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Lydia Forte

Certified Medical Intuitive

Activator | Quantum Energy Healer | Quantum Life Coach

Types of Session Available with Lydia Forte

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Lydia Forte is a Quantum Energy Healer, Life Coach, and Activator. She has a background in psychology and rehabilitation counseling. Lydia is a Certified Medical Intuitive, Compassion Key Practitioner, and Activator Healer-Coach (Dimensional Therapy System) levels I and II. She has a wide range of studies in other healing modalities including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Subconscious Release Technique (SRT).

With her combined skills Lydia can assist you to heal at a deep level. She is able to get to the underlying issues of your symptoms by identifying limiting beliefs, as well as, clearing trauma, karmic imprints and energetic blocks. She utilizes multidimensional healing techniques. She can stabilize you at a physical, emotional, mental and energetic level. Lydia helps to balance your body and energy field by clearing disharmonic frequencies and misalignments and activating your innate healing potential. This allows you to restore your health, heal relationships, and thrive in all areas of your life.

45 Minutes $99 (Regular $145)
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This package of remote sessions is ideal if you have more than one pressing issue or concern, or if you want to go more in depth in one specific area.

Sessions can be used for yourself or for your loved ones. You can be a surrogate for a loved one.

3 X 45 Minutes $288 (Regular $399)
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Lydia has found the SOLUTION that you have been searching for all along to help you to regain your sense of peace and restore harmony in your body!!!

Collective trauma is a shared psychological reaction to terrible events or experiences. These disrupt our sense of safety and security. They cause confusion and uncertainty and make us feel powerless.

It is time to take your POWER BACK and RESET the pranic flow in your Nervous System.

Healing Collective Trauma And The Nervous System Package $127 (Regular $147)
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Inner Child Healing

Lydia can help you release pain, stuck emotions, subconscious patterns, and trauma by clearing the limiting beliefs that your inner child is holding on to. By clearing the blocks and disharmonic frequencies in your energy field and in your body, you achieve a state of balance and stabilization that allows you to experience positive things in life, improved health, better relationships, and abundance.

As Lydia helps you reconnect with your inner child, you will restore your self-worth, take back your power, and find your joy. You will change the way you see yourself and your life. You will experience peace of mind and clarity about who you really are and what is possible for you. The inner child holds the key that opens the door to your well-being, vitality, confidence, freedom, and happiness.

Inner Child Healing Package $147 (Regular $167)

Lydia is a gifted healer

I have been suffering with digestive issues, constipation and fibroids for a long time. The day of the healing session with Lydia I was feeling very dizzy. Right after the session the dizziness subsided! and a couple of hours later the constipation was relieved! In addition, I noticed that my ovulation pain went away, also a few days later the fibroids were less painful than usual. Lydia is a gifted healer. She has a great capacity to read energy and sense the emotions, thoughts and limiting beliefs that are stuck in the body and energy field. I resonated with everything! she was able to sense exactly what I was feeling and thinking and helped me clear limiting beliefs that have been impacting my life. Overall I felt great improvement as a result of my session with Lydia!

Vicky T.

Felt a sense of peace and safety

I was feeling stuck and had a session with Lydia to cut and clear cords. I resonated with the emotional and mental blocks that Lydia intuitively sensed. At the end of the session I felt better emotionally, I felt a sense of peace and safety. The message I received was exactly what I needed to hear and the advice that Lydia gave me will help me to stay in high vibration!

Berta C.

The session gave me relief

I had been suffering with dry cough for several months and the remote healing session with Lydia game me relief! After the session was conducted the coughing decreased considerably and a couple of days later I was able to get off the puffers!

Elsa H.

I feel empowered!

The Karma clearing session with Lydia was eye opening for me. The information that Lydia shared helped me understand the root of some of my problems and the patterns that have been affecting my relationships. After the session I felt much lighter and had clarity as things started to make sense. I realized that there is a lot I can do to change my karma and I feel empowered!


I am more in control of my emotions now

I had been feeling quite a bit of anger for several months and I could not get rid of it. A few days after the clearing and healing session with Lydia something shifted. I noticed that I felt more calm, and that things that used to bother me a lot were not triggering me as much. I am more in control of my emotions now.