Dana Sessions 1

Dana Deangelis

Certified Medical Intuitive

Multi Sensory Intuitive Healer
Holistic Health Coach

Types of Session Available with Dana

Dana Sessions 2
Respiratory Power Boost

Ready to unleash the hidden power of your breath and transform your life? Take that first deep breath towards a vibrant future.

Work with Dana and embark on this life-changing journey of liberation and abundance.

Remember, your lungs hold the key to unlocking your full potential. Dana will bring through the healing power of crystals, Archangel Raphael and the rest of her divine angel team to clear and balance your respiratory system to perfect equilibrium.

Respiratory Power Boost $127
Dana Sessions 3
30-Minute Healing Session Live with Dana

Dana is a multi sensory intuitive healer and holistic health coach specializing in remote energy work that opens space for healing to occur at every level of your being.

Dana is certified in Medical Intuition, Angelic Healing, Body Code/Emotion Code, and Light Healing Frequencies.  She is also a Reiki Master, and a Holy Fire III/Karuna Reiki Master.  Utilizing her extensive tools and knowledge, she finds and clears energetic blocks that get to the root of both physical and emotional symptoms, whether it is related to health challenges, finance and abundance, career, relationships, or life goals with timeline cleansing (clearing history of emotional blocks and trauma throughout all of your timelines, including ancestral), trauma clearing, inner child work, color and frequency therapy and chakra balancing. Having overcome debilitating physical issues and illnesses herself, she is a compassionate healer who understands the frustrations of dealing with health challenges.

She is passionate about helping others do the same, expanding their energy field and bringing in access to high vibrational frequencies and awareness, allowing more light and love into their lives.

30 Minutes Session $99 (Regular $150)
Dana Sessions 4
Package of 3 Sessions

Sessions can be used for loved ones, pets, or yourself. You can be a surrogate for a loved one.

The package of 3 sessions gives you a chance to go deeper with Dana. She will tune into the areas of concern for healing on each call.

3 × 30 Minutes Session $349 (Regular $399)
Dana Sessions 5
Etheric weaving session

Dana will identify and work with your energy field, mind and body to identify the holes and tears.

You will be placed in a powerful and supportive Quantum healing orb which will be infused with the energies of a higher frequency. The orb will then be programmed for continuing support with anchoring these frequencies

After your session, you will typically experience:

Greater clarity, Feeling calmer and more peaceful, Upgrade your energy field,
Experience the best health ever, Upgrade your body, Expand your own ability to heal, Maintain your vibration and Pain Free body

Etheric Weaving Package $99 (Regular $127)
Dana Sessions 6
Digestion – the great secret of life

• 45-minutes 1 on 1 session
• Angelic Digestive System Alignment Downloadable MP3 (Value: $67)
• 90 days of 24/7 remote healing for your entire digestive system.

Digestion – The Great Secret Of Life Package A $67 (Regular $99)
Package B $99 (Regular $199)
Dana Sessions 7
Abundance Accelerator

• 2 Quantum Abundance Money Workshops (90 minutes each)
• Abundance Accelerator One-on-One Session (30 min)
• 4 Special Bonuses: (Including 100 minutes of healing videos and MP3’s)
->Learn to tap video
->EFT Tapping Points on the Body PDF
->Quantum Abundance Accelerator Video Series
->Abundance Accelerator MP3

Abundance Accelerator Package $127 (Regular $199)

Working with Dana has made a profound difference

Working with Dana has made a profound difference in my ability to tolerate weekly medical treatments – on both a physical and emotional level. She cleared the medications and associated energies with my protocol. I have regained energy and vitality, where before it was draining me. I feel so much better and my overall health and well being has improved!

Pam M.

Empowered and aligned

This was an amazing session! I was feeling down and devasted when we began, but I now feel at peace and that I can move forward. I feel more empowered and alighed. Thank you!


Pure essence and her guides are spot on every single time

Dana is one of the best healers I have ever worked with. She is pure essence and her guides are spot on every single time. It’s a joy and pleasure to work with Dana! She works on all aspects and across all dimensions.


Immediate energy shift in my body

Thank you for the truly wonderful healing session. It was one of the most powerful healings I’ve ever had. The effects were profound and immediate. The shift I experienced was profoundly deep . A cosmic timing waiting to unfold on this day , with you . I’ve been feeling it strongly ever since . Afterwards, I felt an immediate energy shift in my body. I went outside to the garden to repair a fence . ( I have been working through disempowerment , with a neighbour for 3 years . I retained my sense of self empowerment , without the need to mentally defend myself or shrink my energy .That was huge . I made a flower mandala on the lawn, with thanks, for all that I had received. ) I love how you have brought together different energy tools, to create quick recognition for specific issues.