I write this testimonial with joy, lightness and gratitude. Anyone seeking transformation in any area of life, Dipal is the real deal.

Dipal is able to identify areas of imbalance in mind, body and spirit and resolve it in a very short period of time. She is a delight to work with and puts her client at ease immediately. I thoroughly recommend

Dipal’s capability and professionalism I am eternally grateful to her for elevating me to a completely different level of my healing journey.”

~ Tessa.

“I have never experienced this type of healing and I have been working with healers for 25 years!”

“Dipal worked on my spiritual growth and journey. I wanted her to work on my pineal gland and as soon as she started my heart jumped. She was at the thymus restarting the alignement of the hara line. She found old lifetimes of energies and an implant which she removed. She even cleared the lifetime when the pineal gland started to shut down. She immediately brought in some Master Guides when she needed assistance which was really cool to experience because I could feel this electrical surge going through me and working on me. It was my time and Dipal was divinely there to assist this initiation. I feel like I had traveled to another dimension and so blessed to have been working with Dipal and her Guides. I have never experienced this type of healing and I have been working with healers for 25 years. Thank you sweet Dipal.”

~ Pamela

“These clearings had a huge impact and created so many divine shifts in my life and my relationship!”

“I did not know that I had a brain injury while I was in my mother’s womb. I had lost oxygen for some time and almost died when I was born. The impact of clearing this energy has had a huge impact and created so many divine shifts in my life and my relationship with my family.”

~ Deedra

“Dipal is one of the very few healers I’ve found effective!”

“I’ve been into energetic healing modalities for almost a decade and any time Dipal makes a package I don’t hesitate to purchase them because she is one of the very few that I have found to be effective and the shifts they create in my life ….just recently I scheduled a one on one session with Her and all I can say is that if u really want to get to CORE of what is blocking you I can’t recommend anyone better …..she is one of a kind ….so intuitive and So quick to start the energetic work that one may need …..She is just AMAZING …don’t waste any more time experience it for yourself …”

~ Nick

“Haven’t slept for over a year… I fell asleep shortly after working with Dipal!”

“That was FANTASTIC. I could feel the work being done, moving around to different areas. Felt so much better and shortly after fell asleep and slept deeply and restoratively- with good dreams. I don’t know when the last time I slept was- over a year ago I’m sure. Thank you so much! Truly amazing.”

~ K.C

“After listening to your MP3’s life is becoming much brighter!”

“After listening to your MP3’s life is becoming much brighter that’s for sure.

Dipal Shah’s work is amazing and powerful. Currently, I have been experiencing some health issues that affect my joints and I have blocked energies which created stagnation and painful challenges in all areas of my life. These problems and lack of financial support have increased my anxieties and fears up through the roof.

Well, let me tell you after a few sessions with Dipal and listening to her powerful clearing MP3’s events have been changing tremendously and positive transformations have occurred and still continue to take place in my life. Gratitude and Joy beyond measure is what I feel for this extraordinary lady who has been Heaven sent. Most of the issues in my life were from an ancestral and past life. Heavy karmic baggage which I could not have shaken off. Since I started working with Dipal all of those obstacles melted away with ease and grace. My body is more supple and my joints are moving easily now. My funds started to flow easier and I am able to breathe as I stay grounded in my newfound financial foundation. It feels so great having my life back and reclaiming my Divine power with such clarity, ease and grace. She is a gem to work with and is a bright beam of Light who will guide you towards living a fulfilling and uplifting life. Dipal is kind, compassionate and an amazing Divine Healer who is truly gifted and loves to share those gifts with the world (lucky for us). You want positive results then she surely is the Gal for you. I thank her from the depths of my soul and am blessed to be her client. Blessings and Divine Love to you all in your Earthly journey!”

~ Fatima

“I feel so much better…headache and pain completely gone!”

“It was a pleasure to talk to you and have a session with you. During the session, I felt the energy opening up and flow with tingling and warmth.

Later in the evening I had a headache and increased stiffness which I think it was me detoxing. I also experienced increased pain in my back also contributed to detoxing and muscle movement. Today I feel so much better headache and pain completely gone yaa!!!

I also feel like I am lighter, less bloated and have an appetite which is also good. Thank you again for the work you do.”

~ Susie

“I was profoundly impacted by my session with Dipal Shah!”

I felt safe sharing my personal issues with Dipal. She exudes and holds a beautiful container of energy, even on the phone. Though my sharing was quite brief, Dipal “hit” on areas that were very deep (perhaps even subconscious), that have contributed to the Fibromyalgia I’ve had for 14 years. She picked up on past-life events as well as karmic and ancestral “agreements”. In addition to a warm, tingling body sensation, I could feel the energy that no longer served me, exiting through my feet as Dipal lovingly cleared these cords. The entire session was visceral.

As I continue to integrate this healing, I feel a grounded “knowing” that I no longer need to be “fixed”. She even provided a recording of our session that I can return to again and again.

As emotions are stored in the body, I have no doubt the fibromyalgia will improve. I was profoundly impacted by my session with Dipal Shah. To say I am grateful would be an understatement.”

~ Daun

“Dipal helped me recognize my own power!”

“I lived in fear, no confidence, self-sabotage and felt unworthy of most things in life. I wanted to create a business but had always been told I was stupid, dumb and an idiot. This haunted me for years even though I thought I forgave the person who said this to me. I am now realizing that I am in power and can accomplish anything. Thank you Dipal for knocking this fear out of me and allowing me to recognize my own power as a creator and I’m ready to start.”

~ B.J

“Dipal has helped me overcome panic, ptsd and anxiety!”

“When Dipal does healing my entire family benefits. My vibration becomes so high and I feel like I am flying. I could feel the tingling and sensations when she is working on me. I have never felt anything before. She is definitely a powerful healer. She has helped me overcome fear of life, death and uncertainties. She has helped me overcome the panic, ptsd, and anxiety. I am so grateful.”

~ Jacquiline

“I am able to breathe deeper!”

“Thank you so much for a powerful, insightful session today. Everything you said made sense and your healing energies were amazing.

I can feel big changes already, as I am able to breathe deeper (I hadn’t realized how shallow I had been breathing before the session) and my neck, shoulders, middle, lower back, and abdomen are all much more relaxed than they were.”

~ Sandie

Quantum Brain Mapping 162
Meet Dipal:

Dipal Shah is an Internationally acclaimed Mindset and Transformation Expert, Global Speaker, and Spiritual Mentor celebrated by clients across the globe who refer to her as “The Body Whisperer.” As a recognized expert in the field of Energy Medicine, Dipal is the creator of the Quantum Body Awakening Technique. Her globally taught course teaches individuals how to become the master of their own health and wellbeing. Dipal has helped thousands in over 92 countries break free from chronic health problems in conjunction with or where western medicine has failed. Dipal has helped her clients create powerful and profound shifts inside and out, allowing them to find more joy and inspiration in all aspects of their life. Dipal has worked with celebrities, health care practitioners, thought leaders, and many more.

She has been featured in Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, The List TV, on the top Telesummits around the world, and hosts a podcast “Wellness with Dipal.” In April 2020, Dipal launched the only online healing platform for those who are seekers and those who would like to be supported on their journey.

Quantum Brain Mapping 143

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